August 2016

All Satin & Patterned

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Hey fans, I went all satin and patterned today! I love the blue satin paired with the lace neckline. In addition, the black lace matches the black in the pants and boots!

top Express/pants Victoria’s Secret Pink/booties H&M/rings Tess Morgan and Accessorize

Palm Trees, Ruffles, & Leopard Print

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Hey fans, I had a fun day today all decked out in palm trees, ruffles, and leopard print! I like the palm trees because although I couldn’t be at a place with real palm trees this summer, I was able to give a sendoff wearing them instead! I even went to H&M today and bought a matching leopard top with a tie neck…and the the leopards have blue eyes. Stay tuned…

top Express/jeans Hudson from Saks Off Fifth/booties H&M

Green & Burgundy

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Hey fans, I had archaeology and media today and well, here I am now! Lol, media btw is in such a huge hall! I went with a golden beaded green tank top over a printed maroon/burgundy cami and jean shorts. I then matched the maroon with red shooties!

tank H&M/cami & jean shorts Aeropostale/shooties Forever 21/socks & rings Accessorize/rings AEO

Like A Klossy Kre!

DSC06651 DSC06650 DSC06653 DSC06654 DSC06652     20160828_135115 20160828_135127 20160828_135124 20160828_135121 20160828_135135 20160828_135138 20160828_135131 20160828_135252 20160828_135302 20160828_135259 20160828_135255 20160828_142024 20160828_142026 20160828_142029 20160828_155213 20160828_142036 20160828_142034 20160828_142031 20160828_155220 20160828_155225 20160828_155227 20160828_155233 20160828_155236

Hey fans, I had a driving lesson on 13th & 8 ave. today and yay I’m getting somewhere, lol! I wore my Like A Kloss tee shirt today because not unlike Karlie Kloss, I’m like a Kloss as well, but btw we are in separate categories: I’m Kre and she’s Kloss! Yay we’re both K’s!  Lol I love that Karlie is back modeling for Express with her own shirt and it was so fun meeting her twice some years back, once at Victoria’s Secret when she was modeling for the brand and the second time when she was at Bergdorf Goodman with her Frame Denim collection! Type Karlie Kloss in the search bar of the blog and see all the posts I did about her plus the pix to refresh your memories!

top Express/shorts American Eagle Outfitters/sneakers New Balance/eye shadow and lip gloss NYX & Milani

Quick Joys (fiction)

At the edge of ecstasy, flying high, I want to stay in this suspended and moving moment eternally. I worked hard going up the steep hill so long and now I just get to ride like never before. That feeling of freedom, like I can do anything and everything I have ever wanted. The release of energy coupled with the fact of not having to do anything, but to watch it all around me is quite intriguing. Riding on that two wheeler at the very brink of the edge makes anyone feel invincible. To get little highs that fade are worthwhile even after they fade out into oblivion. The quick joys in life through experiencing something not felt in so long, to be happy and excited and scared all at once can make any heart swarm all a flutter. Hardship and fear make the heart grow fonder as they say. The idea that anything can happen in between the crevices of the world gives almost orgasmic pleasure. The world has never really changed, these quick joys never fade even when they almost certainly do. I know how to do this thing called riding the wave, I know, I know all too well. I may be young, but very certain and uncertain all within uncanny timing. Timing is everything, life takes its course even when unexpected. It is all like an ongoing book that’s been written thousands of times in innumerable ways. I don’t want to do certain things, I want to take the easy road, but somehow I so badly want, I need it all. Just read the universe’s tall tale and let the quick joys last forever.


DSC06649 DSC06648 DSC06647 DSC06646 DSC06645 DSC06644 DSC06643 DSC06642  20160826_153830  20160826_153820  20160826_140027

Hey fans, I had my first day back at Hunter today and I had an LGBT class in addition to an intro women and gender studies class and they went okay! The intro one is like an extension of a sociology class I took with race, class, and of course gender. The LGBT class was really just introducing ourselves and such today lol! I went for a dramatic black and lacy look today! Enjoy!

tank bra top underneath Victoria’s Secret/shorts American Eagle Outfitters/shoes Forever 21

Interview Look

DSC06640 DSC06639 DSC06638 DSC06641 20160825_105852 20160825_105846 20160825_105858 20160825_114844 20160825_114838 20160825_114841 20160825_095315 20160825_095312 20160825_095309 20160825_082535 20160825_082531 20160825_082528 20160825_082524 20160825_082522 20160825_082518 20160825_082512 20160825_082509

Hey fans, I went on a group interview at the Union Square American Eagle Outfitters today and I think it went pretty well! By the way, in my Back to School and Q Word YouTube videos yesterday I was wearing an American Eagle Outfitters Aztec tank top which I also posted here on my blog baby in a double the fun “Doubly” fashion post. Omg, speaking of back to school, that’s where I’m going tomorrow….ahhhh what is a Kre to wear? Well, I know I’ll wear my super sparkly silver sequin backpack from VS Pink with colorful supplies and makeup inside as stated in my fun video! Today’s outfit was chic and professional with paisley in the front and casual Kre in the back. Btw, the full length selfies I took were in the AEO store right after my interview!

top Charming Charlie/pants H&M/booties Forever 21


20160825_001833 20160825_001842 20160825_001914

Hey fans, here is a Kre original, there is rain, a rainbow, a reflection of the rainbow, and oh did I forget to mention, a lesbian kiss all harmoniously there at once? I used mostly fluid acrylics from Blick.


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20160823_183546 20160823_183543

Hey fans, here is a double post for your viewing pleasure! In addition, I doubly posted two new videos on YouTube, “Back To School” and “The Q Word.” I wore an AEO tank today and yay I have an interview tomorrow at the Union Square store!

Aztec tank American Eagle Outfitters/shorts Aeropostale/sneakers New Balance/aqua tee The Gap/shorts Tokyo Jeans/sneakers New Balance/purse Target