January 2016


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Hey fans, aren’t lollipops so yummy, especially when they make your tongue blue?!

Ice Cream For All Fans of Kre

DSC04408 DSC04407 DSC04406 DSC04405 DSC04404 DSC04403 DSC04402 DSC04401 DSC04400

Hey fans, I just adore ice cream and now I have an excuse to eat some with this cute popover sweatshirt top! I love how the bottom front overlaps also!

top Rebellious One from Macy’s/jeans Forever 21/boots Airwalk from Payless

Funny Kreisms

Hey fans, wanna hear some funny Kreisms?! The day before Hunter started yesterday, the security guard was telling me to tap my id card onto the mechanism and he was tapping with his hand, so I did the same even with the id card in my other hand and he told me/ I figured it out though to use the card. Lol!

Another Kreism: I was getting on the bus and I was looking for the driver and it didn’t register to me that he was there because it was dark and I was seeing the reflection in the glass window of the woman behind me, but alas I eventually figured out that the driver was right there sitting all along. He, along with the woman behind me waiting to get on the bus as well was probably thinking what was up with me?! Lol!

“That’s all folks” for today’s Kreisms!

Nutshell of Sorts

DSC04397 DSC04396 DSC04398 DSC04399

Hey fans, here was my day in a cute little candy wrapped nutshell of sorts, I went on a bus, transferred to a subway which could have led to another subway, but I said the hell with it and walked the rest of the way to Hunter College for my first day. As I was walking closer to the college I saw someone whom I’ve seen before there and talked a bit with that person. Then I went into the playhouse entrance into the elevator and pressed floor C. Alas, I must have gotten onto the up elevator because it took me all the way up to floor 15 and then it finally went down to floor C. Once I got to the floor there was a slew of people either coming in or out of the classrooms, hence I waited a bit. I finally got a seat not quite in the front and not quite in the back of the vast but not too vast classroom where the sociology teacher explained different things while one of the students went out to get someone to help the projector turn on. Sociology is like a history class so far with Karl Marx, capitalism, etc.  I later went to Spanish by taking the elevator to floor 3 then walking through the walkway and then going up the escalator two flights and well enough of that. I got home by taking a subway to a subway and then to a bus and at last, walking home.  Damn, were those subways crowded going home! Going in though, there weren’t too many people compared to going home. I also just was watching Undateable from 8-9 on NBC while eating dinner that consisted of mac & cheese and a veggie wrap. Oh, and I also watched Kaley Cuoco and Josh Gad battle it out while lip syncing online from Spike TV because I forgot to watch it last night! Undateable was hilarious and uproariously funny as per usual and I don’t want to give away any spoilers for those of you who have either DVRed it or are going to watch online or on demand or whatever. But there is definitely a surprise or two!

top Pink by Victoria’s Secret/jeans Express/boots Payless


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Hey fans, I checked out Hunter again today before my first day tomorrow and of course I had to have a photoshoot! I even posed under my home country’s flag: the U.S. of A.! I wore a perfect outfit consisting of a cute and warmth inducing metallic sweater that has a high low effect from the length in the back and the shortening in the front with my baby blue jeans and my riding boots that I wear oh so much and cherish deeply. I also wore my leopard coat because why not, it’s warm and my favorite print of fashion!

coat Calvin Klein/sweater H&M/jeans Aeropostale/boots Payless/purse Target


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Hey fans, I am wearing a new top with a golden zipper faux pocket along with my fringies of course!

top Zeanna Outfitters from TJMaxx/jeans Express/boots Payless/hat Forever 21 

Oh So Fab!

DSC04375 DSC04374 DSC04373 DSC04372 DSC04371 DSC04370 DSC04369DSC04368 DSC04367 DSC04366 DSC04365 DSC04363DSC04364

Hey fans, I just love this outfit because of the fringes not only under the sleeves, but diagonally on each side of the front of the shirt itself. Plus, the almost aztec looking leggings are oh so soft and pajama like inside which is great for cold New York weather!

top Design Lab by Lord & Taylor/leggings Ultra Flirt by Macy’s/boots Payless

New York Sun Reflections!

DSC04343 DSC04342 DSC04341 DSC04340 DSC04339 DSC04338 DSC04337 DSC04358 DSC04357   DSC04354 DSC04352 DSC04351 DSC04345DSC04355

Hey fans, I love New York! I am wearing a lacy NY top and my faded baby blue jeans. The snow outside makes it so much brighter outside with the sun reflections as I’ve been observing outside!

top Express/jeans Aeropostale/boots Payless 

Snowy Puppy Angel Lounge Day

DSC04336 DSC04335 DSC04334 DSC04333 DSC04332 DSC04331 DSC04330 DSC04329 DSC04328 DSC04327 DSC04326 DSC04325 DSC04324 DSC04323 DSC04322 DSC04321 DSC04320 DSC04319 DSC04318 DSC04317 DSC04316 DSC04315 DSC04314 DSC04313 DSC04312 DSC04311 DSC04310 DSC04309 DSC04308 DSC04307 DSC04306 DSC04305 DSC04304

Hey fans, I had another fun snowday today after I posted my story, “Dynamite.” I tried to make a snow puppy, maybe you can see the head and ears in the snowy ground. I also made angels in the snow and posed laying in the snow equivalent of sand in this winter weather. Btw, I love both snow and sand, just one is freezing and the other can be burning depending when in the summer and the time of day of sunlight penetration you go. Both are various forms of extreme weather that can be super fun to play in either to build snow puppies, snowmen or women, or sand castles galore! What about building a snow castle?! After all of the snow play, I immediately dressed in fuzzy penguin pj pants, a cute gray metallic pj top, warm snowflake slippers that match the snow, and a gorgeous and warmth inducing sweater with fringes and metallic strands rushing throughout.


sweater Aeropostale/gray top Victoria’s Secret/penguin pants Strawberry/slippers Land’s End pop up shop


coat Laundry By Shelli Segal/pants Victoria’s Secret/boots Payless/scarf American Eagle Outfitters/gloves Steve Madden from Macy’s/hat Forever 21