Whirlwind Deja Vu


Hey Kre addicts, today I had a whirlwind of a day! I had class and then on campus they were filming a March Madness commercial for TNT and I got to be an extra!!!!!!!!!! I got $30 for it too! Tracy Morgan was the star of it and I saw him. (Sorry, no selfie). He was acting as a professor and we (the extras) were the students. A couple asked him questions as part of the commercial, but that was planned prior so I didn’t ask questions. I did raise my hand a couple times though. I left early because I had another class, but it was interesting. I was handed a gig today which I’ve wanted in the past, but never got and today I actually can now put this on an acting resume, but I don’t even fully care. The whole thing is so repetitive take after take and doing the line then forgetting it seconds later and calling line (I know all this from majoring in theater and before then as well). However it was a great experience, I was able to pass the time until my class and I got thirty bucks just by sitting for a few hours as an extra! Also, something of note, I had  deja vu today and yesterday at various moments. Hmmm, does it mean I’ve lived through this life before? Btw, it was chilly and rainy again today. I wore a fun red chiffon cold shoulder top with velvet leggings and shoes. I also ate Wafels and Dinges with speculoos and whipped cream yumm! my favorite! I am so grrrrred that the Charming Charlie on 5th avenue closed down! I had so many good memories there and it wasn’t even there for that long.

top & leggings Ex/shoes CR

Here’s This One!

Hey Kre addicts, today I went to class, took a nap and then went speed dating. I wore a yellow velvet turtleneck top with fun jeans on this February 2018 74 degree day! Lol I even stepped in cement accidentally, but that’s story for another time! Lol to class I actually wore a different outfit, but ummmmm…here’s this one!

top Madewell/jeans AEO/shoes BJ from Macy’s/ring Ex

Winky Pearls

Hey Kre addicts, today I had classes and chilled in pearl jeans and a black top with lace! I am loving my new flower balm by Winky Lux from Free People! It is clear/pink going on my lips!

top Jessica Simpson/jeans Rampage

Weekend Selfies

Hey Kre addicts, here are weekend selfies from Sunday. Enjoy the purple highlighter, heart eyes, watermelon lips of green and red, pink eyes and lips and more!

Blue Yummy Today/Yesterday


Hey Kre addicts, today I had off from classes and went shopping and yogurt eating! I wore sparkly patched jeans (and I repaired one of the patches!) with blue velvet boots and a fun blue sweater top! I had vanilla yogurt and pistachio although I don’t think it was pistachio, but it was yummy. I loved the cookie dough and sprinkles as well.

top Loft/jeans Kohl’s by JC/boots Aldo/jacket Ex/purse CC/sweatshirt Kohl’s


These sunset pix and selfies galore are from yesterday btw! Enjoy!


Makeup Artistry

Hey Kre addicts, here is my most recent makeup artistry. Lol not literal makeup artistry, but a Kre original painting I did of makeup! Lol I did use a little bit of mascara though as paint since it’s that teal one that’s hard to get off my eyes so I only wore it once!

The Reblondening…


Hey Kre addicts, today I got my hair reblondened at Alice Hair! Afterward, it started to snow a lot and then I got a butterscotch frappe from Starbucks and cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery! I loved my faux suede top btw!

top CR/jeans AEO

You Like?!

Hey Kre addicts, today I wore a plaid lace up shirt with bedazzled, ripped jeans for Kreistic purposes. You like?!!!!!!!!!! Interrobang!!!!!!!!!!

top Ex/jeans Rampage

Blue & Hearts & more…!

Hey Kre addicts, today I am posting my blue shirted outfit from today and yesterday’s gray shirt and Aztec pants look. I am also loving my heart eyes and polka dot eyes with yellow eye shadow and pink lips! The other day I did two hearts and today just one on each eye also with a differing arrangement of polka dots. Did I forget to mention…I love my blue velvet booties! Lol I just realized I wore my blue shirt with non blue boots and my blue booties I wore with a non blue shirt! Btw, since yesterday was V Day I ate fun yummy white chocolate (my fave chocolate) with strawberry flavor truffles inside a heart shaped box!

blue top Target/leggings Ex/gray top CR/jeans Kensie from L&T/blue booties Aldo

Leopard Lioness

Hey Kre addicts, today I was a leopard lioness. Oh lol that’s probably why I love leopard print so much, because I’m a leo! Lol technically the leo sign is a lion, not a leopard. However my socks combine leopards and lions! I wore leopards on my shirt and leopard printed front pants!

top H&M/pants L&T/booties Ex/socks AEO