June 2017

Last June 2017 Post!

Hey Kre addicts, yesterday I wore hot pink and golden rod yellow! I even straightened and curled my hair! I also did ombre lips with deep purple in the middle fading out into pink at the ends of my lips! I love that my shirt is neon and has ruffles and my shorts are terry cloth! Happy last day of June 2017!

top Express/shorts Silence & Noise from Urban Outfitters/sneakers NB/purse Target

Polka-dotted Femme

Hey Kre addicts, I’ve got that femme vibe going on, don’t I?! I also wore a cool patterned tank top and such! I did cool polkadots in eye liner at the ends of my eyes for fun purposes! I also went on a fun slide and such like a kid even though I’m almost 21! I went from straight hair to fluffy hair and from one makeup look to a red, white, and blue makeup of pre-July 4th fun!

femme vibe H&M/shorts Old Navy/tank top  & purses Target/leggings VS/sneakers NB/sweatshirt Kohl’s/socks Forever 21 (with mermaid cats!)

Polka Dot Flamingo Fun


Hey Kre addicts, yesterday I wore a flamingo shirt, cute shorts, and took a Kreload of selfies with polka-dotted makeup, of course (I put on eye shadow and then used eye liner to line and dot)!

top Gap/shorts Old Navy/sneakers NB


Hey Kre addicts, here are pix I took of just about everything including selfies! Happy Pride month still!

I’m Up in the Air

Hey Kre addicts, yesterday I chilled out and posed for fun pix! I wore a fun purple top and cool shorts. I left my hair natural and free and loved how my hair matched my makeup and shirt. In one of the pix, I’m up in the air-can you spot it or is that just my personality?!

top Express/shorts Old Navy/sneakers NB/bra Aerie

Kretastic Pride 2017 Fun!


Hey Kre addicts, yesterday was Pride 2017 as I posted yesterday, it was being aired on ABC. Hence I gave my eyes and lips a set of Pride colors of Kretastic fun! I also wore my Pride tee shirt from last year from Urban Outfitters! I also straightened and curled my hair! I also went jogging. I also posted some no makeup and partial makeup selfies! I also posted a quick video saying happy Pride!

48th Pride 2017 Airing on ABC!!!!!!!!

Hey Kre addicts, I am not at the Pride march/parade this year, but it is for the first time ever live on ABC!!!!! That is progress! Just one year after I came out and went to the parade, it is now on tv! I know I am in a very fortunate position where one year after coming out there is so much representation on tv compared with people who are from older generations. However, there is still still much work to be done for equality and representation. It is a parade, but it is called more of a march btw because it has protest overtones. Thank you past generations, for all of the work that got us to today and more! ABC even showed a few minutes of the performances from Pride Island at Pier 26 including my favs Tegan and Sara and Years and Years from Friday and Saturday! Also other things were talked about separately like Gilbert Baker’s legacy, the 49 angels who died last year at Pulse and more. The colors are so amazing and there are more performances and oh yeah! Love wins! Love is love! It’s noon until 3pm although I think it actually goes on longer after ABC.



Hey Kre addicts, here are some selfies including some ice storm milkshake/frappe mustache selfies, sunset photos, new hair dye pix, new curled hair pix, jogging selfies, and more Kreisms!

I Vant to Suck July Fourth Mermaid Blood!


Hey Kre addicts, I did a few new videos today- a millennial mermaid and two vampire ones along with putting on new shiny tats on my leg and arms. I vant to suck mermaid blood! It was a coincidence that I wore a flamingo tee today and in my mermaid video I had a flamingo towel tail. I also bought a new July 4 fedora with lights today! Lol my dark purple lipstick (NYX) sometimes looks blue! I also wore some Makeup Revolution eye shadow and more and did some fun eye liner tricks on the inner eyes! I also got a cool snake ring from CVS. When I wore my flamingo top, I toned down my makeup a bit. Also when I did my mermaid video I had more of a pink makeup look. Also…

Here’s a cool lipstick history article:

Here’s a  history of pockets with sexism article:

Also I’ve been rewatching (on Netflix) one of my favorite shows which got cancelled, The Carrie Diaries. It’s a Sex and the City prequal apparently, but I never really watched Sex and the City. There is even a gay male character on the show. I used to watch this high school set show back when I was still in high school and stuff or so. It only lasted for two seasons; it was so fashionable and cute. Ahhh nostalgia.

Here’s a very intersting video of a fav YouTuber of mine by Ingrid Nilsen and it is awesome how she basically says it’s ok whatever your orientation or anything and if it changes that’s ok as well.  Also interesting is how just because a person may kiss or even sleep with the same gender, it doesn’t even mean you’re gay. It is just like with “straight” people who do those things with the opposite gender, it doesn’t mean they are actually straight. And even if you don’t kiss or sleep with the same gender, you can still have that intuitive knowledge that you are gay as hell! Self exploration is key:

top NY&Co/shorts Old Navy/sandals & slippers JCP/fedora CVS