August 2017

Look Carefully


Hey Kre addicts, here are pix of yesterday’s outfit galore! I went shopping, had a class, and checked out clubs! Btw there is a full spider web in the bushes, but idk if you can really see it in the pictures. Look carefully. Aren’t the pink and orange flowers gorgeous?! Oh and yesterday I wore a fun metallic NYX lip cream! I also love my Moondust eye shadow (used here as liner) in the color Zodiac by Urban Decay! This top I wore is black faux suede and it’s really soft and fun with its scalloped sleeves and all, but whenever I sweat or whatever the black dye comes off on my skin! Ugh!

top & boots Express/jeans Express outlet/cat purse T-Shirt & Jeans from Macy’s Backstage/cat keychain Bed Bath & Beyond

Solar Kreisms

Hey Kre addicts, today I wore a solar system fringe shirt with all black! I had an art class and chilled. The Bold Type was so cool tonight. So many questions will  further be answered next week! I can’t wait and Kat and Adena omg! And Jane is taking the  job at Incite ahhh!

top AEO/cami Forever 21/leggings VS/booties Express

A Classy Day


Hey Kre addicts, today I had a media class and it was cool. I even went to Ralph’s and got yummy stuff! I wore a floral dress, a cute cardigan, a squirrel ring, a flower ring, and maroon shoes which matched my cardi. I also went shopping! Oh and today is one month that I’ve been 21!

cardi AEO/dress Old Navy (ON)/shoes Forever 21 (F21)/rings Accessorize/bralette Aerie

The Cover Gal

Hey Kre addicts, today I wore an elephant cold shoulder top, bought new lip balm, did a video and chilled. As you can see, my ottomans are here and since yesterday I have put shoes in one of them btw and more… I read the cover Gal’s story on Rolling Stone! Get it…Gal Gadot is on the cover! I loved all the stuff that she said including that everyone should be a feminist- women and men and if you aren’t one, you’re just sexist. I can’t believe Friday’s episode of Wynonna Earp was the season 2 finale! It was crazy. I may rewatch it soon.

top Charming Charlie/leggings VS/shoes Material Girl from Macy’s

Spanish Palm Trees


Hey Kre addicts, today I had spanish grrr! I wore a cute black and white outfit consisting of a palm tree shirt with a cute little knot at the bottom with black patterned velvet pants, a cami, and pom pom shoes! I went with golden and maroon eye shadow which matched (whether I knew it or not) my hair because of the blonde and slight pink that’s left in my hair. I also did two new videos, one showing my new ottomans from Bed, Bath, & Beyond and the other of me eating cake pops from Whole Foods! Btw, I have changed around/added some stuff with what goes in my ottomans since I’ve filmed the video.

top Rebellious One from Macy’s/cami Forever 21/pants H&M/shoes Material Girl from Macy’s

First Day Blues (Lol just the color)

Hey Kre addicts, today I went to my first PR class of the semester at QC! It was pretty good and we got out early. Yay! I took a Kreload of selfies and some cool sun projection pix! I wore my cute and billowy blue floral top with a yellow cami and jean shorts! I also sported new makeup and such!

top Urban Outfitters/cami Charlotte Russe/shorts Gap/sneakers NB

A Shopping Frenzy

Hey Kre addicts, today is my last day of summer vacation 2017. So yes tomorrow is my first day of Queens College. Ahhhhhhhh! I have a PR class. Should I be scared, nervous, excited, or a combo?! I did a heck of a lot of shopping today to send off summer 2017 in a shopping frenzy! I even played frisbee in a tennis court! Today I got a star shirt on sale at Express from last season and I was so happy because I never got around to getting the shirt and now I got it when I thought I’d never see it again. You’ll see it in the upcoming fall! I even ate Godiva white chocolate vanilla bean ice cream with caramel. I got a free raspberry star chocolate of my choosing btw! The coincidence with the star shirt is awesome! Yesterday while visiting QC, I saw a couple chameleons in the bushy leaves on the campus! Any tips for the pending semester?

top Express/cami Forever 21/shorts Old Navy/sneakers NB/panda coin purse Charming Charlie

Yummy Cutie Fun!

Hey Kre addicts, today I visited QC before my classes start on Friday and of course took pix! I got a twister from Ralph’s today consisting of orange ices and vanilla soft serve and yummmmmmmm! Creamy creamsicle… I went to Ulta today and picked up a belated free birthday gift! I also took pix of my stuffies, my Pride pillow, bed sheets, a swan keychain (from Charming Charlie), a panda coin purse (from Charming Charlie), and more! I also went to Iavarone and got yummy food! I even did a new video!

top Elle from Kohl’s/shorts Gap/sneakers NB

Green with Donuts!

Hey Kre addicts, today I went shopping and frozen strawberry watermelon lemonade from Panera drinking! I wore my new green cami (that was $2 at Old Navy!) with side zebra leggings! I am so happy that Nordstrom now sells Topshop, hence I got a new top today which you’ll see in the future. I also bought a cute donut cell phone case from Charming Charlie today plus much more like new makeup galore! I can’t believe I start my first class of the semester, a PR class this Friday. Wow! Ahhhhhh/yay?!

top Old Navy/leggings VS/shoes Material Girl from Macy’s


Flamingos & Kitty Cats & Eclipses Oh My

Hey Kre addicts, today I got some new bed sheets (including one with kitty cats on them!), stayed in during the solar eclipse watching Hart of Dixie and later filmed a quick vid, donated clothes, wore a new flamingo shirt, and ate ice cream!

top Carbon Copy from Macy’s/pants & boots H&M