May 2017

I Got My Queer Card

Hey fans, today I went to Queens College and got my id card or Q Card as they say. I thinks it stands for Queens College Card or Queens Card, but I call it a Queer Card! The fountain at the college is so pretty! I wore this new striped button down tank of mine with my black velvet design pants. I wore brown sandals, but I am realizing that they aren’t comfortable. That’s a reason why I haven’t worn flats or other certain shoes in so long really because it cuts into the back of the ankles. I tried and tried putting band-aids on  with the sandals, but they kept coming off and more blood occurred…In other news, I wore a fun owl necklace with the outfit for fun purposes!

top & pants H&M/sandals Pop from JCPenney/necklace Macy’s I think/rings various places

Brown Leopard Theme

Hey fans, today I chilled in a leopard printed leopard outfit consisting of a leopard printed blazer, leopard printed boots, and a shitful oops I meant a shirt full of leopards. I also paired the outfit with blown velvet ripped pants to match the brown leopard theme.

blazer Forever 21/top & boots H&M/pants Nude from Ruby & Jenna

Wrap Up Flowers for Me

Hey fans, yesterday I took pix of pretty flowers and here is the new Charlotte Russe wrap dress and brown sandals from JCPenney I got yesterday!

A Denim on Denim Memorial Day

Hey fans, today was a day for a denim on denim look. Happy Memorial Day. Yes, it is the last Monday in May 2017 and yesterday was my 10 month mark of being 20! I’ll be 21 in two months! Ahhhhhhhhh! I wore this cute orange top today with my patriotic sweatshirt- #MemorialDay! But I’ve been wearing this sweatshirt nonstop lately for fun purposes! I’m going to start rewatching the third season of Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix now!

top Aero/jeans & jean jacket AEO/booties Express/sweatshirt Kohl’s

Margarita with a Straw & other Movies

Spoiler alert for Margarita with a Straw, The Theory of Everything, & The Danish Girl.

I just watched Margarita with a Straw on Netflix and it was about an Indian bisexual young college woman with cerebral palsy, Laila who finds herself. Laila goes to a college in India and has a boyfriend also with cerebral palsy. She later has a crush on another guy, but he doesn’t feel the same way back. She even was in a band with him, but they only won an award because she was disabled, so she was mad about that. She later tells her mom that she hates the college and she actually gets into NYU on a scholarship. Her mom goes with her and Laila eventually meets a blind woman, Khanum whom both later embark on a lesbian relationship and move in together. Her mom moves back to India and later the couple goes and visits Laila’s parents and little brother in India. Laila comes out to her mom and says that she’s bisexual. After she explained what she meant by that and that she was dating Khanum, her mom says, “yuck.” She later finds out that her mom is dying of colon cancer. Also, right before she and Khnaum went to India to visit, Laila slept with a guy who helped her out with her studies at NYU behind Khanum’s back. The whole thing was very awkward, it didn’t even look like she really even wanted to have sex with him. So back in India, Laila told Khanum and then they later break up. And also Laila’s mom dies and I think she may accept her sexuality then, although I’m not sure, all she said was the word sorry. At the end, Laila goes on a date…with herself all happy and drinking a margarita with a straw again! Okay, so here are some things I want to say about this movie, it was a good portrayal of people with disabilities having regular lives like anyone else along with some hardships that go into having a disability. Also, I am not too familiar with it all, so someone else may say it wasn’t a good portrayal. However, the actresses who played Laila and Khanum are not disabled in real life, which is a problem because I’m sure that there are disabled actors who could have played the characters themselves. I mean the actress who played Khanum could be blind, but in pictures I saw her eyes are not cross eyed like in the movie. Also, if someone is blind, wouldn’t their eyes be gray and not cross eyed and regular colored? I don’t know for sure. Like in the movie, The Theory of Everything (which also coincidentally came out in 2014 like Margarita with a Straw), actor Eddie Redmayne is not actually disabled in real life, but he still played Stephen Hawking, a scientist with cerebral palsy. He is a great actor though. He also played a transgender woman in The Danish Girl. Again, he is not transgender. However, when that movie came out, I literally cried at the end. It was so sad and uplifting at the same time. Why did she have to die? She finally became the woman she always felt she was and she still died from the surgery which was very risky at the time the film took place. I think I was also thinking at that time that I may be gay or bi then, but I couldn’t come out yet, so I was crying about that, too although that movie didn’t have to do with sexuality, really but rather gender. In Margarita with a Straw, no one actually ever said the words blind or cerebral palsy I think, but in the description it did. Also when Laila’s mom died, that’s when women were seen wearing hijabs. Laila’s mom never actually wore a hijab although she did wear a wig, but that might have been because her hair was failing out from cancer probably. I do not know though. And also I watched this interesting video where a woman talks about how it doesn’t actually say in the Quran that a woman has to wear a hijab. So, what do you think about the portrayal in the movie with disability, sexuality, and more?

Flower Pride

Hey fans, here is a Kre original that I painted of a flower from my imagination, squiggly lines, and pride colors surrounding the frame of course!

