October 2015


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Hey fans, some highlights of my makeup are some illuminator/highlighter (how’s that for some highlights of my makeup?!) by Loreal Lumi, dark lip colors from Pixel lip gloss and NYX lipstick, Dior foundation, mascara and liner (the works), Revlon and Covergirl eye shadows and Nars liquidy blush cream.

Happy Halloween 2015!!!!!!!!

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Happy Halloween, fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am dressed as a Gothic flapper, let’s call it, or maybe even a bat with the cape cardigan sprawled out like a bat. I just whipped this outfit up from my pre-existing wardrobe. It looks Halloweeny, right?! You might even remember the dress from the “Professional Photos Of Kre” column on top of the blog or from one of my past posts called, “Flapperesque.” The small mask I recently bought from Duane Reade, and the bigger one I made at home for one of my past acting classes. By the way, I naturally went shopping today for Halloween. What are you fans doing on the spookiest night of the year?! Hope you all have/had a happy & safe Halloween!

cardigan Express/dress XOXO from Macy’s/leggings Bebe/shoes Target/mask Duane Reade/bracelet somewhere fun I forgot/rings Accessorize


Who Knows…

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Hey fans, I am wearing my new quilted faux leather legging pants from H&M that I wore in my “Happy Almost Holidays” post! I just adore them, they are so comfy and I also like the zippered pockets which are actually faux pockets when you unzip the zippers! I went maroon on top again like from the other post and I also went maroon for the footwear. I also like the pleated chiffon back of the shirt I am wearing. By the way, I have a new pair of Aerie maroon leggings that I was thinking of wearing instead of the black pants here, but I find that there is more of an edge wearing these. It’s always good to have a balance instead of wearing all one color. Nonetheless, I may very well wear all one color, who knows (maybe for a Halloween scare)?!

coat American Rag (Macy’s)/top American Eagle Outfitters/pants H&M/booties Material Girl (Macy’s)/handbag Lord & Taylor


20151024_151521   20151024_151450  20151024_151444 20151024_15163220151024_151348 20151024_151341   20151024_151325  20151024_151931 20151024_151921 20151024_151917   20151024_151901  20151024_151841

Hey fans, I am in awe of H&M‘s latest items that I posted above, not to mention, my recent legging pants from my “Happy Almost Holidays” post. In my next post, you fans are in for a treat, not a trick. You’ll see those pants yet again paired up against something spectacular or rather…spooktacular for the upcoming Halloween day to night in just a few hours. Yup, that’s correct, I am blogging at almost the strike of midnight! Actually, my next post isn’t spooky, but I’m sure after Halloween hits, I’ll post my Halloween outfit that I’ll wear! On the above outfit(s) I have a base of a velvety body con dress working my way up from there. I then have a really fringy and frilly skirt along with a white turtleneck or mock neck white top. Its fabric is pretty wavy feeling, which I think is cool. I also paired the skirt with an equally fringy and frilly tank top made of a sort of sweatery fabric in places/throughout. It also has extra shiny embellishments which I love. See ya on Halloween!

dress, shirts, skirt H&M

See Into My Soul

DSC02040 DSC02039 DSC02038 DSC02037 DSC02036 DSC02035 DSC02034    DSC02029 DSC02027    DSC02023 DSC02022 DSC02021   DSC02018 DSC02017 DSC02016

Hey fans, I just loved using Lift Blur by Loreal blush in soft berry, eye shadow by Almay and Ulta, Revlon highlighter, Physician’s Formula and Dior foundations, Neutrogena presseed powder, and Make Up For Ever translucent powder! I also used Maybelline Baby Lips balm and Bath & Body Works glittery lip gloss. I was able to have that au natural look with an added glow. The blush was interesting how it blends in so nicely and creamily when blended. I also used a Dior art liner and Dior Extase mascara for my eyes, hence you can see into my soul (or at least I can, Lol!).

Until Next Time…

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Hey fans, I just love sweaters especially when the temperature starts to drop. Remember in my ” To Battery Park And Back” post recently, I spoke of a sweater I got from Loft on sale?! Well, here it is! It is so comfy and cozy. I wore a cami underneath of a similar color because of the holes of the sweater. It’s uber warm and soft! I wore this outfit yesterday and it was actually not too cold, but very rainy at times. Today though, it was pretty warm like 73 degrees. It’s October 29th, it’s not August! It’s supposed to be colder so I can layer up all the fashions. I remember on Halloween a couple years ago or so that it actually snowed! It still can though, it’s not Halloween yet. I doubt it, though. Speaking of Halloween, who are you going to dress as, fans?! What about my outfit?! Until next time, moi ha ha ha!

sweater Loft/cami American Eagle/jeans Forever 21/boots Payless

Red Velvet Cupcake

20151024_164311 20151024_164304 20151024_164258  20151024_164245 20151024_164239

Hey fans, I’m sure you can all tell from previous posts and now…I love velvet! I do like how this dress is composed of crushed velvet, though. It looks like it has been crushed, right? I am so in love with this deep red; it’s so lusty and holiday like! I am essentially wearing a red velvet cupcake, if you think of it that way.

dress Forever 21

Lighten The Mood

DSC01984  DSC01982 DSC01981  DSC01979 DSC01978   DSC01973 DSC01972  DSC01969 DSC01968 DSC01967 DSC01966 DSC01965 DSC01963  DSC01961  DSC01959 DSC01958    DSC01954 DSC01953 DSC01952 DSC01950 DSC01949 DSC01948 DSC01947   DSC01944 DSC01943  DSC01941 DSC01940 DSC01935 DSC01934  DSC01932 DSC01931 DSC01894 DSC01893    DSC01889    DSC01881  DSC01879

Hey fans, here are various beauty looks. I found this great Almay mousse makeup foundation that kind of transforms into your skin tone; just remember to blend it well, though. I also love Too Faced Melted lipstick/lip gloss in fig. It is pretty dark and gothy which can be cool, but I like to use Covergirl lipstick in Dulce de Leche to lighten the mood sometimes. I said lipstick/lip gloss for Melted because I don’t really know what to call it. It’s pretty cool…you squeeze it and it oozes up and out of a velvet tip from a sort of square on it. It’s such thick/liquidy cool! I also used a nice pink Revlon brush lip gloss in the first pictures! Mascara wise, I love Loreal‘s new primer on one side, curved wand mascara on the other side- Voluminous Superstar as it’s called. I’m also really loving Dior DiorShow Extase mascara with its bubbly wand! Blush wise, I love Milani in a certain very cute pink. I love their little brush inside, too.

Polka Dot Outerwear

DSC01939 DSC01937 DSC01936

Hey fans, don’t the jacket and the boots go great with this dress from my previous post, Polka Dot Parade?! I love the jacket’s faux leather sleeves mixed with the denim on the rest of it.

dress Charming Charlie/jacket BCBGeneration from Lord & Taylor/boots Payless