November 2015


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Hey fans, here are some beauty rules: green can be a very nice and unexpected touch, mix green with blue and/or a maroon-ish color in the crease and you have a masterpiece! (Ulta eyeshadow palette)


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Hey fans, here are some beauty-full photos! Here I kept it simple: Photo Ready powder by Revlon for the face, Neutrogena lip crayon for the lips (it even smells orangey), some Almay eye shadow primer, Revlon blue eye shadow, Lancome mascara, and Dior eye liner pen.


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Hey fans, I layered up here! I took an unexpected turn when I paired a lightning bolt 3/4 sleeve shirt with a shorter sleeved dress. I also popped on some velvet leggings for their warmth and beauty. I first went with brown fringy booties, but then I liked how the black wedges looked which also got to show my socks. But I love both looks. The socks have golden hearts while the wedges also have golden (the zipper). The coat I found went great because of the color scheme and the fact that it was slightly shorter than the dress, so it showed off the eyelet trim on the dress.

coat I.N.C. from Macy’s/dress Bar III from Macy’s/shirt and bracelet Express/sweatshirt (purple hood) Aeropostale/leggings H&M/brown boots Charlotte Russe/black wedges Target/socks Accessorize 


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Hey fans, here I am in yesterday’s Black Friday look all make-upped and ready! Here’s what I did for the eyes: Too Faced eye shadow primer, Dior eye liner halfway up, Ulta loose glitter, Wet ‘n’ Wild pink creamy eye shadow glitter on lids a little and at lower lashline, more Ulta loose glitter, and voila! I also used mascara and a bunch of other cool things for my face galore! I also used Estee Lauder red lipstick on my lower lip, Too Faced Melted in Fig on my upper lip and then I smooshed ’em together…voila!

A Wishing Weed Wish…

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Hey fans, I hope everyone had a happy, healthy, and hearty Thanksgiving. But of course it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without Black Friday, would it?! Yesterday, for Black Friday, I figured why not dress up in black?! So I had a grand ol’ time and tried sexy goth chic princess or something! I just got the skirt a week or so ago from Francesca’s Collections and I adore the damn thing!! I imagine Scarlet O’Connor (played by Clare Bowen)wearing it on Nashville especially when she sang “Black Roses” a season or so ago! I also wore a black with a white lace trim slip underneath. Just because it’s a slip doesn’t mean I can’t show it off, right?! I also wore a sparkly, velvety leopard shrug by one of my favorite designers, Betsey Johnson. I’ve had it for long and it’s amazing! To top everything off, I wore studded leggings and black wedges with zipper hardware that match the studded leggings. I also put on a sparkletastic bracelet and I couldn’t decide between the shrug or the vest/cape, so I wore both interchangeably. I think with the shrug, since everything is black basically, I think the skirt gets to stand out more and with the white cape, I think that tends to stand out more on the outfit, what do you think? Don’t get me started on outerwear, I wore Tahari, Guess, and a wishing weed? Yes a wishing weed, just not to wear! On Thanksgiving, I went to New York & Company after they opened at six pm and after yesterday’s photo shoot, I went to American Eagle who was open until ten! I must say I scored some pretty sweet deals! Make a wish on the wishing weed, stay tuned to find out…

white cape Renamed from Ruby & Jenna/shrug Betsey Johnson/red coat T Tahari /houndstooth coat Guess/slip and tote bag Victoria’s Secret/skirt Francesca’s Collections/leggings Material Girl from Macy’s/bracelet Express

The Outfit!

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Hey fans, here’s the outfit again from when I saw Carly Rae Jepsen in person days ago!!!!!!!

coat, hat, and gloves Macy’s maybe, I’ve had them a while and they are fabulously sustaining/sweater H&M/shirt underneath American Eagle Outfitters/corduroy pants Aeropostale/sneakers New Balance


Happy Birdsgiving!

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Tons and tons of black birds seemed to gather for a birdsgiving congregation. They were all chirping so loudly and flying gleefully! Happy Thanksgiving!

Give Love To A Reindeer

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Hey fans, here I am “petting and kissing a reindeer.” When everything is lit up, everything is more fun, don’t you agree?!

coat Modell’s(years ago)/shirt and sweatshirt Aeropostale/leggings American Eagle Outfitters (they are so slinky and scenic!)/boots Payless


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Hey fans, here are some close ups and full shots of the windows @Bergdorf Goodman! I became entranced by the array of colors and the usage of crystals! Here are some of my favorites: the queen with her soldiers at her side, her red hair so striking, and her cute, green bejeweled puppy all dressed up and ready to rule; the window where a woman is mining for crystals wearing a bejeweled hat with the circular light, even the hammer is bejeweled; Poseidon on a fish made of pearls or the like; a rockin’ birthday party scene with beaded fringy outfits galore; a fortune telling station with a monkey as the psychic along with colors and crystals du jour! I also love whenever there were nothing but crystals on the floor! Be royalty, fans…or at least see it here!