February 2016


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Hey fans, I had a shopping spree today at Herald Square along with Lord & Taylor on fifth and wow was it Spring like today! We know that when I wear my ripped jeans, it means that it’s warmer out!

top Express/jeans American Eagle Outfitters/boots Payless

Casual Professionalism

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Hey fans, I just love my leopard boots, metallic v neck sweater and dark jeans. It’s a perfect outfit for anything casual to basic professionalism in my book!

top Gap/jeans Aeropostale/boots H&M

Wide Variety

DSC04663 DSC04661 DSC04660 DSC04659 DSC04662DSC04658  DSC04656 DSC04655   DSC04652  DSC04650

Hey fans, today I experimented with a wide variety of cutesy colors! I mixed light pink with a crystal printed on the front of the shirt with multicolored leggings and a mostly natural face of light makeup!

top American Eagle Outfitters/leggings Material Girl from Macy’s/boots Payless


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Hey fans, as we all know, American Eagle and Express are two of my favorite stores! The pink top (from AE) I have had for a number of years now and the jeans (from Express) I have had since Black Friday and have been wearing them with all of their fringiness (a Kreism) ever since! I think that this post deserves the title of Deluxe!

top American Eagle Outfitters/jeans Express/boots Payless

Kreville Glory!

20160223_140935 20160223_140912 20160223_140910 20160223_140906  20160222_155327 20160222_155324 20160222_155321  20160222_155317 20160222_155315   DSC04625 DSC04624 DSC04623 DSC04622 DSC04621 DSC04620 DSC04619 DSC04618 DSC04617      DSC04611  DSC04609 DSC04608 DSC04607 DSC04606

Hey fans, I am Kre in all of my glory posting to you all from Kreville! Enjoy…!

black shirt Zara/jeans Aeropostale/boots Payless

star cardigan Charming Charlie/orange shirt Aeropostale/blue (sports bra) Modell’s

Golden Metallic Leopard

DSC04601 DSC04602 DSC04605 DSC04603 DSC04598 DSC04599 DSC04597 DSC04591 DSC04592 DSC04594 DSC04595 DSC04590 DSC04585

Hey fans, as you all must know by now, I love a good leopard print! Hence, I wore soft, leopard printed pants with matching boots as I have been rocking as of late. In addition, I added a similar colored metallic turtleneck keyhole top for fun! I also added golden metallic lipstick by Wet ‘n’ Wild for a great match of the golden metallic shirt. I love that the shirt cinches and overlaps toward the bottom, as well.

top New York & Company/pants and shoes H&M

A Good Outfit!

DSC04580 DSC04578  DSC04581DSC04579

Hey fans, I love a good royal blue plus ripped jeans and leopard print!

top Target/jeans American Eagle Outfitters/boots H&M


DSC04574 DSC04573 DSC04572 DSC04576 DSC04575 DSC04569 DSC04568 DSC04567  DSC04565 DSC04564

Hey fans, layering is what I’ll call this post because I of course layered a heather gray feather soft crossover  tank top over a blue long sleeved shirt of fun! I then paired it all with cords!

tank Express/blue shirt and cords Aeropostale/boots Payless

Outfit of Fun!

DSC04556 DSC04555 DSC04554 DSC04553

Hey fans, there’s nothing like a cute and comfy dressed down outfit of fun! I love that the pullover sweatshirt top has faux lace (a nice lace print), and that it works great with baby blue jeans!

top Express/jeans Aeropostale/boots Payless


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Hey fans, I just love a sleek black top with dark colored jeans and an additional pop of my favorite print…leopard on the shoes!

top TJ Maxx/jeans Aeropostale/shoes H&M