October 2017

Halloween 2017

Hey Kre addicts, today I was 17 again! Lol…that was my Halloween costume today! I’ve had this shirt coincidentally since I was 17 I think. Another coincidence…it is Halloween 2017 and I wore the shirt saying 17! I wore my skeleton necklace and no makeup for Kre Halloween purposes!

top Aerie/pants VS/sneakers NB/necklace CC

A Bunch of Kre Originals!

Hey Kre addicts, here are drawings I did in August that I haven’t posted along with a foam head I put a bunch of makeup on as of today, 10/30/17! I even put a wig on the foam head and put purple dye on it and some colored extensions! How about I’ll name her…when I think of a name I’ll let you know!

Starry Eyed (sleeved)


Hey Kre addicts, today I had class and wore my mesh stars sleeves shirt with fringe jeans and rocker booties! I topped it off with a cute jacket and hat galore and was set!

top, jeans, & booties Express/jacket Aqua from Bloomingdale’s/hat Accessorize

From Weeks Past…


Hey Kre addicts, here are some never before seen pix from a couple weeks ago. I talked about the days a little in:

The Ocean of Black Lace


The Olden Days

I went shopping and to a couple old houses and chilled. There were fountains and flowers of all shapes and colors! There was even fun water!

Green with unEnvy

Hey Kre addicts, today I wore a cute green turtleneck ribbed sweater tank top with printed lace leggings and glitter combat boots! I did fun makeup with polkadots halfway and glitter liner the rest of the way. I wore powders as foundations and used lip glosses under a matte gingerbread yummy smell lip cream (Too Faced!) so it wouldn’t be so matte. I did a video, shopped and chilled today.

top Express outlet/leggings ON/boots DL from Marshall’s/jacket INC from Macy’s/purse BJ from Marshall’s

The Skeleton Beneath

Hey Kre addicts, today I wore all black with a new skeleton necklace. I’ve had this dress so long since high school or before. It has the cold shoulder slits on the sleeves, a body con skirt part and a cowl neck loose top part! I was going to go to a Halloween party (hence the Wonder Kre costume in the background of pix), but opted on not doing so and binge watched Mad Men instead. Now I’m binge watching The Simpsons and later Stranger Things season 2! I wore two lip products today, btw! I wore a new brown gingerbread matte lip cream by Too Faced which smells like yummy hot chocolate and a really dark purple lipstick by NYX. A couple days ago I went to Starbucks and ate/drank yummy stuff. I love yellow leaves!

dress Express outlet/leggings VS/shoes F21/necklace CC

New Stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Kre addicts, today I went makeup free in a Guess t-shirt, velvet leggings, and rocker booties. I also tried on my new sparkly combat booties from Marshall’s along with my new purse from there of the velvet star pattern and basically leopard patterned Betsey Johnson bag kind. I love how my blue jacket matched my purse! Could you believe that Christmas trees are in the mall already? It’s not even Halloween yet! Hence…pix (while drinking Godiva as well)! I also went to a new Free People opening and got a cute top and free food. There was also a live performance with a guy playing guitar and singing!

top Guess outlet/leggings H&M/booties Express/glitter boots Dirty Laundry from Marshall’s/purse BJ from Marshall’s/jacket JCPenney

Pumpkin Cute, Comfy & Bright!

Hey Kre addicts, today I was orange and blue jeaned! I am loving this new sweater from Zara. It is lightweight, cute, comfy and bright! I went to class and then onto my favorite pastime…shopping! Lol, my sweater is pumpkin colored!

top Zara/jeans AEO/shoes BJ from Macy’s

A Hammock for my Future Backyard!


Hey Kre addicts, today I wore jeans with a cute top I’ve had for so long! I love this top because it is soft and fun and has a picture of a woman sitting on a hammock. Oh and remember how I said the Halloween haunted house didn’t work out? Well, it eventually did work out! I just realized that there are orange and black wavy lines of icing like Charlie Brown. Well, although it is not an actual pumpkin, it is “the great pumpkin Charlie Brown!” And lol I ate one of the side pieces, so I added a toaster pastry instead! I also ate the ghost cookie and didn’t take pix so…lol! I got some other cookies that I took pix of like a spider web one and a witch one.

top & jeans AEO/sneakers NB/sweatshirt H&M

Not Foolproof

Hey Kre addicts, today I had class and wore a fun flared sleeve, off the shoulder top with faux suede leggings and velvet sneakers! Here’s a tip, when going to wash your hands or use the restroom in a flared sleeve top as such I twisted the bulk of each sleeve to one side and then tucked it under the elastic on each sleeve. It’s not foolproof, but hey! Do you remember that brown faux suede lace up neck slightly flared sleeve top I have? Well, it would go great with the leggings! Or would it be too matchy matchy? I later did a fun outfit change video in a velvet dress and leopard jacket! Oh and I tried building a Halloween haunted house (like a gingerbread house for Christmas), but it didn’t really work out…it tasted good though! I think I wanted to eat it more than assemble it. I also took some sun pix other the weekend!

top Express/leggings Express outlet/shoes Liliana CR/jacket Gap/dress H&M/bracelet Guess outlet