July 2016


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Hey fans, happy last day of July…I had my first driving lesson in the village today, all I can say is wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

top Macy’s/jeans AEO/sneakers New Balance

Zuhair Murad vs. Elie Saab: Fall 2016 Couture

Hey fans, sorry it’s a little later than I expected to get these reviews out, but here it goes. Zuhair Murad and Elie Saab are two of my favorite designers and I find that they oftentimes rival each other in similar aesthetics of sheer,  glitzy glam and then some. Out of these two shows I think that I overall enjoyed Murad’s a little better this time around, but they were both awesome so I’ll go through my favorite looks from each show with you fans. I love how Zuhair Murad’s show starts off on a moody gothic chic note for a number of looks from his fall 2016 couture runway show meanwhile Elie Saab started his fall 2016 couture runway show off with dark colors as well. Both designers morphed their collections into little patterns like houses/flowers for Murad and kind of the same looking design for other prints from Saab, but Saab’s being more linked to bird/sky/ or maybe undersea life with protruding objects or at least that’s how I saw it. However when Murad had his patterns, it was interestingly pretty from the colorful floral embroidered lace to multicolored houses and flowers on a few looks. Interestingly, Murad also included birds which I almost forgot about because it was sparse. None of the aforementioned Murad patterns were fully continuous throughout the collection meanwhile the patterns Saab included were basically continuous along with the protruding objects which I thought were a little excessive, but fine. Now it’s time for the breakdown…remember to follow along on! Wow there are so many looks I could talk about, but here are just some! Enjoy!

Zuhair Murad favorite looks:

Look 1: Gothic sheer lace velvet cape chic! The model emerges very chic looking with her tendrils of hair caressing her face, a cute floppy-ish hat on and an intricately patterned sequined lace gown with a regal cape. I love that the cape has epaulette like sequined designs close to the shoulders with necklace like hangings attached along with a tassel.

Look 3: I love this one from the hat to the lace top to the cape/shawl with beaded fringes to the sequined striped pants with pockets and a sequined design at the sides to the belt and high boots. It’s gothic chic!

Look 13: One of the floral/house patterned looks. The dress is cute because it criss crosses at the chest and with a smaller pattern and it billows out from the waist with a bigger printed design. It is like painted on and cutesy as well.

Look 15: A ruby red (like my birthstone!) look from head to regal toes. The jacket is exquisite in all its sequined and patterned glory. It trails onward and outward toward the bottom with a reddened lace gown underneath and lace up shoes.  The hat tops it all off!

Look 17: Lol, I like this sequined, sheer mesh jumpsuit, but it reminds me of this past Thursday’s episode of Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll where Ava is getting ready for her solo music debut and has a jumpsuit like this one plus all this loud makeup on and needs less and her makeup people get to work.

Look 19: This gown is just very dreamy and pretty with its sequined birds/ostriches or whatever and flutter sleeves!

Look 21: This sexy purple lacy, slit, neckline opening gown is so enticing!

Look 45: This blue gown is awesome from the inner thigh high slits to the sequined batwing like sleeves and sequined bust and belt!

Look 50: The golden sequined pantsuit and hat are so powerful and chic at the same time!

Elie Saab favorite looks:

Look 1: I love how both Murad and Saab started their collections off in black luxurious attire! I like that Saab’s consists of a peplum top with bejeweled half gloves, a slit skirt, and various other bejeweled accoutrements on this old Hollywood looking outfit.

Look 3: I love the jacket’s velvet collar, it’s shoulders, and jewels besides the necklace.

Look 6: I actually like the tiny blue bird print on this one with the condensed print and fabulous ruffles and neckline. I also really love the sparkly ballet criss cross shoes.

Look 9: Lol kids clothes as well, but I like the women’s gown from the black velvet bodice to the bird print that sparkles and is bigger at the top of the waist and pans out plus the slit and belt.

Look 18: There’s that sexy old Hollywood glam again! I want to call this look stardust because the sparkles are like stardust to me. I love the feathers at the bottom and throughout along with the shawl scarf over the model’s shoulder (assuming that it’s not real feather products, of course, but it probably is).

Look 36: I love the heart print! From the glitzy ones on top to the printed skirt, it’s fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look 54: I actually really love the protruding flowers and colors on the gown!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My B-Day & The Day After

20160729_165439 20160729_165434 20160729_165432 20160729_165431 20160729_150815 20160729_150810 20160729_150802 20160729_142542  20160729_142358 20160729_142354 20160729_142350 20160729_142347 20160729_142343 20160729_142341 20160729_142333 DSC06460 DSC06459  DSC06457 DSC06456 DSC06455 Yesterday’s outfit: pleated top Express/side slit pants Aeropostale/fringe heeled booties Charlotte Russe

