September 2015

Decked Out

20150929_173137 20150929_173130

Hey fans, here I am decked out in striped and stretchy two piece Marciano attire.

top and skirt Marciano


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Hey fans, here I am at Central Park and at The Museum of Natural History where I took pictures at a photo booth for the first time ever anywhere! It was so cool, it even took a video of the photo shoot. Remember to always wear sneakers walking in Manhattan!

sweatshirt, shirt, and jeans Aeropostale/purse Target/sunglasses SunGear/sneakers New Balance

eye liner Dior/eye shadow Loreal/lip balm Covergirl Smoochies/BB Cream Estee Lauder

Stay True To Yourself!

20150925_173313 20150925_173306 20150925_173259 20150925_173251 20150925_173241 20150925_173232

Hey fans, one thing everyone should know about me is that I love leopard print and eating Mini Melts ice cream! I always have loved leopard print for as long as I can remember since shopping at The Children’s Place years ago. I loved these kids clothing and accessories stores which also included Justice and when Limited Too was still in business. Then Victoria’s Secret came along for me as I got older, which is where the shirt I am wearing is from. The leggings are another novelty from one of my favorite brands, Material Girl. I remember when Material Girl came out…a line designed by Madonna and her daughter, Lola with all of these funky prints only at Macy’s! I still cannot believe that when I bought these leggings a couple years back that the woman ringing me up said they are ugly. No one should make your fashion choices or any choices in life for you, my friends. Stay true to yourself! In fact, her saying that made me want the leggings even more! I’m glad that I stuck with my gut. Back to Mini Melts ice cream…I first had Dippin’ Dots ice cream when I used to go to the amusement park, Adventureland years back. Now, my college got in a machine of Mini Melts and a movie theater close by has them, too. So, Mini Melts and Dippin Dots are just two different companies for this ice cream that is consolidated into cute little dots you eat. If you wait long enough, it’ll melt into one. But, don’t eat it too quickly from the freezer because the dots can be extremely cold on your tongue! I am eating cotton candy Melts in the above pix!

sweatshirt Aeropostale/shirt Victoria’s Secret Pink/leggings Material Girl from Macy’s/boots Payless/purse Target/sunglasses SunGear


20150923_143236  20150923_143215 20150923_143209 20150923_143200 20150923_143154 20150923_143147 20150923_143138 20150923_143118 20150923_143114 DSC01485 DSC01484 DSC01483 DSC01482 DSC01481   DSC01478

Hey fans, I am loving Autumn, but it still seems like it’s on the summery side. I am not liking the sun going down at like 6:45 though. I want more sun, I crave the sun; I thrive on its pull! Nonetheless, less sun calls for cooler temps and cooler temps call for more layering which is fashion fun all the way!

long  vest Aeropostale/shirt Gap/leggings Bebe/shoes Mossimo by Target/purse Target

New Bag=New Girl (no not the show I love, but Kre)

DSC01445 DSC01444 DSC01443 DSC01442 DSC01441 DSC01440 DSC01438  DSC01436 DSC0143520150921_171323

Hey fans, consider yourself framed for fabulosity and damaging people’s ideas about what feeling and looking fab should be. I got this great, new handbag from L&T and I’m framing myself for being in love with it while in my Frame Denim tee.

top Frame Denim from Bergdorf Goodman/jeans Tokyo Darling from Aeropostale/booties Material Girl from Macy’s/bracelet Charming Charlie/ring Aeropostale/handbag Lord & Taylor/clip on small backpack Vera Bradley from Tess Morgan

Post 1970s

DSC01450 DSC01449 DSC01448 DSC01447

Hey fans, these days it seems that the new trend is wearing fringes on everything, like from the 70s and I love it!

top Express/jeans Tokyo Darling by Aeropostale/booties Material Girl from Macy’s

Pure Autumn

20150922_170331 20150922_154733 20150922_154725 20150922_154718 20150922_154704 20150922_154701 20150922_154655 20150922_152717 20150922_152715 20150922_152711 20150922_152702 20150922_152659 20150922_152657 20150922_151152 20150922_151150  20150922_151139 20150922_151134

Hey fans, I almost forgot, today is the first day of Autumn! Happy Fall!

Nude Air Dior foundation/Dior Art eye liner pen/Revlon eye shadow/Loreal Voluminous Superstar mascara/Dior Lip Glow

Come Back!

20150922_151046 20150922_151037 20150922_151006 20150922_150959 20150922_150953 20150922_150943 20150922_150931 20150922_150915 20150922_150906 20150922_150858 DSC01469 DSC01468 DSC01467 DSC01465 DSC01464 DSC01463

Hey fans, I am feeling lacy and faux leathery today! I just love mixing different textures, patterns, and styles! It’s too bad the fashion store where I bought the lacy top, Delia’s went out of business recently. I used to go there all of the time. They had all of the latest styles galore. Hey, maybe Delia’s will come back, right?!

top Delia’s (no longer in business)/cami underneath American Eagle/skirt Forever 21/booties Material Girl from Macy’s/rings all Accessorize except for dreamcatcher one from Lulu’s (

Before & After

DSC01415 DSC01414 DSC01413 DSC01412 DSC01427 DSC01426 DSC01425 DSC01424 DSC01423 DSC01422 DSC01420 DSC01419 DSC01418 DSC01417 DSC01416

Before & After

Before: A barefaced/curly haired beauty

After: An added flick of Catwalk Black Dior Art Pen liner and Milani Lip Intense liquid lip color (btw, I wore this pink tint Miani color as Marcy in Dog Sees God-(check out the post again!))!

Krior (Kre and Dior) Of Manhattan

DSC01410DSC0140920150919_180546 20150919_180544 20150919_180540 20150919_180413 20150919_180410 20150919_180402 20150919_180359 20150919_180356 20150919_180351 20150919_170008 20150919_160534 20150919_160545 20150919_160541 20150919_165047 20150919_165952 20150919_165043 20150919_152948 20150919_152951 20150919_152954 20150919_170359 20150919_192124 20150919_192121 20150919_192143 20150919_192140

Hey fans, here I am in Dior makeup once again! In the mirror pic, I am also wearing a sparkletastic Charming Charlie tiara, if you look closely! I love the blue eye shadow at the corner of my eyes and on my bottom lash lines. I love the golden shadow, too with all its glitter galore! I love their Nude Air foundation. It is so silky smooth and lightweight that it doesn’t even feel like anything is on your face. I also love that the top has a sort of eye dropper applicator. It’s so innovative! The art liner is really nice and precise, too along with the mascara like from my previous post. I also like the Dior Addict Lip Glow because it it very moist and clear/pinkish. It glides on very easily. In addition, the bronzer blush is very subtle, and great for that sun kissed look. XOXO…Krior du jour