December 2017

A Kre Roundup of 2017!


Hey Kre addicts, here is a roundup of some of my fav photos from the year 2017! And the last one is of Dec. 31 2016 exactly one year ago today since today is Dec. 31 2017!! Happy New Year’s Eve!

Fake Blondes Unite!

Hey Kre addicts, here is a cool article about natural blonds. ( I’m spelling blonde both ways I guess since it can be either for any gender).Tomorrow will be exactly one year since I went fully blond. My hair is more of an ombre now which I like and maybe I’ll get it done again fully all over. However all hair colors are beautiful! It is so rare to meet an actual, natural blond. Idk where the whole fake blond craze came from. Also idk if when you see people (mostly women) who are blond with dark eyebrows if they think that you think they’re naturally blond. Idk about me, but I just like it and yeah maybe I can make believe, or whatever it is, it’s fun along with my natural hair color! In other news, Happy New Years Eve Eve (no that is not a typo)! Also, I just watched the DJ music festival movie with Hayley Kiyoko, XOXO and it was cool. She was straight in it (sorry) but still cool lol! Also Hayley was in an episode of Insecure which was so funny! I heard she even has an album coming out soon! She’s only had eps before. Oh yeah and she’s a fake blonde as well lol although now I think she’s pink lol! Actually, correction she’s blonde again.

Ice Skater Blue

Hey Kre addicts, today I wore all black…mostly. I added a fun velvet ice skater blue shrug to a new ribbed long sleeved shirt, velvet leggings and sparkletastic black boots! I even added a red hat for fun purposes! Enjoy the outfit along with the sunset!

shrug & hat F21/top Target/leggings Ex/boots ON


Hey Kre addicts, today I chilled in pink and silver. It was freezing today ahh! I sported blue lashes today, but I will not be sporting them again at least with the NYX one I used because it was so hard to remove and it’s made with carmine (dead beetles). I had to use petroleum jelly to remove the stupid, pretty mascara. It didn’t even say it was waterproof which is messed up and crazy. I used to wear colored mascaras in high school and such and then I stopped for my own Kreistic reasons, but now ugh if I need to possibly disrupt my eyes with jelly to remove it…no way. Also I just think voluminous black lashes are nicer anywho. I sported pink eyeshadow and pink glitter boots for fun Kreistic purposes. Today is the 28th, my five month mark! I have been 21 for five months. Woo!

top AEO/pants UO/boots Marshall’s

Just Fine

Hey Kre addicts, today I chilled, went shopping and fringe bearing! I wore a fringe shirt with brown faux suede leggings and fringe boots! Hence, in yesterday’s  post I was saying I wanted to get boots with even more fringes, but these do just fine as well! I shopped a bunch of sales today and even had a yummy Christmas Cookie shake from Shake Shack. There are only 4 days left of 2017! Ahhh!

top L&T/leggings Ex/boots CR

Kreistically Speaking of Krelists of a Kreistic Nature!

Hey Kre addicts, today I chilled and wore a pink shirt that I’ve had so long with my newer studded fun-time jeans and glitter boots! I was chilly outside so I bundled up in outerwear Kreisms! I even went shopping at Madewell and got a cute velvety top! Happy Kwanzaa everyone! Btw, some shopping on my wishlist/Krelist is to get the new gold Too Faced lip gloss, fully fringed out boots (even more than the ones I already have) and everything else Kreistic! Kreistically speaking, that is!

top AEO/jeans Rampage from Macy’s Backstage/boots Marshall’s


Merry Zebra Printed Krestmas!


Hey Kre addicts, merry Christmas (or should I say Krestmas) and happy almost new year! Today has been very cool from seeing the Bloomingdale’s windows to getting Dylan’s Candy Bar ice cream and even shopping at Forever 21 which was surprisingly open today in Union Square! I even visited a house with so many holiday lights like with ferris wheels and snowpeople and accoutrements like stuffed animals galore. It was so crowded there and it was a stranger’s home lol! All the onlookers like me lined up to see the family’s holiday lights and things. I am loving my Everlasting by Kat Von D liquid lipstick in the awesome pink color along with a matching pink furry Topshop tiny little purse that fits it perfectly! Ahh yes, the year is coming to an abrupt end. I can’t wait for next year and beyond!

top & pants Topshop/boots Marshall’s


Sunday Eve

Hey Kre addicts, today I chilled and went to the LGBT Center in Manhattan, then I went to see the Rockefeller Center tree and went shopping at Topshop.  And dang, was it crowded walking on the streets near and at the tree! I included blurry pix as well because they look kinda cool, don’t they? I saw some Saks Windows and it was cool and Snow White fun, although I didn’t see any clothes. I even went to Pazza Note and got some yummy truffled mac & cheese! Merry Christmas Eve whether you all celebrate it or not!

top Gap/jeans AEO/shoes Marshall’s


Kissy Kre

Hey Kre addicts, today I chilled and wore a cute sequined lips shirt and casual fun pants. I also had ice cream and yummy stuff yesterday and today!


Art Class 2017 & Beyond


Hey Kre addicts, here are Kre originals that I did for my art class that I am now done with for the fall 2017 semester. The last two Kre originals of a peppermint lollipop tree and a balloon heart were not for my art class and I finished them yesterday. Enjoy!