September 2017

2 Days of Fashionable Interesting Kreisms

Hey Kre addicts, ahhh yes yesterday and today I did a lot! Today I went to the Her Campus fashion show and didn’t enjoy it that much, but it was an experience. First, I had to wait in line for like an hour or so just to enter. The line was a block and a half or so long! Once I got inside, I had to stand the whole time and see only some of the show and wasn’t able to get all the freebies either. People were even sitting on the floor because there were no seats. I did get free ice cream though and some makeup. The little bit of the show I did see was okay/nice though. Also the show kept taking breaks every 15 minutes. I left early and won’t be coming back next year. Yesterday I went to Slate and tried to mingle with lesbians lol! The games were fun. I played foosball, ping pong, video games and chilled. I can’t wait until next month when I will be Wonder Woman for Halloween! Today I wore a fun sequin and velvet jacket with fringe jeans, my millennial gal tee shirt and a new velvet backpack with rocker booties. Yesterday I also saw Battle of The Sexes with Emma Stone playing Billie Jean King! It was great and I wore a lace up blue top with other stuff! I am loving Tove Lo‘s new song (lol title) Disco Tits and Banks‘ new song Underdog!

today: jacket Forever 21/sweatshirt Kohl’s/top Zara/jeans & boots Express/backpack Nordstrom/necklace BCBG from L&T/bracelet Express/bracelet ring Bebe/ring Accessorize

yesterday: jacket INC from Macy’s/top Express/cami Forever 21/jeans AEO/shoes BJ from Macy’s


Yummy LGBT Positivity


Hey Kre addicts, today I chilled and went shopping and ice cream eating! I wore a fun ruffle sleeved Topshop top with cool jeans and fun fun shoes! I had a white chocolate raspberry ice cream sandwich with sprinkles from Haagen Dazs. I went into the Aerie fitting room and took pix with #aeriereal and it was so cool that someone wrote down that “The L in LGBT is for Love” so then I wrote on a note #LGBT Love and #Body Positivity! I took pix of the gorgeous sun shining through the windows of the mall. I even saw “It” today and it was okay/stupid/funny/scary-ish. One of the boys from Stranger Things was in it too. I even wore a fun maroon blazer/jacket later on when it got cooler! Fall is happening!

top Topshop from Nordstrom /jeans AEO/shoes BJ from Macy’s/jacket Aqua from Bloomingdale’s

Mixing Fall w/ Summer


Hey Kre addicts, today I mixed fall with summer, because believe it or not, it is still and has been crazy hot and humid lately! Hence I wore a mesh floral deep cold shoulder top to transition into fall with summer white jean shorts. I wore a cami underneath the top and put on some cool lace up shoes and was set! So…today I had class and then I went shopping at the Gap and Madewell where I got fall pieces along with some more summer like pieces. You will see them all in due time! I want it to be fall weather already though! I like jackets and jeans and such! Lol! I am so happy BBT started up again this past Monday! Lol what would a Shamy wedding be like?!

top kimchi blue from UO/cami & shoes Forever 21/jean shorts AEO/purse Target/bralette Aerie


Hey Kre addicts, today I had art and got this very outfit all plastered (and not the drunk kind lol) because we were using clay and plaster stuff. Hence, it’s good pix were taken prior to art. Regardless, I was aware I may get this outfit dirty and so I wore this loungy and such outfit. For my makeup, I put three polka dots on each eye with some some black eyeliner and metallic eyeliner with other fun eye and face makeup! For my lips I combined a vibrant blue with a nude/pink creamy color to subdue it a bit.

top H&M/pants VS/sneakers NB

Pom Pom Class of Blue


Hey Kre addicts, today I went shopping and classing lol! I wore an all American Eagle outfit and chilled. I even got a new blue sparkly lip gloss from NYX. I wore pom pom shoes and pom pom socks! I also got a new flamingo cell phone case from H&M recently!

