May 2016

Can You Believe…?

DSC05869 DSC05868 DSC05867 DSC05866 DSC05865 DSC05864 DSC05863 20160531_180725   20160531_180217  20160531_180207

Hey fans, I am going all for black and white and Kre all over today! I love these leopard jean shorts from American Eagle that I’ve had for a little while in addition to the white tee shirt with black lace at the neckline. Could you believe that the tee was only five bucks from H&M recently?! I can’t either!

top H&M/shorts American Eagle Outfitters/sneakers New Balance

Go Green

DSC05855 DSC05854 DSC05853 DSC05852 DSC05851 DSC05850 DSC05849 DSC05848  DSC05846  DSC05844 DSC05843 DSC05842 DSC05841 DSC05840 20160530_182735 20160530_182733 20160530_182730 20160530_182728 20160530_182725  20160530_182719   20160530_182711 20160530_182433 20160530_182431   20160530_182423 20160530_182420 20160530_182418 20160530_182411 20160530_182409 20160530_182405 20160530_182403 20160530_164231 20160530_164209 20160530_164202 20160530_164157 20160530_164152 20160530_164147 20160530_164142 20160530_164138

Hey fans, it was a little cooler today, but nice. I wore a lacy ruffled olive green skirt with a  lighter green linen tee and sandals. Yay, the green matches the grass and those little green flies that get in everyone’s way.

top Gap/skirt Express/sandals Material Girl from Macy’s

Sequins & Glitter

DSC05839 DSC05836DSC05835DSC05838 DSC05837 20160529_123043 20160529_123041 20160529_123036  20160529_123028

Hey fans, I am sporting fun glitter jean shorts and a sequined triangles tank top with pretty blue sandals!

top Charming Charlie/shorts American Eagle Outfitters/sandals Material Girl from Macy’s

Half or Full Hearts…

20160528_145723 20160528_145722 20160528_145718 20160528_145715  20160528_161733 20160528_161730   20160528_161718  20160528_161711    20160528_161659 20160528_161657 20160528_161654 20160528_161651 20160528_161643  20160528_151727 20160528_151725 20160528_151721 20160528_151718 20160528_151715 20160528_150329 20160528_150324 20160528_150320 20160528_145757   20160528_145738 20160528_145731

Hey fans, here are lots of selfies of Kre summer attire. I have had this top for a while and I still love the airy feel to it including the flutter sleeves. These shorts are newer from Victoria’s Secret and are super comfy along with the bralette I am wearing underneath that displays a half heart in red matching the shorts half heartedly lol!

top American Eagle Outfitters/shorts Victoria’s Secret Pink and bralette Victoria’s Secret/sandals Aeropostale

A Pre Summer Plaid

DSC05832 DSC05831 DSC05830 DSC05829 DSC05828 DSC05834 DSC05833 20160527_173620 20160527_173617 20160527_160550 20160527_160548  20160527_160543 20160527_160540  20160527_160533 20160527_160530 20160527_160527 20160527_160525 20160527_160520 20160527_160518 20160527_160515

Hey fans, I am enjoying this pre summer weather in a flowing plaid dress, curled hair, and cute sandals.

dress Aeropostale/sandals Material Girl from Macy’s/black lace bra Victoria’s Secret

I Am Back…

DSC05825 DSC05824 DSC05822 DSC05821 DSC05820 DSC05819 DSC05826DSC05818 DSC05817 DSC05816 DSC05815 DSC05814 DSC05813 DSC05812DSC05823

Hey fans, I am back and wearing a flowing satin lace neckline cami. I paired it with palm tree jeans and lace up sandals that have a slight wedge heel. I am loving this summer weather we are having! White jeans are so summery especially with palm trees.

top Express/jeans Hudson from Saks Off Fifth/sandals Material Girl from Macy’s

Selfies Etc…

20160525_184921 20160525_184919 20160525_184914 20160525_184910 20160525_184904 20160519_185702 20160519_185659 20160519_185657  20160519_183832 20160519_183828 20160519_183825 20160519_183821 20160523_190639 20160523_190624 20160523_190622 20160523_190619 20160523_190617

Hey fans, here is a double post of selfies and sunlit photos I took! Enjoy!

plaid tank and booties Macy’s/cardigan Charming Charlie/black tank Old Navy/jeans Aeropostale/pants H&M

A Grand Canyon of Kre

20160523_190612 20160523_190548 20160523_190546 20160523_190543 20160523_190405 20160523_190403 20160523_190401 20160523_190400 20160523_190357    20160523_190346 20160523_190341 20160523_190338 20160523_190332 20160523_190325

Hey fans, I am enjoying the spring weather, although not so much on the allergy front, but you can’t even tell right?! I love this tee shirt because it says exactly what I would tell someone to do: Call My Agent. I am a grand canyon of Kre-a grand actress, dancer, singer, fashion blogger fashionista, and more!  Hear me roar!

sweatshirt New York & Company/top Juicy Couture from Kohl’s/jeans Aeropostale/boots Payless/purse Target/sunglasses SunGear

Always! Cont…

20160517_123834 20160517_123825 20160517_123810 20160517_123816 20160517_123841 20160517_123846

Hey fans, here are more pix as a continuation of my latest post, Always!

top & booties H&M/leggings Express/jacket Kohl’s/purse Target/sunglasses SunGear


DSC05811 DSC05810 DSC05809 DSC05808 DSC05807

Hey fans, be monocrhomatic or bichromatic if that’s a word, but also always add cute patterned heeled booties!

top & booties H&M/leggings Express