August 2015


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Hey fans, today I went to Lido Beach again and had a blast or rather, a splash! I was dancing and listening to some of my favorite music from Florence and the Machine and Carly Rae Jepsen! Who do you think I’ll do for my next monthly media post?! Check back soon and find out. More pix from my beach adventure coming soon!

swimsuit Jantzen from Macy’s/sunglasses SunGear


I despised high school up until my very last breath there. I won’t say which one I went to, but let’s just say that it was a very small high school in the heart of the city filled with kids who cared more about pot, sex, and bullying than anything else. I can’t believe I am finally done there as of a little over a year now. I never thought I would get nostalgic over some fresh hell like that. I don’t really have nostalgia pertaining to the school. I have nostalgia surrounding all of the fond and sadly dead happenings. Alas, fashion was and is still my passion and guess what…there was the fabulous clothing and accessories store, Bebe right down the block! I always went in on free periods and such just to look, try things on, and look at the latest models modeling for the brand. One model in particular was the fire haired,  Cintia Dicker. She was literally all over their billboards when I walked by. I was at this high school for three years, tenth to twelfth and she modeled for Bebe during almost all of my three years. One of Cintia’s pictures was still up by the cash register after her departure from the brand. Soon after she stopped modeling for the company, the whole store in that location went out of business. I was devastated. Although I only had a year or less left at that time, there was still an Ann Taylor a couple blocks down along with others stores.  So Cintia left, then Bebe left, and then I left (graduated). I love how the employees knew me. You have to understand that Bebe was my sanctuary for designing, for modeling, for being away from bullies, for spying on a certain cigarette smoker I liked, and for practically everything else. But, really how could I like smokers?! I have never smoked or anything, but of course I tried to be friends with them. And seriously, the whole townhouse of a high school was filled with an intoxicating stench of cigarette or marijuana smoke. One time dogs even came to sniff people out. Nonetheless, I’m just remembering all of his again partially because I just saw an ad with Cintia for Banana Republic outlet stores and one of my favorites, Alice and Olivia. When I saw the Olivia ads in my Elle magazine with Keira Knightley on the cover for Keira and the magazine’s thirtieth anniversaries, I didn’t even recognize Cintia at first with all of that dramatic makeup and big hair. Isn’t Keira such a great actress? Oh, I’m getting off topic. When I was at Bebe those awful years, my years were a lot better then. I even discovered some artists who I still idolize today like Ellie Goulding and Calvin Harris who even did a song together years later (“I Need Your Love”). I remember hearing Ellie’s “Lights” and Calvin’s “Feel So Close”. Whenever I hear those songs now, it’s like a flash into the past, my past. Also I remember Bebe‘s perfume, Gold as another scent of back then. Although, when I smell that, since I usually wore perfume in high school to not breathe the toxins of the smoke in, I usually like to not smell that perfume or other perfumes I wore at that time anymore. Guess what, did you know that the Bebe dress from some years back, a black body-con with silver rhinestones almost all over except for geometrically cool spots, was worn on Gossip Girl by Kaylee Defer’s character, Ivy in the last season or so and by Kristen Ritter’s character, Chloe on Don’t Trust The B…In Apartment 23?! I love fashion! Well, I guess the point of my little monologue here is that you can always find some good in a bad situation and that situation was high school. XOXO…Kre

Don’t Be Phony


My new mirror by ConAir from Ulta on my phone that I painted the back of with black glittery gumdrops Nicole by O P I nail polish.

Morning Rays of Darkness (Vamp Your Lips)

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Isn’t the morning sunshine glorious even in the afternoon?! Didn’t I just jumble out an oxy-moron/contradiction?! Lol! Words are fun!

dark lips NYX High Voltage lipstick/light lips Nars lip pencil from Sephora and Covergirl lipstick/mascara Urban Decay Perversion/brown eye liner Covergirl/eye shadows Almay, Revlon, and Covergirl/blush Loreal Visible Lift in berry/foundations Estee Lauder BB cream and Neutrogena powder


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Hey fans, remember the tank from my professional photos of myself category?! Check out my dances category too. I’ll post the two dance posing pix there. Videos of my dances are coming soon btw.

robe Victoria’s Secret/tank Express/shorts Aeropostale/shoes Payless/socks Bath and Body Works/earrings Macy’s


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Hey fans, don’t you agree that black is such a fabulous non color color?! Black can convey a various number of emotions; it can convey morbidity, an attitude that you don’t care about anything and you are confident, a combo of both, shyness, or even a dark happiness of stark contrast to others, and plenty more. I love that the coat is long enough (for me at least) to call it a coat with slits splaying out from the middle to the bottom along with its double breasted buttoned nature and collar at the top. The skirt has lacing finished with a bow which I also love.

coat Renamed from Ruby and Jenna/top Solemio from Ruby and Jenna/skirt Nude from Ruby and Jenna


The trends are trending

Faux suede

Faux leather




Here is an example of faux suede and lacing from Charlotte Russe

I love the flared sleeves, too, like from the 70s.

DSC00306 DSC00305 DSC00304 DSC00303 DSC00302 DSC00300 DSC00298

Also vampy lips are so in right now…

top Charlotte Russe/ shorts Aeropostale/lips NYX High Voltage lipstick from Ulta