December 2015

My Favorite!

DSC03873 DSC03872 DSC03871 DSC03870 DSC03869 DSC03868 DSC03867 DSC03866 DSC03865

Hey fans, yesterday, I just got this amazing New Years or anything for that matter perfect metallic dress from Express that shows just the right amount of skin!

Now, time for the pajama party…leopard print style (my favorite)!

DSC03921 DSC03920 DSC03919 DSC03918 DSC03917 DSC03916 DSC03915

Lastly, you always need sparkletastic beauty to match your personality, fans especially for the coming year of new delights!

DSC03899   DSC03895      DSC03885   DSC03914 DSC03910 DSC03908 DSC03907 DSC03906 DSC03905 DSC03903DSC03902

look 1: dress Express/leggings and boots Material Girl from Macy’s/jewelry Accessorize, Charming Charlie, AEO

look 2: pjs Victoria’s Secret/slippers Land’s End pop up shop on fifth avenue

Happy 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2016 Awaits…

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Hey fans, I would like to take the time to thank you all for following this very blog I get to call my own. I’ve had a blast these past five months posting since July while I was still 18 years old and including when I turned 19 and so forth up to the present! I cannot wait to see what the coming year will bring! Happy holidays and a refreshing new year! 2016 awaits…may the coming year be one of the best for all fashionistas around the globe!

Express Yourself!

DSC03848 DSC03847 DSC03853 DSC03852 DSC03851 DSC03850 DSC03849 DSC03854 DSC03860 DSC03859 DSC03858 DSC03857 DSC03856 DSC03855 DSC03863 DSC03862

Hey fans, I am still in love with these fringed jeans from Express. Fun fact: the shirt I am wearing is also from Express, just from some years back…speaking of the back, that lace back is gorge!

top and jeans Express/boots Material Girl from Macy’s

Crystallized Teal

20151228_165329 20151228_164854 20151228_164837 20151228_164823 20151228_165344 20151228_165336 20151228_165633 20151228_165654 20151228_165652 20151228_165644 20151228_165642 20151228_165637 20151228_165635 20151228_142738 20151228_142736 20151228_142734 20151228_142642 20151228_142640 20151228_142636 20151228_142633 20151228_142602 20151228_142553 20151228_142419 20151228_142417 20151228_142403 20151228_142358 20151228_142356

Hey fans, I checked out Hunter again today as you fans can see and I think I’m getting the hang of the place. It’s kind of cozy and there’s shopping nearby, so of course I’m happy about that. Plus, the 6 train is directly in front of Hunter. Anyway, I love my new American Eagle shirt with a printed crystal on it and my new teal velour New York & Company sweatshirt!

sweatshirt NY & Co/top American Eagle Outfitters/jeans Forever 21/boots Payless/hat Aeropostale


DSC03807 DSC03814 DSC03811 DSC03809 DSC03808 DSC03813 DSC03812 DSC03810 DSC03816 DSC03820 DSC03824 DSC03822 DSC03817 DSC03823 DSC03825 DSC03826DSC03827

Hey fans, there’s simply nothing like mixing casual and fancy together to complete a visual outfit of joy! I combined a lacy peplum top with cream colored cords, ahhh delish! I also added cowgirl boots for a kick!

top Alya from Francesca’s Collections/pants Aeropostale/boots American Rag from Macy’s/coat Forever 21/purse Lord & Taylor/bracelets and ring Express



A Kre original portrait of watercolor, markers, and real makeup.


20151225_192952 20151225_192948 20151225_192944 20151225_192940 20151225_192937  20151225_192903 20151225_192900  20151225_192751  20151225_192723 20151225_192710 20151225_183653   20151225_183625 20151225_183622 20151225_183616 20151225_183614 20151225_183610 20151225_183608    20151225_183142 20151225_183137 20151225_183134  20151225_183130 20151225_182600 20151225_182558 20151225_182551 20151225_182546 20151225_182539 20151225_182316 20151225_182255 20151225_182251 20151225_182244 20151225_182241

Hey fans, here are some more pix from yesterday @ #BigDaddy’s devouring an eggnog milkshake and just looking/feeling damn glammed up for Christmas cheer! The shake has caramel syrup running throughout besides being a milkshake of vanilla ice cream and eggnog blended up with whipped cream and cinnamon on top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Glam Christmas

DSC03801 DSC03799 DSC03798 DSC03797 DSC03796 DSC03795 DSC03794 DSC03793 DSC03792 DSC03791  DSC03804

Hey fans, merry fashion Christmas to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has been such a warm/rainy Christmas. This has not been a white Christmas, but it sure was a wet one. At least there was a ‘W’ of some sort. There was no snow today, but Monday does call for a wintry mix…maybe some snow. Guess we’ll find out. I went to Big Daddy’s @83rd & 2nd avenue for dinner. I ordered an eggnog milkshake, a grilled three cheese with tomato and a salad with ranch on the side and it was fabulous. I even had a little room for some molten lava ice cream dessert (heated brownie with ice cream, whipped cream and sprinkles on top). Btw, I just love my faux fur stole which matches my boots and leggings greatly. It’s such a glam Christmas!

faux fur stole, triangles clasp bracelet, & dress Charming Charlie/leggings H&M/boots Target/necklace, triangle ring, stretch circles bracelet Accessorize/thin silver ring American Eagle Outfitters

Very Merry

DSC03773 DSC03772 DSC03771  DSC03769 DSC03768 DSC03767 DSC03765 DSC03764 DSC03763  DSC03761 DSC03760 DSC03759 DSC03757 DSC03754 DSC03751 DSC03750 DSC03749 20151223_140040 20151223_140037 20151223_135943 20151223_135941 20151223_135933 20151223_135931

Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you merry-ize, fans! I’ll be coming at you with a holiday dress or two very shortly in a Christmas minute!

top Pink Republic from I think Kohl’s/jeans American Eagle Outfitters/shoes Charlotte Russe