January 2017


Hey fans, I am all black satin button downed and jeaned up today! I had an acting class and a history class today.

top H&M/jeans Forever 21/boots Payless/lipstick Urban Decay/eyes Kat Von D etc…


Hey fans, I started my first day back at Hunter with a class in journalism and it was cool, bumped into some familiar faces and learned some new stuff! I wore a fun blue sweater, blue jeans, and rocker boots with new socks, slapped on makeup and flat ironed my hair…Voila!

top Aqua from Bloomingdale’s/jeans & boots Express/socks H&M/lipstick Urban Decay/eyes NYX, Kat Von D, Too Faced etc!

The L Word

All opinions are my own for anything I write basically, on my blog and Spoiler Alert if you haven’t watched The L Word

Hey fans, it is my coming out anniversary day and I have finished re-watching The L Word for the second time. So today is the day January 29, 2017, hence one year ago I came out. It feels so much longer though. Here I will give my take on The L Word. It aired from 2004-2009 on Showtime. It was such a destructive and enigmatic show. I feel that the show all started and ended with Jenny. Little miss Jennifer Schecter played fabulously by Mia Kirshner. I watched the series from start to finish last year right as I was a blossoming baby gay. I’m actually not sure if I am still considered a baby gay or not for various reasons, but that is besides the point. I heard about it and I knew I had to watch it because it was all about the lives of LA lesbians/bisexuals and all of the trials and tribulations that went with it. Okay, so honestly I don’t think I would want to be friends with any of the characters. This show, while I will not do a recap because there is too much to do it was so relateable in many ways and intuitive. It is just sad that there isn’t another show like it around or well I think there are a few of differing calibers, but you know. Basically most of the characters were gay in a very gay friendly area in LA. The show aired before my time essentially and I mean now there is more of a proliferation of LGBT characters on tv and film, but it just doesn’t compare to then.  I feel for Jenny, I mean I feel for all of the characters, but Jenny just seemed so innocent and manipulative and manipulated in such a sweet spot for me. I feel like I hate this show and at the same time I love it. Jenny came to understanding herself, her identity, and she lived even though she died and a lot of the characters hated her especially at the end of her life. This show was a show about loyalty, temptations, cheaters, fun, and complete and utter sadness and love for one another. Jenny realized she was bi and then gay (much like me) after her torrid love affair with a woman who broke her heart, Marina played by Karina Lombard. Bette played by Jennifer Beals broke Tina’s played by Laurel Holloman’s heart and then they found each other all over again. Jenny and Shane played by Kate Moennig both had rough childhoods, Jenny’s being molested as a child in an orthodox Jewish strict heterosexual upbringing and Shane’s in foster care. I just hated when Shane left Carmen played by Sarah Shahi at the altar. Shane just couldn’t be tied down to anyone really even Jenny as a friend or lover. Shane always went to the point of no return and then she always came back to the fucking drawing board. I think that Nikki played by Kate French probably killed Jenny even though I think I read somewhere that the writers were working on a sequel and that Alice killed her. Nikki was the last one left behind; she was behind the bushes and she seemed very sinister overall. I think Jenny told her she was a brat after she slept with her after she and Shane fooled around behind Jenny’s back. I thought that Nikki and Jenny had something though when they were camping and said they loved each other and at other times, but it was as Jenny said a “showmance.” Shane was the real one who broke Jenny’s heart. They have been friends for years and she helped Jenny get through a time when she was cutting herself and more. I don’t know how I feel about them dating although it was nice sometimes because they are kind of similar in a number of ways and were really good freinds. Alice played by Leisha Hailey was fun and colorful most of the time and had a fabulous romance with Dana played by Erin Daniels until Dana broke up with her and later died of breast cancer on the show. Alice later met Tasha played by Rose Rollins and it looks like they are going to stay together, they really had something just like she and Dana had. My gosh there is so much here to talk about like also Helena played by Rachel Shelley or Kit, Bette’s sister played by Pam Grier. If there were a lot more shows like this, I probably wouldn’t be writing about it, although I think it would still be a favorite. Maybe I’ll be a writer/director like Jenny and do stuff like this…I’ll just make sure not to be so egotistical like Jenny was and not to sleep with the star of my movie like she did. I would also make sure not to steal the negative to the film no matter how much I would want to, if I would. Jenny blossomed into a famous writer and lady lover since she moved to LA, she gained confidence and played her part in this thing we call life. Dana as well. I wish Dana would have stayed on the show for the full series. The first time I watched the show I think I was angrier that Jenny was killed off, but now it just feels kind of full circle and I mean if the show were still going on right now, I would definitely want her back on the show alive, but the show is over at least for now. Jenny had been through so much including after she and Shane got a roommate who was a pervy guy filming them behind their backs. Also when Adele (her assistant played by Malaya Rivera Drew) took Jenny’s job as director of her movie, it was hard. I loved her girly fashion sense including when Shane cut off Jenny’s hair for her and when it all grew back. It was interesting how most of the characters on the show were kind of femme. However, Shane wasn’t femme, Tasha wasn’t femme, and there was even a transgender man who gets pregnant even though he didn’t want to, named Max played by Daniela Sea.  There is so much to mention, but I won’t be able to say it all. I think there have been articles saying that maybe the show didn’t portray the bisexual or trans characters properly, but I don’t think it was that bad. Jenny voiced her opinions and more throughout the series. Jenny never meant any harm to anyone. She was misunderstood. Jenny along with all of the other characters on the show made stupid mistakes, were mean at times, lied, cheated, and/or even stole. However, that is life and it happens to the best of us. I will live it and try not to make the same mistakes, but if I do…(I’m sorry in advanced lol)! I hope Bette and Tina have a great life in NY with little Angelica and maybe have another little one on the way. Maybe I’ll see them here!


Bird Spotting

Hey fans, can you spot the bird in flight on the picture to the left and the bird stationary on the far left railing in the picture to the right?

For Fun!


Hey fans, I chilled out today on this last Wednesday before the new semester starts on Monday in a casual comfy black ribbed zipper neckline top, red pants, and sweater boots for fun!

top Express/pants Charlotte Russe/boots Payless

Casual Fun Lol Edition!

Hey fans, I kept it casual fun today in some gray stuff I’ve had a while like the top that says cutely NYC with a heart in arrows and sweater boots! I later changed to my usual black boots because of the monsoon-ish rain that I paired with black with white stripe-ness pants!

top Macy’s by Happening in the Present/pants Express/both boots Payless

Plaid & Plaid

Hey fans, here is yesterday and today’s outfit of plaid and other fun stuff! I wore casual chic stuff- black, white, and gray today and black and blue yesterday!

black & white top H&M/black cami Forever 21/pants AEO/black & blue top & fringe jeans Express/boots Payless

Women’s March Day

Hey fans, happy Women’s March Day. Although I didn’t participate in the march I did take pictures of the picket signs by Bryant Park. I was lesbian speed dating all day, btw!

satin button down H&M/silver pants Urban Outfitters/rocker boots Express

Casual Funtastic

Hey fans, today I went casual funtastic today in new stripe side jogger pants from Express and a cute top I’ve had a while plus some cool makeup!

top AEO/pants Express/boots Payless/lipstick Urban Decay/eye shadow Ulta and Kat Von D/mascara NYX/eye liner e.l.f./blush etc Too Faced/concealer as foundation Tarte/sunglasses Kirkland