March 2016

All For It

DSC05205 DSC05204 DSC05203 DSC05202 DSC05201 DSC05200 DSC05199 DSC05198 DSC05197 DSC05196 DSC05195  DSC05193 DSC05192 DSC05191 DSC05190 DSC05189 DSC05188

Hey fans, I went all for the velvet and denim today!

top Aerie/jeans Aeropostale/boots Payless

New Outfit!

DSC05184 DSC05183 DSC05187 DSC05186 DSC05185

Hey fans, here is a new outfit that I love. I love the white/black palm trees jeans by Hudson from Saks off Fifth Avenue! I also love the orange fringe/macrame tank top from Express. I also like the leopard bra from Victoria’s Secret I layered underneath the tank which can be seen as well!


DSC05182 DSC05180  DSC05178  DSC05181DSC05176 DSC05175 DSC05174 DSC05173 DSC05172 DSC05171 DSC05170 DSC05169

Hey fans, I went for a cool and casual outfit of monochromatic colors plus little extras!

vest and top H&M/jeans Kensie from Lord & Taylor/boots Payless


DSC05162 DSC05163 DSC05166 DSC05167 DSC05165 DSC05164 DSC05168 DSC05161   DSC05156 DSC05155 DSC05154 DSC05153 DSC05152 DSC05151 DSC05149 DSC05148DSC05159DSC05160

Hey fans, I am in a relaxed/athletic outfit that combines mixed patterns; stripes with leopard print!

top American Eagle Outfitters/leggings Material Girl from Macy’s/boots Payless

Fabulous Beauty

DSC05147 DSC05146  DSC05144  DSC05142 DSC05141 DSC05140 DSC05139 DSC05138 DSC05137 DSC05136 DSC05135 DSC05134 DSC05133 DSC05132 DSC05131

Hey fans, here is a fabulous beauty post.

eye shadow, mascara and liner NYX/blush and under eye concealer e.l.f./lipstick and concealer Wet ‘n’ Wild

Lots of Outfits!

DSC05127 DSC05126 DSC05125 DSC05120 DSC05118 DSC05117 DSC05116 DSC05115 DSC05114 DSC05113 DSC05112 DSC05111 DSC05110 DSC05109 DSC05107 DSC05105 DSC05103 DSC05101 DSC05100 DSC05099 DSC05098 DSC05097  DSC05095 DSC05094  DSC05091 DSC05090 DSC05089  DSC05087  DSC05085 DSC05084 DSC05083 DSC05082 DSC05081 DSC05080 DSC05079 DSC05078

Hey fans, I had a fun fashion photo shoot today and I also went jogging. Enjoy the pix!

outfit 1: dress and bracelets Express/shoes Target

outfit 2/3: vest H&M/silver dress (worn as a top) Energie from Macy’s/skirt Forever 21/ fringe booties Charlotte Russe/jacket I Heart Ronson from JCPenney

outfit 4: silver dress (worn as a top) Energie from Macy’s/skirt from Francesca’s Collections/shoes Loft

outfit 5: cami Forever 21/sports bra Modell’s/pants Target/sneakers New Balance

All its Fringe Glory

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Hey fans, I am in love with my new blue fringe faux leather jacket from JCPenney! I could not believe it, I was in the store looking at cute shorts that I was thinking about slightly one minute and then the next minute after looking away and back, I see this very jacket in all its fringe glory in my size and on sale hanging there all alone waiting for me! I love fringes so much that I wore it with my famous Express fringe jeans and with my fab fringe purse from Target. I actually also have fringe boots, maybe next time I’ll wear them!  I even paired this outfit with a high low different kind of fringe style tank top that I’ve had for a number of years now and still love! I actually originally wore this outfit today with open side slit pants as seen in some pix above, but it was a bit chilly and I wanted a fully fringed out look! The side slit pants are so awesome though! They’ll be perfect for warmer weather!

jacket I Heart Ronson from JCPenney/tank Nordstrom/fringe jeans Express/booties H&M/side slit pants Aeropostale/purse Target/sunglasses SunGear

A Favorite

DSC05044 DSC05043 DSC05042 DSC05041 DSC05040 DSC05039 DSC05038 DSC05037 DSC05045 DSC05025 DSC05024 DSC05023 DSC05022 DSC05021 DSC05020 DSC05019 DSC05018 DSC05017 DSC05016  DSC05014 DSC05013 DSC05012 DSC05011 DSC05010 DSC05009 DSC05008 DSC05007 DSC05006 DSC05005 DSC05004 DSC05029    DSC05036

Hey fans, I am wearing a favorite tank top of mine: a  high-low crossover v neck tank in black by Lush from Lulu’! I am wearing it with fab comfy and warmth inducing patterned leggings!

top Lush from Lulu’ Macy’s by Ultra Flirt/necklace Accessorize/boots Payless


DSC05003 DSC05001 DSC05000  DSC04998     DSC04993 DSC04992  DSC04990 DSC04989 DSC04988 DSC04987 DSC04986 DSC04985 DSC04984 DSC04983 DSC04982  DSC04980 DSC04979 DSC04978 DSC04976 DSC04975 DSC04974 DSC04973     20160323_141618 20160323_141613 20160323_141608 20160323_141555 20160323_141548 20160323_141540 20160323_141531 20160323_141525 20160323_141519

Hey fans, I am wearing this crisp white top with the black attached tie strings again except this time I am wearing the tie as a lariat as opposed to it being tied at the neck. I love it! I paired it with velvet patterned, slightly flared pants. I am also wearing sleek wedges in black along with a faux leather jacket and fringe purse.

top and pants H&M/shoes and purse Target/jacket QMack from Macy’s