June 2016

Straight Forward

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Hey fans, here is a double post straight forward in black and white, lol! Yesterday’s outfit was black and white striped with a faux suede top! Today’s outfit was a cute flowy black tank dress with a faux leather insets, mesh sleeves blazer for my interview today at the Mount Vernon Hotel Museum on 61st and 1st for a volunteer position! I later went shopping of course!

top Express/striped pants Bar III from Macy’s/dress H&M/blazer, blue sandals, and maroon booties Material Girl from Macy’s

On The Precipice (fiction)

On the precipice of it all she felt the wind take her soul and bring it to life. She watched as it all flew past her, all the fireflies with their lit up tails of fury. The wretched pondering of existence in the balance. On the top of the world nothing and everything mattered all at once. She’s seen it all with more to come. Her crazy, weird, and amazing story has many more chapters to unfold and unfurl.


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Hey fans, here’s yesterday’s outfit in living mono color! When I typed monocolor first as one word, it came up with a red line, so I looked it up and it turns out that it was a different language like German or Spanish I think…Lol! I went to my comedy class last night and it was a riot.

top Express/pants H&M/sandals Material Girl from Macy’s

Almost 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DSC06263 DSC06262 DSC06261 20160626_182419 20160626_194417 20160626_194416

Hey fans, it is exactly one month until I turn 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Pride again and I start a stand up comedy class today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

top Urban/shorts Aeropostale/sneakers New Balance

Today’s Sappy Look!

20160627_150819 20160627_150816 20160627_150810 20160627_150757   20160627_150750 20160627_150747 20160627_150742 20160627_150740   20160627_150642 20160627_150636 20160627_150632 20160627_150626  DSC06268DSC06266 20160627_191346 20160627_191344 20160627_154703  20160627_154658 20160627_152354 20160627_152352   20160627_152343  20160627_152334 20160627_152330

Hey fans, here was today’s look! I sported a low cut floral flowing tank with jean shorts and sandals. Lol, guess what?! After the tree pix I realized that I had sap in my hair. How sappy!

top Urban Outfitters/bra Victoria’s Secret/shorts Tokyo (company)/sandals Material Girl from Macy’s/pink sweatshirt American Eagle Outfitters

Can I Stare Into Your Soul? (fiction)

Late one night coming home on the 46 a strange and powerful yearning and learning coughed up into existence. The fiction of it all was profound. From the drunken 17 year old laughing inappropriately to the older foreigner to the weird religious guy all the way in back of the bus. She was there engaging and pondering the weight of the world. The golden brassiness of the drunken exhaustion relegated to someone underage was obvious and oblivious to inclinations of anything around her. “Wanna do shots?” was the question of one of the bus folk. Earlier since the days and weeks prior our main character tried out new things, she ventured onto new territory from parades to kissing girls of her own accord, to mingling with weirdos in bars, hence she was experiencing. “Can I kiss you?” is what she asked her lover on the curb of 86th street and Lexington avenue. Boom…the confetti flew in the air like fireworks to the soul. Everyone marched down chanting and dancing from Bryant Park to Washington Square Park. And here we are again on the 46 local bus. “Can I stare into your soul?”

Happy Pride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy Pride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pink top Pink by Victoria’s Secret and black bra Victoria’s Secret/shorts Aeropostale/gray top with heart Truly, Madly, Deeply from Urban Outfitters/necklace and hat Charming Charlie/sneakers New Balance

Happy Pride

DSC06260 DSC06259 DSC06258 DSC06257 DSC06256 DSC06255 DSC06254 DSC06253 DSC06250 DSC06249 DSC06245 DSC06237 DSC06240

Hey fans, here’s a few quick pix of myself I haven’t had the chance to post and from yesterday. Happy Pride!

black cami Foever 21/gray top  Truly, Madly, Deeply from Urban Outfitters/jeans and shorts American Eagle outfitters/plaid tank Stoosh from Macy’s/shorts Aeropostale/gray tee Target/vest H&M/boots Charlotte Russe/sneakers New Balance


Hey fans, wow today was a riot kind of literally! I explored so many things today and did new things. I think earlier today I mentioned that there was going to be a rally at Bryant Park but actually it was a full on march from there all the way to Washington Square Park! It was so fun, it was mostly lesbians and there was drumming, dancing, and just a good time. We even had a moment of silence with our fists in the air probably for the Orlando victims. Police were everywhere so that was good and safe. I wonder what tomorrow will be like. The Met museum tour earlier was cool but it was mostly a gay men’s thing and I was the only girl, but hey it was entertaining! Once in Washington Square Park I sat in on the rim of the big fountain and hung out. I later checked out a bunch of other new stuff elsewhere in gayville and it was cool!

LGBT Stuff

20160623_203047 20160623_194912 20160623_191015 20160623_191014 20160623_191016  20160623_194755 20160623_194239  20160623_194235 20160623_194040 20160623_194037 20160623_194014 20160623_193032 20160623_191301 20160623_175016 20160623_191257

Hey fans, here are some photos I took while on an LGBT sites tour in the West Village. I love that various places have the rainbow colors representing the LGBT community and I can’t wait for today when I am going on a Met Museum LGBT tour. On my coming out post I think I mentioned that I’m going to be marching at Bryant Park on Saturday which is now today, but I think that’s more of a rally, I’ll look though. Tomorrow is the real deal march/parade though, so yay! I’ll be there. The first photo  I took is by the Stonewall Inn (which is a bar that was major in starting the LGBT liberation movement years and years ago) in Christopher Street Park with monuments of two sets of lovers with signs and flowers commemorating the victims that died in the Orlando attacks recently. Signs and flowers are also in front of the Inn, but I unfortunately haven’t taken pics. There were many more places from the tour, but here are the pics I have.

20160623_175724 20160623_17573120160623_175745

Here I am eating an ice cream cone called, American Globs at The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop on Grove Street in the West Village. It was soft serve vanilla ice cream with pretzels and fudge on that melts on the outside.