February 2017

Glam & Kre

Hey fans, I went glam and Kre today in a lace cardigan, floral heeled booties, and a cute green peasant blouse I’ve had since high school from my Bebe days.

cardigan Express/top Bebe/pants H&M/boots Topshop

Marginalized People Can Win

Hey fans, I chillaxed in class today in a zebra printed metallic sweater, Aztec side jeans, and rocker booties! Dang, the Oscars were crazy last night when La La Land won, oops sorry I meant Moonlight won- a non white and non straight film that touched the hearts of all! Yay marginalized people can win! I loved both movies though and was happy that Emma Stone won for best actress as well. I didn’t really watch much of the Oscars though because I just don’t care that much about awards shows anymore and also I was watching Big Little Lies and Girls on HBO, but I did see the end and the beginning and other parts too and lol! I also love that people were wearing blue ribbons to represent the ACLU and golden pins for Planned Parenthood and such! I am also currently watching the LGBT four part mini series, When We Rise on ABC and so far it’s pretty good, maybe a little all over the place at times, but I think it is great. I am also watching Humans on AMC and it added lesbian storylines too which I don’t think it had last season! Yay!

top Topshop/jeans Kensie from L&T/booties Express/jacket Macy’s

Old & New Celesbian Gossip

Hey fans, I took new sunset photos today and looked at some older and articles and wouldn’t it be great if all of my favorite celebrities were lesbians, oh wait maybe they are lol. Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss are probably totally an item (but you know they aren’t out, but she sure does have a queer inclusive girl squad) and Cara Delevingne, this I never knew that there were rumors that she and Selena Gomez were going out. I was also checking out St. Vincent’s music, it is definitely quirky, but cool. And she used to go out with Cara D. and Kristen Stewart. Of course, we all know that Kristen has been dating Victoria’s Secret angel, Stella Maxwell as of late. I wonder if the brand has ever had an out model before. Also I just loved how comfortable Kristen Stewart is in her sexuality like when she recently said, “I’m so gay” on SNL and her monologue was so funny too. Also has an LGBT section that’s pretty good, btw. Always keep up on your celesbian gossip!

Maroon & Blonde

Hey fans, today I went maroon and blonde in a cute lacy and racy lol top plus blue velvet pants! Let’s have a fun upcoming weekend and go shopping! What are you fans doing this last weekend of February 2017?!

top AEO/pants Topshop/boots Payless


Sweatery & Metallicy

Hey fans, here was my casual blue sweatery, silver metallicy outfit today!

top Bloomingdale’s/pants Urban Outfitters/boots Payless

A Kreload Hot off the Lesbian Press

Hey fans, here is today’s outfit plus a Kreload of selfies topped off with a hot off the lesbian press fedora hat for fun! I love the view of the selfies I took with cars and people in the background while sitting in the walkway of Hunter. I also love the ones with my reflection as well! Enjoy and always wear fedoras, makeup, and satin button down tops!

top & pants H&M/fedora Payless/rings Accessorize and maybe AEO/lips PixiNYX/eyes NYX, Kat Von D, Too Faced/concealer, foundation Tarte, Pixi



Hey fans, here are pix from today’s President’s Day off of shopping deals and steals! It’s good that there’s no President’s Day for you know who…

top & jogger jeans AEO/boots Payless

Kre Fix!


Hey fans here are some pix of Kre selfies, Kre yummies of ice cream, marshmallows, and more, Kre photography, and more for your Kre fix!

sweater Forever 21/pants Charlotte Russe/lipstick Urban Decay

Kiss Me

Hey fans, I just finished rewatching the Swedish lesbian film, Kiss Me and it reminded me a lot of The L Word from the first season when Jenny was to marry Tim (and Jenny actually did lol but that is besides the point), Marina seduced her and that was that. Now a few things are different here, but lol in this movie Mia is about to marry someone also coincidentally named, Tim. I have watched a number of lesbian movies and a lot just aren’t that good or boring after you see the same sort of thing over and over in these movies. Like oh we can’t be together or our parents are homophobic or I’m going to go back to men again or blah blah blah. Technically this movie or even The L Word could have some of those elements, but they were done so well and romantically that I really enjoyed watching them. Anyway, in this movie Mia and Frida meet because their parents are marrying. Eventually, Frida opens her up (literally lol) to new horizons and feelings. Frida much like Marina in The L Word had a girlfriend already as well in which Jenny didn’t know until later kind of same for Mia, but that wasn’t really an issue because these two women really wanted to be together unlike Marina kind of. So in the end Frida broke up with her girlfriend and Mia broke up with her fiance, Tim! They were almost not going to end up together after all because Mia was practicing her vows in front of a priest with Tim and made Frida wait and think that she would never leave him for her. However, Mia incessantly searched for Frida and found her in Barcelona. They then looked at each other happily and much like in the movie, Carol they stared at each other and couldn’t stop! Love wins! And lol this whole movie was in Swedish except for some songs, thank goodness for the subtitles (and sex scenes lol)! I feel like there are actually more lesbian movies in different languages than English, idk. But, yeah actually I do think most lesbian movies are going to have an element of already being with a man and then essentially the other woman breaking up the marriage also. In addition, in this film at one point Frida says that she thinks Mia is bisexual, I don’t think she ever says that she isn’t just because she is going to end up with a woman. Regardless, it is refreshing to watch a movie where two women end up together happily!

Your Own Terms

Hey fans, here is yesterday’s outfit and right now I was just talking about time machines and the fact that if there was one would you take the plunge? Like on the tv series, The Flash, it deals a lot with that and the consequences that follow. If I had a time machine, I’d like to see the future and possibly change some past things while I’m at it. However, there probably would be consequences because we don’t control the world and the world can’t be perfect. But is it so wrong to want a perfect world on your own terms? Lol whatever I guess I can’t do anything about it…or can I?!

top Gap/pants H&M/boots Payless