October 2016

Lying To Strangers (fiction)

Vera came over after they were talking awhile and then she leaned in and kissed her with those soft, bold and scrumptious lips. At first she was slightly hesitant and even backed away for a second until she kissed back.

She can be anyone she wants under the sheath of lies…

She is a fucking party girl slut. She tears people down with her teeth. She is her dreams. People flock to her. She gets wasted every night. She is a loud, bubbly butterfly. She doesn’t give a fuck what people say about her. Imaginary friends aren’t needed. She can be gay. Is it gay as in happy or queer as in fuck you? She always conveniently forgets. She doesn’t need to use her own name.

On a class trip on a plane to wonderland. She was dirty blonde and they don’t like each other at first. People vote them most likely not to make out. Of course, by the end of it, they finger each other in their seats when most people are asleep. As it turned out they had the same taste in music and with one earbud in each ear, they slowly inched toward each other, looked at each other’s soft, moist lips and the rest was history.

One time when she needed one of her bags from up top, she offered to boost her up, hence a chance for her to feel her lover up. When she started feeling her, she turned around and then she stopped and fell gracefully into her lap. When the flight attendant came by, she said all must sit in their own seats unless otherwise instructed.

They went to a sexy kissing class later and kissed and kissed until they had to switch partners, and do vampire neck style kissing but, she had a guy and she got this cute exotic chick. Eventually they found each other’s lips again and she said “when do you think it’ll snow?”  It then started snowing and they held each other close, kissed passionately and wished each other a merry Christmasween.

An orgy of the senses rings out and it consists of men and women. A cute girl says she picks her and she writes down her name. Later, she tries to find her and bumps into a guy who thinks she wants to hook up with him. He says he’s gay and she says that’s fine. “I’m actually looking for a woman.” They start laughing and walking around and then she sees her and goes on top of her although she’s also thinking of someone else.

A party: the lights of green and red, loud music, and people. She downs five liquors and is under 21. She’s fucking cool. She even drops her contacts and her girlfriend steps on them. She loves her! She calls her boss and quits for her and curses her out and demands her fucking money! She doesn’t need boredom! Let her ride with her license drunk.

They end up in jail and are furious! They make all the inmates watch them make out. Everyone joins in. There was a hole to crawl out of…they escaped and oops, forgot their clothes, or jail clothes. It’s Halloween and they find costumes.

They hit their heads on a giant boulder and wake up….

It was all a dream. What fucking nerds!






Vamp It Up!

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Happy Halloween my fellow creatures! I vant to suck your blood…of fashion! I partied hard and pretended to have fangs around sexy people! It’s cool how the dress is kind of Victorian with the back and corset like top!

dress, choker, black lipstick Spirit Halloween/leggings H&M/shoes Target

eye shadow Physician’s Formula, NYX/glasses Ralph Lauren

bomber jacket Macy’s Say What?

My Other Half…

I have been with you since middle school. You’ve taught me the ins and outs of beauty, of creativity, of life. I have only ever known you and you, me. I have never been with anyone but you, at least it started that way. You and I have been through so much. From bullies to late nights doing homework to days thinking things would never end. We have been stereotyped as one thing, as a sort of package deal through and through. You’ve brought down my confidence and you’ve built it back up. I’ve threatened ending it between us for good, but you somehow kept my interest and sight ahead. You don’t always like being in selfies, but I need you and you need me. We are a pair. You and I have grown up together, grown apart, and have done it all over again. You are my other half and you always will be. Xoxo…

Yours truly,

Red Glasses

Almost Halloween 2016

dsc06924 dsc06923 dsc06922 dsc06921 dsc06920 20161028_121635 20161028_121627 20161028_121619

Hey fans, it is almost Halloween and we all know what that means, fun and scary sexy fashion! I recently bought this cool black jumpsuit from Charlotte Russe. I love the straps on the front and sides. I added a cute tee underneath! I even thought of wearing it for Halloween, but I actually got a vampire costume from Spirit Halloween which you’ll see tomorrow or the next day after this party I’m going to tomorrow! I love Tove Lo‘s new album, Lady Wood, by the way. I just got it on itunes today and it is sultry, has great beats, and is awesomesauce! I am also loving the singer, Borns a lot! His album, Dopamine is great!

jumpsuit Charlotte Russe/top Macy’s/boots Payless

Stripes, Denim, & Everything Nice!

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Hey fans, here is a double post of stripes, denim, and everything nice!

today’s outfit blue embroidered top AEO/jeans Express

yesterday’s outfit black top Express/pants VS Pink

boots Payless

Leopard Printed Leopards

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Hey fans, I wore my awesome shirt of leopard printed leopards today with fringe jeans and pom pom velvet shoes!

top H&M/jeans Express/shoes Betsey Johnson from Macy’s

Blue & Yellow

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Hey fans, I am blue and yellow today! My throat and allergies have been acting up, hence I went and got Maggie Moo’s ice cream! I love how the blue cotton candy flavor matched my new bomber jacket. The yellow marshmallow flavor also matches the iron-ons on the jacket! Yum! In addition, I am loving my new Betsey Johnson/Trolls movie fuzzy slippers. I love how they coincidentally match the ice cream and coat along with having purple to coincidentally match Spirit Day today which combats LGBT+ bullying!

jacket and leggings Macy’s/sweatshirt H&M/boots Payless


Comfy, Cozy

20161022_162251 20161022_162244 20161022_162209 20161022_162206 20161022_162325

Hey fans, I wore my awesome Aztec side jeans today with an uber comfy, cozy AE logo top today! It was actually colder today…grrr my allergies…!

top AEO/jeans Kensie from Lord & Taylor/boots Payless