March 2017

The Main Entree

Hey fans, so I was walking around in this shirt that astutely states that “dessert is cheaper than therapy” and I was thinking oh wow are people going to think I’m advertising myself as dessert…should I be worried because…I’m the main entree, bitches! Lol! I wore this cool green eye shadow today which I’ve actually had for a while and just never really wore until now from Kiko Cosmetics and it is bold and kind of a throwback! It even has a golden sparkle to it.  And, yes I’m loving the braid lately if you couldn’t tell. And yes, everyone should just eat dessert instead of seeing stupid therapists lol!

top Rebellious.One from Macy’s/pants H&M/boots Payless

Tomorrow Is The Last Day of March

Hey fans, here are some selfies from yesterday, some barefaced selfies from a couple weeks ago, some snow heart pix I forgot to post, some stuff I drew on my arm a couple weeks ago, and more! Lol in a couple of the barefaced selfies it looks like I’m giving the finger, but I don’t think I meant that! Could you believe that tomorrow is the last day of March?! I can’t wait…it’s almost Spring break and the end of the semester (May)! And later, it’ll be July and I’ll be 21-finally fully legal!

That’s Not Us

Lol, I can’t believe I never wrote about this movie! That’s Not Us is a very cool movie consisting of one lesbian couple, one gay couple, and one straight couple all on vacation together. While it is supposed to be a nice, relaxing vacation, none of them are very relaxed most of the vacation- tensions arise and emotions get unraveled. At the end, however everyone is happy again and they worked out their issues. It is cool that actually most of the movie was improv. The writer wrote the basic construct for the movie and scenes, but the actors filled in the lines and rehearsed that way! I watched it on Netflix some months back. It came out in 2015, though. Here is a good synopsis of it. There is now going to be another movie coming out with the same lesbian couple called, The Ring Thing. It’s cool, their hair’s different and they are in another stage of their relationship thinking about the big picture of commitment.

Oh For The Love of Kre!

Hey fans, here I am all Kreed up and me in an easy pink top and fun Aztec side pants all for the love of Kre!

top AEO/pants Kensie Jeans/boots Payless

I’m Feeling Blue

Hey fans, here I am all blue and Kre in one blue shirt over another of criss crosses and blue lipstick slapped onto my lips. There is also some blue in my hair of course and on my nails and on my eyes as well for fun! So although I am wearing a lot of blue, it doesn’t mean I’m feeling blue, or does it…in a different way though!

shirts Express/pants H&M/boots Payless/lipstick Urban Decay/rings Accessorize 


Here are my latest Kre8tions again of a leopard print diamond, a girl in a cute outfit, and a familiar faced self portrait selfie! I am so Kre8tive!

So Over It

Hey fans, here is a double/triple slash idk post of today’s outfit which I am “so over” lol, with and without the floppy hat, makeup and barefaced selfies, a striped top and rocker bootie outfit and my Kre self! I love how my blue lips and maroon eye makeup today matched my hair whether I did it on purpose or not! I also love how my “so over it” top has a rainbow, although not quite the Pride colors since the Pride colors would be red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, lol awesome!

“so over it” top Freeze from Macy’s/jeans Express/floppy hat Charlotte Russe/boots Payless/striped top & black pants H&M/gray cami Forever 21/rocker booties Express/ green & white striped top AEO/black sequin hat Aero/blue lipstick Urban Decay/maroon eye shadow Kat Von D

More Miscellaneous Kreisms

Hey fans, here are more miscellaneous Kreisms of selfies of new blue/pink/purple hair dye, other selfies, yummy selfies, outfit pix, Chrysler Building pix, HSBC Bank Pride colors, and new paintings I did!

Ms. Googly Eyes v. Pinky


Hey fans, today I went shopping and chilled of course like a college student is supposed to do instead of homework or whatever lol! I even took Ms. Googly Eyes with her matching pom pom. Guess what?! At Charming Charlie today I bought an elephant purse (call her Pinky) and a K pom pom! I also got this cool cushion foundation from Ulta by Physician’s Formula today! It is a cushion filled with foundation essentially!

top Kohl’s/pants Topshop/boots Payless/purse Macy’s by Betsey Johnson