top & jeans AEO/shoes BJ from Macy’s/socks Express

Thanks for the Giving


Hey Kre addicts, I have posted a couple post-jogging selfies, sunset pix, squirrel pix and fungus pix! I rewatched the Thanksgiving episode of Master of None that Lena Waithe and Aziz Ansari won an Emmy for and it’s a very good episode. I forgot how funny it was at various points like when one of Denise’s girlfriends came over and her Instagram name was so funny and just her whole personality. And yeah it was a coming out episode over various Thanksgivings with Denise eventually gaining acceptance from her family. Dev accepted her immediately of course and their friendship was really nice to see as well. Switching topics, I love this video that my girl, Iskra just posted about angles and posing and body positivity! Btw, I’ve been watching a bunch of Jessica Kellgren-Fozard’s videos on YouTube and checking out her blog a lot and she’s awesome! I also love Jo Nguyen’s blog,

Cool Coyote

Hey Kre addicts, yesterday I chilled on Ludlow Street at a bar/restaurant called River Coyote. It was cool. So lol as you can see there are two outfits here, the jeans and tank top with makeup and Luxe Refuge by Charlotte Russe perfume I wore to the bar and the shorts and tank top sans makeup plus an updo I wore to run errands earlier in the day. Ugh apparently YouTube is doing the whole LGBT content thing again with demonetizing different videos. I thought it was just a ‘glitch’ some months back. I just realized that with the jeans outfit I wore a mostly black with white patterns tank and in the other outfit I wore a mostly white with black patterns tank. Isn’t it so cool that there is a new movie with Emma Stone playing Billie Jean King, Battle of the Sexes?! I haven’t heard of Billie I think until the cameo she made in The L Word. I can’t wait until next week when I go to Slate and then the Her Campus fashion show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I get it, if you have over 1,000 subscribers on YouTube, you can get paid directly from YouTube just to do videos about whatever nothing to do with sponsorships. Hence, if YouTube is demonetizing or defunding LGBT and disabled and Christian and many other videos according to their guidelines that means those YouTubers would be doing those videos for free. I think that’s what it is or it’s something like that. Idk if it was a little different months ago, but oh ok. Hence that would affect viewers too because YouTubers may not do certain videos anymore because they now can’t afford to. Btw, at River Coyote there was this fun Charlie Brown picture! Btw, I even watched the animated movie recently…and we all remember when I was in the play Dog Sees God a couple years ago right? I just finished my L Word recaps and they are up and running as a page at the tippy top of the blog! I finished rewatching the series for the third time last week and today I finished looking over my recaps and posted it all! I tried to keep the recaps fairly short and sweet. Enjoy!

black tank H&M/white tank Kohl’s/jeans Express outlet/jean shorts Gap/boots Express/sneakers NB

Such Things

Hey Kre addicts, today I chilled and wore a green tank top with a golden beaded neckline and jeans. I even polkadotted my eyes with a new NYX liner made specifically for such things! I ate a fox cookie from Starbucks (yum!) and I finished watching Okja. It was a good movie. Even in its made up animal and animal company world and through its quirkiness, it conveyed the cruelty of the butchering industry. That conflict, much like in today’s world is not resolved, as people still murder animals to fill their bellies and pockets, but there was a nice resolution with the little girl and her beloved animal friend plus a baby one too!

top HM (H&M)/cami CC (Charming Charlie)/jeans AEO/sneakers NB/cat purse T-Shirt & Jeans from Macy’s Backstage/cat keychain Bed, Bath & Beyond

My Name Isn’t Chelsea (but the old house is)


Hey Kre addicts, today I went to Chelsea Mansion on Long Island in East Norwich and saw the elaborate old house! I also saw a frog camouflaged in a pond on a rock with lily pads and also a bunny rabbit and a beaver and chipmunks (whom I didn’t get a pic of) and more! I wore a fun pink velvet legend in my own mind shirt with new jeans with leopard boots! I even had yummy Godiva ice cream and a pumpkin chocolate from there. I did a quick video today! The sunset was so bright!

top eyeshadow from Macy’s Backstage/jeans AEO/boots H&M/purse Charming Charlie

Parrot Back

Hey Kre addicts, today I wore a sequined parrot shirt with red velvet leggings! It has been raining a lot today, but no worries, I’ve been watching Stranger Things (ahhh & awesome) and shopping! Since the sequins are a bit itchy, I wore a cami underneath-it was still itchy though lol!

top & jacket H&M/nude cami & purse Charming Charlie/leggings Forever 21/boots Express/sweatshirt Kohl’s