Gender Equality

Hey Kre addicts, if you’ve noticed I am making it more fabulous and personal now by calling you all Kre addicts and not just fans…you’re family! Also thanks Kre addicts for the 281 likes on this picture on Instagram


Okay, so that Kre business aside let’s get into boobs! Oops, I mean gender equality, my bad! Lol, I’m such a lesbian! I just watched a cool movie on the Free The Nipple campaign on Netflix. I think it’s going off of Netflix soon though. If you haven’t heard it is/was an activist movement for women to go topless just as equally as men can. It is actually in fact a law in a lot of states including here in NY, but a lot of people don’t know about it. It starred Lina Esco who was also in Tove Lo‘s music video, Fairy Dust. I can’t wait until part two, Fire Fade comes out as well! I love how in the video, they were lovers/Tove Lo‘s alter ego! Free The Nipple, the movie also starred Lola Kirke who is Jemima Kirke‘s sister. They look so much alike, too. Jemima is from Girls which recently ended on HBO, if you didn’t know. In the movie, I felt like Esco and Kirke had this sexual tension the whole time and they even kissed once, but nevermind. It was interesting, the people who were in the movie were in the campaign in real life as well, I believe. Esco directed it too and stuff and they were all doing it at the same time. Here’s a link up of some stuff about it all (don’t be alarmed if you see boobs-it’s legal!): (Tove lo‘s video and beware of an explicit end scene and weird sexual dancing or whatever)

Oh and here’s a Tove Lo article:

The article is interesting and sums up why I love her song, Lady Wood so much. It is not a shame to not have balls like men. Hence to be “complimented” with saying wow you got balls, like saying you are strong and brave or whatever is actually an insult as Tove Lo put succinctly. We don’t have balls, we have Lady Wood! Btw, we don’t always have female equivalents to all of the slang words that men have as well and that needs to change.

Here’s the campaign’s website:

It is just awful how body parts are examined so much, when really we all have the same bodies, really. Where men have less adipose tissue on their chests, we have more adipose tissue there, where women have less tissue at the groin, men have more. See, it’s all a give and take. Where men are lacking on the chest area, they make up for it in the groin, where women are lacking in the groin area, we make up for it in the chest area. Now I said lacking just to prove a point, I don’t actually think anything is lacking on anyone’s bodies. Women have killer vulvas/vaginas and men have killer chests all just on a human level of interest, not even sexual attraction wise. And  into the realm of sexuality, everyone is attracted to differing things on bodies, it doesn’t mean one is better than another. It’s just different. People like different extremities or some don’t even care and are attracted to anyone. We all need to talk about things more that are kept under the rug or that seem taboo. Also, just to put it out there that also trans/non binary people can have body parts one may associate with the opposite gender, but identify as such either because they haven’t transitioned or they just feel how they feel with their body parts or any other reason. But here I am mostly talking about cis gendered people, but trans/non binary people are always apart of the conversation. It seems like people like to talk about certain things and more anyway. And it seems that everyone does want and doesn’t want things kept private/sexual all at the same time all the time. Especially women’s bodies, our bodies are scrutinized so heavily. It is crazy how in ancient Greek times, everyone was naked and other times like in historic paintings most people were naked. People were athletes and ran naked because bodies were to be cherished, not put down. Although, women’s bodies were probably always scrutinized and sexualized all of the time still. Women, we all are just as sexual, just as strong, just as important as any man. We are also just as stupid, just as nasty and rude and weak as any man. Women should not fear the patriarchy, we should be empowered by our feminine, butch, fertile selves and tell men how they should act as opposed to the other way around. Men should fear the matriarchy! Oh and btw, I keep saying vulvas/vaginas when the vulva is the whole thing, the vaginal hole, the urine hole, and the pleasure inducing clitoris. So whenever people say vagina, we don’t actually know specifically what they mean. That’s just a fun fact. Did you know also that there may be a vulva museum?

Also here’s another article just about the clitoris

All of these things should be talked about more and are starting to be.

You can join in the movement on the Free The Nipple website, p.s. I probably won’t be seen stripping except in the comfort of my own home, but it’s good to know I have the option if it ever comes up in public.

Fun LezPurposes!

Hey Kre addicts, here are pics from yesterday! I went to Slate for LezPlay, btw and played games like giant Connect Four and Pool and such with a bunch of lesbians lol! I also took pix of the Empire State Building lit up in red! I did my nails french manicure like in a nude color with blue/green tips on top and at the bottom of the nails for fun purposes!

top Lulu’s/cami Aero/sweatshirt Kohl’s/jeans & purse AEO/booties Express

Kre Addicts Rejoice

Hey Kre addicts, today was my official last day at Hunter! I had all of my finals and now it is time for my unofficial summer which starts…now! I wore my cute and cozy striped, ruffled, and cutesy top today with jeans, sneakers, and a cami and I am going to chillax Kre style!

top Express/cami Sugarlips/jeans Forever 21/sneakers New Balance

Don’t You Think?

Hey fans, I just watched the season 2 Supergirl finale! Spoiler alert: It was sad and good and happy and uplifting all at once! It was sad because Kara had to say goodbye to her boyfriend, Mon-El so he could live. It was happy because she is Supergirl and did the right thing for the world and she’ll continue to do so. It was also happy because Alex asked Maggie to marry her and she said yes!!!!!! I wore this plaid shirt today because it was kinda cold and rainy today…grrr! It was a fun outfit, though don’t you think?

top & booties Express/cami Aeropostale/jeans AEO