DSC06454   DSC06451 DSC06450      DSC06444 DSC06443 DSC06442   DSC06439 DSC06438 DSC06437  DSC06435 DSC06434 DSC06433 DSC06432 DSC06431 DSC06430 DSC06429 DSC06428 DSC06427 DSC06426 DSC06425 DSC06424 DSC06423 DSC06422  DSC06420 DSC06419 DSC06418  DSC06416 DSC06415 DSC06414 More Birthday Pix plus fondant cake from Carlo’s Bakery and Victoria’s Secret pjs and Isotoner slippers from JCPenney and Ralph Lauren glasses

dress Who.A.U. (before the Herald Square store closed)/stretch black bra Sugarlips from Lord and Taylor/bootiesH&M/necklace and ring Charming Charlie/bracelets Accessorize

tank Lulu’ American Eagle Outfitters/stretch black bra Sugarlips from Lord and Taylor/bootiesH&M/necklace and ring Charming Charlie/bracelets Accessorize


20160728_150803   20160728_150801   20160728_150755 20160728_150753 20160728_150752  20160728_150749  20160728_150722 20160728_150852  20160728_150850  20160728_150848   20160728_150842 20160728_150842(0)  20160728_150837 20160728_150836 20160728_150835   20160728_150832   20160728_150829    20160728_150821   20160728_150818 20160728_150817 20160728_150816 20160728_183111  20160728_183108  20160728_183106     20160728_183101    20160728_183053 20160728_183051  20160728_183047   20160728_183036      20160728_183024  20160728_183018  20160728_151400   20160728_151346

Hey fans, here are more than 20 pictures from my 20th birthday! Lol, I had a two part or even three part day yesterday! I went shopping and had a Godiva shake whilst in my black dress and then later I changed into a ripped jeans and tank outfit and headed into Union Square to hang out with my friend, D.  Lol we went to a gym in massage chairs etc…oh the day was funny. Yay, D and I are still in the works developing The Red Carpet on Stonewall Street! It’s exciting! Wow, can you believe I am no longer a teenager?! This is even more different than turning 18 because there is no teen in the number twenty! Imagine that twenty-teen…lol! I can’t wait until my comedy show at Caroline’s on August 8 at 7! Come bring your friends and family! When I got home after midnight, it was birthday cake time!!!!!!!! I’ll probably post some pix shortly! It was so yummy, blue fondant from Carlo’s Bakery. I can’t wait until my first ever driving lesson on Sunday! I think I’m even in the midst of making a dress. I haven’t done that since so long ago! It’s all happening! Oh yes, my 19th year was awesome and weird and exciting, let’s hope for a whole new awesome level this coming year!

dress Who.A.U. (before the Herald Square store closed)/stretch black bra Sugarlips from Lord and Taylor/booties H&M/necklace and ring Charming Charlie/bracelets Accessorize

tank Lulu’ American Eagle Outfitters/stretch black bra Sugarlips from Lord and Taylor/booties H&M/necklace and ring Charming Charlie/bracelets Accessorize

Beach Day Before My Birthday 1

20160727_152013 20160727_152016 20160727_152014  20160727_152007  20160727_151254  20160727_151244 20160727_151232 20160727_145833 20160727_145759 20160727_145822 20160727_144938 20160727_144936 20160727_133143 20160727_133139 20160727_133136 20160727_150104 20160727_150103 20160727_150052 20160727_151256 20160727_152120 20160727_152119 20160727_162828 20160727_162824 20160727_154946 20160727_154956 20160727_154952 20160727_154945 20160727_171224  20160727_171221    20160727_171217  20160727_171208 20160727_171203 20160727_171202

Hey fans, I went to Lido Beach today on the last day of my teenage years!!!!!!!!!!!! It was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

swimsuit Express/pink crop top and yellow cover up Victoria’s Secret/flip flops Del Sol/sunglasses SunGear

White to Green

20160726_140430 20160726_140427 20160726_140425 20160726_140423 20160726_140423(0) 20160726_140421 20160726_14042020160726_140431 20160726_140406 20160726_140405 20160726_140404 20160726_140401   20160726_140356 20160726_140353 20160726_140350 20160726_140346 20160726_140345 20160726_140227 20160726_140225 20160726_140224 20160726_140222 20160726_140221 20160726_140220 20160726_140217  20160726_140212  20160726_140159 20160726_140158  20160726_140155  20160726_140149 20160726_140148  20160726_140146 20160726_140145 20160726_140144 20160726_140142 20160726_140141   20160726_140135   20160726_170045   20160726_170041   20160726_170034  20160726_170026 20160726_170025 20160726_170023 20160726_170022 20160726_170019 20160726_170017  20160726_141147 20160726_141144 20160726_141142 20160726_141136 20160726_185812 20160726_185801

Hey fans, I went from white to green with glittered jean shorts today! Yay! I love the floral cutouts on the white tank and the green tank I love the golden beadedness!

white top Liz Claiborne from JCPenney/green tank H&M/shorts American Eagle Outfitters/sneakers New Balance/sandals Macy’s


Mix & Match

DSC06412 DSC06411 DSC06410 DSC06409 DSC06408 DSC06407 DSC06406 DSC06405 DSC06404 DSC06403 DSC06402 DSC06401  DSC06399 DSC06398

Hey fans, I went black and white and Kre printed all over today…plus I posted selfies from yesterday I forgot to post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today’s outfit was black and white palm tree printed jeans mixed and matched with a black and white floral crossover cami!

top Charming Charlie/jeans Hudson from Saks Off Fifth/sandals Macy’s/eye shadow Sephora/lip gloss e.l.f.