November 2016

Snowflake Clad

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Hey fans, here is the blue sweater clad outfit I wore today and leopard matchy matchy fun fashion of the prior day. I love how today’s sweater had gemstones and beads like snowflakes- I actually got it last season and never wore it lol! I matched my shirt with my boots yesterday and added a lace trim cami I just got on Thanksgiving from NY&Co. underneath!

blue sweater and maroon lace trim cami New York & Company/jeans Forever 21/leopard boots H&M/leopard top Material Girl from Macy’s/black boots Payless

Coming Soon To A Blog Near You!

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Hey fans, here is Friday’s outfit- the day I saw Dr. Strange and went AEO shopping and got a cute velvet top! Dr. Strange was so good and it wasn’t even strange! The visual effects were unbelievable with buildings going upside down, sorcery, and more! There was also a deep message in the movie about life and death with Tilda Swinton‘s character and more. It was also cool when they went out of their bodies like ghosts even if they were still alive. The movie also had funny moments. Go see it, fans- unless you have already then tell me what you thought! And my new velvet top is coming soon to a blog near you!

top Express/jeans Forever 21/boots Payless

Happy Post Thanksgiving Post!

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Hey fans, here is Thursday’s outfit! I had Thanksgiving food like fettuchini alfredo and such (of course I wouldn’t eat a murdered Turkey-lol!) and cupcakes with sugar pictures of turkeys on the frosting from Magnolia Bakery (I even got a plastic Turkey ring I am wearing in the pix from one of the cupcakes)! I then promptly went shopping at Express and got two cute tops for 50% each and a fuzzy purple Modell’s jacket for $20 as well! Happy post Thanksgiving!

top Aerie/pants Aeropostale/boots Payless

Star Studded

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Hey fans, here is my outfit from this past Wednesday! I went with a black star studded top with a black embroidered vest, blue jeans, and floral boots! I added a bold lip and was good to go!

vest H&M/top Aerie/jeans Express/boots Topshop/lipstick Laura Mercier/eye makeup e.l.f./mascara Physician’s Formula


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Hey fans, I went with black and white in stripe form and houndstooth form today and yesterday for my shirting! Lol, today’s houndstooth top was white with black and yesterday’s was black with white! I also added a green tank underneath yesterday’s! I love that the stripe top was laced up and the houndstooth was metallic which I paired with fringe jeans.

houndstooth top Charming Charlie/stripe top H&M/blue jeans Forever 21/fringe jeans Express/boots Payless/green tank Aeropostale

I Had A Blast

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Hey fans, I got this new bomber jacket yesterday from Bloomingdale’s  by Aqua! I love the silver sequins on the sleeves along with the silver metallic stripes along the bottom, the wrists, and the neck! I also went to Topshop nearby Bloomingdale’s,  all in SoHo. The stores there are awesome! I wore my velvet Zara top and had a blast!

top Zara/jeans Aeropostale/boots Payless/jacket Bloomingdale’s by Aqua

All The More Awesomesauce!

20161118_122251 20161118_122238 20161118_122229 20161118_122206 20161118_122157 dsc06986 dsc06985 dsc06984 dsc06983

Hey fans, I was casual in a pink long sleeved tee and blue jeans! The printed crystal with the words “manifest magic” underneath made it all the more awesomesauce!

top AEO/jeans Express/boots Payless

Casual Fun

dsc06982 dsc06981 dsc06980 dsc06979 20161116_142040 20161116_142034 20161116_142029

Hey fans, I went casual fun yesterday in a black stretchy top with dark green pants and pom pom shoes!

top TJMaxx/pants H&M/shoes Betsey Johnson from Macy’s

A Convoluted Wrangling

dsc06978 dsc06977 dsc06976 dsc06975 dsc06974 20161115_125750 20161115_125746 20161115_125742

Hey fans, I went to the Museum of Natural History today for my class and then I went to Topshop and checked out all of the latest trends…I really want the dark blue/black pointed toe glitter booties, blue or black pleated velvet pants, and the light blue metallic satin button down!!! I also got out of the subway in a convoluted maze way in Rockefeller Center where they wrangled out the Christmas tree with lights coming soon!

top H&M/fringe jeans Express/boots Payless