September 2016

It Was So Rainy Today!

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Hey fans, earlier today I posted yesterday’s work outfit and now I am posting today’s class outfit. It consisted of a lace up colorful plaid shirt, baby blue jeans, and my weather prepared boots! It was so rainy today! Btw, I am listening to Banks‘ new album, The Altar at the moment from iTunes (it is fabulous)!

top and jeans Express/boots Payless



Better Late Than Never

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Hey fans, I got home late yesterday from working the closing shift at Victoria’s Secret and didn’t post my outfit here (although I did on Instagram). Better late than never as they say! I wore faux leather pants that were uber soft inside with a sweater fabric zipper neckline top with cute black lace up shoes. As it turns out they don’t want me to wear black in Pink unless it’s the brand Pink, lol!

top Express/pants H&M/shoes Forever 21

Cute Stuff

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Hey fans, today felt like a real Autumn day, so it’s good I wore a denim jacket and other cute stuff. Tomorrow I am going to work at Victoria’s Secret and have fun!

jacket and shirt American Eagle Outfitters/pants and boots H&M

Out With The Old & In With The New

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Hey fans, I went with black and white and Kre all over today like a Krespaper! I wore new shoes from H&M with a slight heel and pointed toes today! The shirt and leggings I wore actually I’ve had for some years now.

top Teen Vogue from Macy’s/leggings Target/shoes H&M

Jean Jacket

dsc06819 20160926_114109 20160926_114104 dsc06821 dsc06820 20160926_114116 20160926_114125 dsc06822 dsc06818

Hey fans, I finally got to wear my jean jacket from AE that I got months ago for my birthday! I am also wearing Victoria’s Secret Pink patterned pants, heeled booties, and a lace top!

jacket AEO/pink lace and gray tank Kohl’s by Elle/pants Victoria’s Secret Pink/boots H&M

Black Lace

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Hey fans, I had another at Vickie’s today and I wore a black lace bralette underneath my high low crossover tank with cool patterned, beaded leggings, a blazer cardigan with zipper pockets, and shoes!

cardigan H&M/tank Lush from Lulu’ Victoria’s Secret/leggings Express/shoes Forever 21/socks Aerie

First Day

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Hey fans, I had my first day of training/orientating at Victoria’s Secret today and it was cool! I wore a Victoria’s Secret Pink NYC tank today and in the morning it was so cold so I actually wore a Zara top underneath as well. Nonetheless, I wore a blazer cardigan along with my other professional stuff!

cardigan and pants H&M/tank Victoria’s Secret Pink/shoes Forever 21



Hey fans, these are the colors my Samsung phone makes when it’s charging!