November 2017

Yummy Holiday Fun 2017

Hey Kre addicts, today I had class and went shopping and Red Mango colorful yummy yogurt eating! I wore a maroon satin paneled top with jean jogger pants along with fun makeup and Kreisms! Lol! In other news, tonight is the beginning of the holiday season 2017 following the Rockefeller Center tree lighting!

top Zara/pants AEO/boots Payless

All Hail the Reign of the Sweater Boots

Hey Kre addicts, today I had art class and chilled in a cool loungy outfit. I tossed out my high black boots. I kind of wore them out grr! All hail the reign of the sweater boots!

top & sweatshirt H&M/leggings VS/boots Payless



Hey Kre addicts, today I wore a flared sleeves off the shoulder top with star printed leggings. I took pix of the sunset, wore a houndstooth coat and went shopping. It was also #nomakeupmonday along with #naturalhairmonday.

top Ex/leggings CC/boots Payless/coat Target

Lights in the City


Hey Kre addicts, yesterday I saw the Empire State Building lit up in blue and purple. I also saw the Lord & Taylor holiday display. Oh and I recently ate oreo pancakes and mac and cheese bites! The lights in Bryant Park were cool along with New Year’s ball. I took pix of the sunset today along with a cute hidden bird chillin’ out! The birdy reminds me of a bird that I used to tell a monologue for acting to a couple years back. I named her Delilah and she was pregnant nesting in that very tree for months. I think I remember seeing still-born baby birds though. Enjoy my pix!



Blue Velvet Straightness

Hey Kre addicts, today I went speed dating lol (actually of the straight kind, I know, I know). I’m still not saying I’m bi though. Maybe it was just something to do, or was it (don’t judge)? I wore a blue velvet top with fringe jeans and a cute cardigan! My hair was straight at the straight event!

blue top, jeans & cardi Ex/boots Payless/cami F21

Thanksgiving 2017

Hey Kre addicts, today I went black friday shopping at Madewell and Mystique Boutique and chilled! Happy post Thanksgiving!!!!!!!! I wore a fun lace shoulder top with jeans and glitter boots! Yesterday I wore a fun orange sweater with faux suede leggings!

tops Zara/jeans AEO/leggings Ex/glitter boots Marshall’s/boots Payless


Black & Blue Ice Cream Clouds

Hey Kre addicts, today I went to class in a plaid black and blue top (which my professor wore almost the same shirt today coincidentally lol) with fringe jeans and rocker booties! I think I’ve probably worn the exact same outfit last year a few times, but what can I say? I won’t say it’s so last year! Lol the clouds when the sun was setting looked like mountains! Those are legit clouds though (of the dark and ominously spooky kind moi ha ha ha!). I got Haagen Dazs ice cream after class which consisted of white chocolate raspberry, cookie dough, whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles and caramel!

top, jeans, boots Ex/bracelet & jacket AEO



Hey Kre addicts, today I saw Justice League and went pre Black Friday shopping! I wore a fun black shirt with lace and Aztec sided pants, some jewelry and sweater boots! The movie was cool and superheroic! And lol the resurrection of Superman! I also glitter polished my nails today for fun purposes! I even polkadotted my eyes.

top JS Macy’s/jeans Kensie L&T/shoes Payless/jacket Modell’s/bracelet Guess outlet/necklace Francesca’s

Unicorn Tears & Fears


Hey Kre addicts, today I chilled, literally on this cold autumn day 2017.  I wore my fun maroon/blue/purple/black plaid lace up top with blue jeans and glitter boots! I even wore a warm coat and fun makeup! I love my new Too Faced lip gloss in the color, Unicorn Tears! It smells fruity and fun! Also, what’s this obsession with calling things that are purple or blue glittered or so unicorn tears? It’s a millennial theme as of late with various  companies. Unicorns are the current millennial staple for life I guess lol! I love the color, but idk if I’d call it unicorn tears!

top Ex/jeans AEO/boots Marshall’s/coat Desigual