April 2016

Hey You Never Know

20151011_165450 20151011_165449 20151011_165445 20151011_165048

Hey fans, wow, who is this blonde chick?! I don’t recognize her! Okay fans, so you know how I’ve been saying lately that I’ve been wanting to go all blonde or mostly or whatever? Well, these blonde pix are actually from this past October or so when it was about Halloween time and I wanted to see how I’d look all blonde. Hence, I bought a blonde wig for like six bucks or something. Well, what do you think? Nevertheless, I’ll tell you what I think. I think, cool, but I think next time I get my hair done if I will, (I’ve lately actually been thinking otherwise including about the salon I’d go to-not Mure, don’t ask) I will go for mostly highlights, so not all blonde…but hey you never know!


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Poetry by Kre

If I were a bird I’d fly away

Away from this world and start anew

I’d build a home out of twigs and leaves

I’d use my small stature and dark feathers to seek refuge in rare quiet places

I’d stay there, search my soul and fly into the light

A Few Fringes a Day

DSC05527 20160428_134236 DSC05526 DSC05525 DSC05524 DSC05520 DSC05518  DSC05516 DSC05515 DSC05514 DSC05513 DSC05512 DSC05511 DSC05510 DSC05509 DSC05508 DSC05507 DSC05506 DSC05505 DSC05504 DSC05503 DSC05502 DSC05501 DSC05500 DSC05498

Hey fans, this here is a grand double post of fabulosity! Today I wore mostly black that consisted of a knit, slightly neck high, lace cold shouldered Zara shirt with black Kensie jeans. I love the unexpected pop of Aztec on the sides of the jeans! It is interesting how the Aztec design has an extra strip on the thighs and then it seems to taper out into one strip of Aztec onward. I also wore my blue faux leather fringes jacket on top of the outfit under cherry blossom trees. A few fringes a day keep the doctor away, as they say (or at least I do)! Hence, today I wore the fringe jacket and yesterday I wore my Express fringe jeans! I went mostly gray yesterday with the jeans and a light gray animal pocket tee shirt from Aeropostale. The animal is a leopard I think and wow, I coincidentally wore it with leopard booties! I wore it with a black faux leather jacket which would coincidentally match today’s black outfit of mine. The jacket is from Express Last Hurrah (Express’s outlet store) that I’ve had for so many years now! In addition, the sneakers I wore today are awesome to walk, run, or hang out in from New Balance!

outfit one: black top Zara/black jeans Kensie from Lord & Taylor/sneakers New Balance/jacket JCPenney

outfit two: gray top Aeropostale/jeans Express/booties H&M/jacket Express Last Hurrah


DSC05497 DSC05496 DSC05495 DSC05494 DSC05493 DSC05492 DSC05491 DSC05490 DSC05489 DSC05488 DSC05487  DSC05485 DSC05484

Hey fans, I went relaxed and with no makeup-makeup today. I am wearing a printed faux lace gray tee and gray jean/sweatpants with my leopard booties!

top Express/pants American Eagle Outfitters/booties H&M

On My Merry Blue Chiffon Way

DSC05483  DSC05481 DSC05480 DSC05479 DSC05478 DSC05477    DSC05472  DSC05470    DSC05466  DSC05464  DSC05462 DSC05461

Hey fans, I love this color, blue. It is a chiffon button down which I paired over a nude colored stretch cami and my patterned velvet pants with that light flare at the bottom. I added leopard heeled booties for fun and I was on my way.

top Charlotte Russe/cami Charming Charlie/pants and boots H&M

Bingeing on the Times

Binge watching is interesting by the fact of the matter of where society is going. The tale told by many is coming to fruition where a new series comes out and you have to watch it. Instead of waiting week by week and sometimes even taking a week or so off for a holiday, millennials and various other age groups have been watching episode after episode for hours on end. Sure, it’s been happening for ages now and before with marathons of your favorite television shows on stations like TBS and beyond, but these are brand new and can be seen on platforms like Netflix and Hulu. It is so interesting how tv shows are essentially condensed into long movies if you think about it, except you have to wait until the next year for the new season to come back which can be seen to me as like a succession of sequels of the same movie series. It is so annoying to me that pay for cable networks on tv like HBO and Showtime air each season of any show three months out of each year and those are the ones you are paying more money for! Networks like CBS and Fox, home to some of my favorite shows like The Big Bang Theory and New Girl are channels most people get on the other hand and of course their series’ air the full year except for holidays and the summer of a complete 24 or so episodes usually. I find it so fascinating how technology moves in speeds of lightning where only a few million keep up! My generation, this generation of millennials putting everything out there in texting, not too many actual phone calls, Facebook and  Twitter postings, slang, and so much more keeps changing. If we go generations back into even just my parents generation, these things never existed like, what is binge watching? I’ve heard of binge eating. People have always basically been the same, you are born, you marry rich, fingers crossed, bail some hay, maybe take a horse and buggy ride out, avoid any racism, go to sleep, and die. I mean I am totally skipping many things and generalizing, but seriously, have people always been this lazy and antisocial because of technology or are we just evolving/devolving? In addition, the damn cell phones keep getting bigger when aren’t they supposed to get smaller?! Also, everyone has heard about binge watching making people lazier, but what about still watching the shows, but just going week to week and going to the gym more? I find it so weird in a culture that is all about bettering one’s body through exercise and maintenance that there used to be a world without all of that blood, sweat, and  those strengthened tears. Women used to be so restricted to whalebone corsets that they couldn’t work out or even really eat for that matter. Nonetheless, I don’t even think that working out even existed back then. But, it is so awful how young girls including older women like Kim Kardashian are promoting elastic corsets to be thinner. It only has temporary results anyway, but sometimes you would get thinner because it restricts you from eating as much. “When worn tightly, trainers squeeze the abdomen, making the wearer physically unable to eat enough food. This is why some who waist train report losing weight,” as stated in Teen Vogue’s April 2016 issue in the article, Total Waist, by Jessica Ciencin Henriquez. Back to phones, when the Apple watches first came out I didn’t want one because I felt, why? However, I have recently researched it because I thought that maybe you didn’t need a large regular cell phone in addition. But, you actually still need a regular iphone as well to make changes on your watch etcetera. So what’s the point for me to spend another 700 dollars then?! I recently went on a job interview for H&M. I got a text back saying that I didn’t get the job. Ummmm, number one, texting is unprofessional and a big number two is that I never gave them my cell number, just my home number, so how the hell did that happen? People can be oddly creepy and/or clingy nowadays. And why are people so radical about getting rid of physical copies of CDs and DVDs? Netflix and itunes all have to do with that I think in addition to Spotify and more platforms for digital purchasing. Even magazines are getting like that I feel. I’ll admit that I am partially conforming to all of these above norms of our culture and society, because, well I’m not an old lady (I’ll be 20 in July!) and even old people should all keep up with these fast paced times, I think. But, they luckily do have an excuse.

Relaxed & Casual Spring

DSC05458 DSC05457 DSC05456 DSC05455 DSC05454 DSC05453

Hey fans, I am casual and relaxed today in warm weather jean shorts, a plaid button down, leopard booties, and a sweatshirt for on the go warmth tied around my waist. I like how the shirt splits in the back and at two points in the front at the bottom.

top Stoosh from Macy’s/jean shorts Aeropostale/booties H&M/sweatshirt American Eagle Outfitters