April 2017

Below Her Mouth

Spoiler Alert if you haven’t seen Below Her Mouth

I watched the new lesbian movie everyone is talking about, Below Her Mouth and damn, it was GAY! Like, if anyone was unsure if they were attracted to women, just tell them to watch this movie and they’ll know. Lol! So yeah, I’ve mentioned the movie on my blog before, but now it is in select theaters and on other platforms. It of course came out in Canada first months ago or so ugh! But now I was able to finally watch it on Amazon Prime. I don’t know who’s hotter, Erika Linder who played roofer, Dallas or Natalie Krill who played fashion editor, Jasmine! Dallas has that “tomboy” thing going on although in the movie she says that she doesn’t like that word and Jasmine is very femme and girly! Even Almost Adults and Carmilla‘s Elise Bauman had a couple of lines working with Jasmine in fashion. Personally, sometimes it was a little hard to understand what Linder  was saying, idk if it’s because it is her first official acting role since modeling and she is Swedish (also Swedish born in the movie as well). I wonder if she actually has a Swedish accent because she didn’t have an accent in the movie. The plot of the movie actually wasn’t too complicated or much of a plot v. more hot lesbian sex rather, nonetheless the plot it did have reminded me of the first season of The L Word when Jenny was just realizing she was gay and Marina seduced her, but oh no she was engaged to Tim and he caught them in the act (a sex act) eventually and then he was mad and she was crying and then she had to break it off with Marina for Tim to still be engaged to her (and actually get “married”) and then of course Jenny and Tim are no longer an item in the end. So yeah that was basically the plot of the movie as well give or take! With Jenny and Tim though, I think he left her the day after they got married and in the movie, it was probably Jasmine who left the guy and he seemed to understand I guess because she was crying trying to have sex with her and backed off. The last scene, we see the Jasmine and Dallas happy and Jasmine says that she told people at work everything about Dallas. And they all live happily ever after in lesbian heaven! It was much better than Blue Is The Warmest Color where the titular characters did not end up together and where one of the characters may have gone back to men at the end although I don’t fully remember. Okay so let’s talk about how Dallas seduced Jasmine. They met when Dallas was doing the roofing for her building or so and her male employees (she’s the boss) saw Jasmine and of course catcalled her or what have you. Later on or the next day they meet at a “girl party” even though Jasmine was “straight.” I think Jasmine’s friend was gay or whatever so she took her there. OF COURSE! Hence, eventually I’m skipping a lot here but she agrees to have a drink with Dallas and she has a spiffy suit on and Jasmine has a sexy body con dress on (very lesbian gender role-y and cute) and then well can I just say it gets very hot and escalated very quickly and maybe a little without consent at times, however it all worked out I guess because Jasmine wanted it too, but I am just putting consent out there.  I was cool how sometimes you just saw them and heard their voiceovers in the background. I think it made various moments even more intimate. They both made each other happier and told about coming out and went on a carousel and more. Lol and did I mention, there was so much sex, but I’ll just let you fans watch it for yourselves! It was funny, one time they couldn’t even wait to get upstairs they were doing it on the stairs themselves! So fans, who’s your new favorite lesbian crush on?


I have called these pine cones in the past, but I actually don’t know what they are. However, just a week ago or so it wasn’t fully bloomed and now I think it is as you can see.

Hey fans, so here are various nature pix I’ve taken recently of something brown growing out of a tree, wishing weeds, other pretty weeds and more. Happy last day of April!

Mermaids In Love

Hey fans, here is a Kre original painting I did of lesbian mermaids in a loving embrace! I also of course, have the pride colors!

“I Woke Up Like This” w/Orange Lips & Skinny Hips!

Hey fans, today “I woke up like this” with my orange lips and skinny hips! Lol, it just rhymes! I love this new tee from Charming Charlie and it was only like $15. At that store I’d think it would be more. How’s that for an unpaid endorsement! It was so hot today so I wore a braid most of the day and looked cute at the same time! I’ll probably start wearing shorts soon! I also went to Koffeecake Corner on 6th and 26th and didn’t get coffeecake lol. I got a cookies and cream milkshake, a lemon macaroon, and a vanilla macaroon. They were good! Maybe I’ll get coffeecake next time.

top Charming Charlie/pants L&T/booties Express/lip balm Pixi/sweatshirt Chasing Clouds from Kohl’s

A Floral Daydream


Hey fans, here are more pix from yesterday of cherry blossoms and more Kre pix and stuff! I love the clock tower building at Queens College as well.

jacket  AEO/sweatshirt Kohl’s/pants Topshop/booties Express

Vintage 96 All The Rage

Hey fans, here is a post of cherry blossoms, American pride, and just some utter blondeness! Today it was on and off raining and I went to check out my next college, Queens College and I am kind of excited a little lol. The classes for my media major seem cool and the cherry blossoms were all the rage on the expansive campus! So yes I went to Queensborough Community College for three semesters, then Hunter College (currently) for three semesters, and then coming up is Queens College and I’m thinking it’ll be the best yet! I love this new American flag sweatshirt I wore today, I guess I’m gearing up for July 4! I also love this new bomber jacket that even says Vintage 96 which is coincidentally the year I was born lol!

jacket & top AEO/sweatshirt Kohl’s/pants Topshop/booties Express

My Latest Kre Katch Phrase-For Fun Purposes

Hey fans, today is so rainy grrrrr! I took some fun selfies, lol selfies, and more selfies with my golden lipstick, golden eye shadow, and golden hair while wearing a polka dotted shirt for fun purposes! That’s my latest Kre Katch Phrase-for fun purposes! Lol

top & pants H&M/boots Payless/lipstick Urban Decay

A Caj Mermaid Blue

Hey fans, today I went very caj (casual) in a metallic striped tee (the one that I first got my hair blondened in) and fringe jeans plus awesome blue makeup. The eye shadow is like a mermaid blue in my opinion!

top AEO/jeans & booties Express/eye shadow NYX/lipstick Urban Decay

Random Photos


Hey fans, here are flower pix and rainy day pix and even some makeup free Kreism selfies!


Hey fans, here are some cool blurry sunset pix from a week or so ago, my bedazzled puppy necklace from Charming Charlie who I named Bobbly because she’s like a bobble head, and a bunny cookie that was yummy!