July 2017

Topic Switch: UFKs

Hey Kre addicts, today I went shopping at Macy’s Backstage and got a fab black velvet floral dress and ate at Shake Shack! I also donated some old clothes to good old Planet Aid. I wore a fun cami from last year’s birthday scavenger hunt with a fun sparkly vest, jean shorts, and black shoes to boot, or to shoe lol! Topic Switch: Did you know that Aeropostale is back in business just like before?! Btw, have you seen any UFKs flying overhead lately? If you didn’t know, a UFK is an Unidentified Flying Kresim. These flying Kreisms give out free stuff and lol at your jokes. They do all kinds of things like bring sunlight and water and fashion to all of Krekind! Today in Kreville I wore minimal makeup and chilled. Btw I posted 21 pix here coincidentally to go with my new age of 21!

vest L&T/cami Aeropostale/shorts Gap/shoes Forever 21



Hey Kre addicts, today I went all the way to Manhattan to buy a leopard print backpack. Lol, not exactly, but kinda. I went to Lovage Rooftop to the lesbian “Bikini Blast” which wasn’t much of a blast or even bikini wise for that matter. Lol, the views were breathtaking though. It was legit in a hotel, ahh that hotel smell. So not everyone was there for that rooftop event. I thought it would be bigger too. Lol idk. However I ran around the hordes of people in Manhattan and bought a new backpack since my pink velvet Charlotte Russe one broke. Grrr, but yay because now I have a leopard print backpack. I hated that people were smoking in the outdoor part of the rooftop and that the music was so loud and that most of the people were older than me. I also hate that people keep asking me why I didn’t come with a friend or if a came with a friend or someone at these events! I hate how in Manhattan or anywhere, but in the alleyways and other streets and parts of Manhattan, as a cute looking Kre of a woman, I always have to watch my back that no man is going to assault me or I just have to endure catcalls from rap guys or homeless men. Ugh! The shoes I wore today were so uncomfortable with all of the excess walking I did today. I didn’t realize how much walking I was going to do. My Topshop booties would have been even worse though. Anyway the outfit I wore today was uber hot in a ‘females forever’ corset trend tee and patterned velvet pants. The leopard boots matched my new backpack awesomely. Also ugh, don’t bring a big bag to a nightlife event.

top Charlotte Russe/pants & boots H&M/backpack Modell’s

21 & Legal!


Hey Kre addicts, today is my 21st birthday! I had yummy Haagen Dazs cake filled with caramel cone and cookies and cream! I wore a cute black frilly skirt with a cute ruffled black and white striped top! I added a cute pinstripe fedora to match my top and floral booties for fun! I got quite a few surprises from the gift scavenger hunt today including a new bracelet I wore today along with a K key chain on my purse from Charming Charlie!  Wynonna Earp was crazy tonight with resurrecting Bobo and the whole backstory thing! And Nicole kept Waverly’s DNA test from her ahhh! I did a few videos today which I’ll post on YouTube soon! Lol I can’t say I’m 20 anymore that’s crazy! There are also no more days leading up to my 21st birthday because it’s already here! I’ve been saying these things for weeks and now it’s changed because I’m 21 (and legal lol)! I’ve been an official adult for 3 years now (since I officially turned 18) it’s crazy! And now I’m 21! Oh and I visited some geese and flowers today yay!

top AEO/skirt Francesca’s/booties Topshop/sneakers NB/hat

Almost 21 Years Ago I Happened


Hey Kre addicts, here I am, the day before my 21st birthday in my femme power glory and embroidered booties! I am currently watching Love Connection on Fox with Liz looking for romance, the lesbian kind! Representation is awesome! It’s a dating show with the first of its kind, the gay kind (the best kind lol)! I can’t believe I’ll be 21 in about five hours, it’s 9:43 now and I was born at 2:42 am. So almost 21 years ago, I happened, dang it’s crazy Kretown!

top H&M/shorts AEO/booties Topshop

A Soft & Silky Mermaid Off Duty

Hey Kre addicts, today I saw Spider Man: Homecoming and it was cool and cute. It had a beginning, middle, and end. I liked the invisible plane as well. There are two days until my 21st b-day! I just picked up my Haagen Dazs cake packed with caramel cone and cookies and cream ice cream along with cookie crunch and oreos! I cannot wait! I ate cotton candy today which I have not had in so long. I also had some cupcake fun lol! I wore my new “mermaid off duty” tank top today without makeup basically and I straightened my hair to boot. I love how soft and silky my freshly washed flat ironed hair is!

top Alya from Francesca’s/jean shorts Gap/bra Aerie/sneakers NB

A Jean Jacket Day

Hey Kre addicts, it’s crazy that just a week ago I was at the beach and now I am wearing a denim jacket on a cool 60s weather day! I tried some yummy pre birthday chocolate from Lindt! There are some pix here of cute birds eating corn at Fairway lol! I am now watching my new favorite show, The Bold Type. I also saw Cara Delevingne in Valerian. The movie wasn’t very good. It was all over the place in the plot and stuff, although the worlds created were very cute and pretty. Of course Cara is always awesome though! I’ve been using my regular camera not in my phone for most of my pix. It’s brighter and gets less landscape for full length pix of me when doing it horizontally. The phone pix are good to upload to IG though. There are three days until I turn 21!

jacket & leggings AEO/top Old Navy/sneakers NB

Of The Pink Velvety Kind

Hey Kre addicts, today I chilled. I wore my new faux leather jacket from H&M in Riverhead  with a cool top with a floral bra top and fun pants. I also put on a cute fedora! Since I had that pink and black thing going on I added my new purse/backpack  of the pink velvety kind plus my unicorn keychain of course. There are 4 days left until I turn 21! I even did a new video!

jacket & pants H&M/top Mystique Boutique/bra Urban Outfitters/sneakers NB/bag Charlotte Russe/keychain Forever 21/fedora hat

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Oh Great Kre…


Hey Kre addicts, here’s some more beach pix plus some new room decor or Wheatpaste pix, paintings I’ve done, clothes and hats on nails, pillows, pencil cases, and more. I am also getting rid of some old Webkinz and other brands of stuffies, and Lily, the bear! I’ve had them since I was a kid. You can also see inside my closet.


Swimsuit Target

Braids Are Fun!

Hey Kre addicts, there are 5 days until I turn 21! I did a video in the basement today lol. A lot of cleaning has been going on lately! My Haagen Dazs cake has been ordered today! I even ate mango sorbet and vanilla frozen yogurt. I played frisbee. Braids are fun!

top AEO/shorts Old Navy/sneakers NB

Fun Kreistic Purposes


Hey Kre addicts, here are some cool shots from today, a day of cleaning up and shopping. I got such a cute new outfit of white jean shorts and a ruffled white and black striped top both from AE. I wore my Beauty & the Beast tee today which I got the day I saw it in theaters months back. I wore my fun, floppy hat cuz why not and yellow shorts for fun Kreistic purposes! I even did a short and sweet video! There are 6 days left until I turn 21!

top Kohl’s/shorts Silence & Noise from Urban Outfitters/sneakers NB/hat Charlotte Russe