January 2018

An Early Day

Hey Kre addicts, today I woke up early, went to my sound and film media class, went home, took a nap, started watching the new One Day At A Time episodes and more! I wore new blue velvet booties today with Juicy jeans and a polka-dotted shirt! I didn’t do hair/makeup because I was sleepy, but I don’t always do it anyway lol! I later watched the new Dynasty and Grown-ish episodes that aired today!

top H&M/jeans Juicy from Kohl’s/booties Aldo

Kreisticly Inclined Outfits of Kreability

Hey Kre addicts, today I had classes and chilled in two different Kreisticly inclined outfits of Kreability. I am watching Black Lightning right now and ahhh Anissa’s gf caught her with another woman!

outfit 1: purple sweater Target/jeans Kensie

outfit 2: top Aero/leggings Ex

Plain Old Lol


Hey Kre addicts, today was my first day back at the old QC. I had two media classes and chilled! I wore a blue slightly metallic keyhole mock neck top with plain old fun blue jeans and rocker booties! Today was also my 2 year mark since coming out!

top Kohl’s/jeans AEO/booties Ex

Sunsets of New Beginnings

Hey Kre addicts, today I am officially 21.5 years of age! Enjoy the sunset and such pix. Oh yeah tomorrow I start the new semester besides it being 2 years since coming out (yay and partial nay (nay about the new classes or…)?!) Lol parenthesis inside parenthesis! I’ve been binge watching Chewing Gum and it is hilarious. It’s good that it is no longer cancelled and season three is happening! Hopefully it will have more episodes than 6 per season!

The Algorithm for Attraction

On the almost eve of it being 2 years since officially coming out and the first day of the 2018 semester of classes, I am still navigating the regimes of cis heteronormativity in a patriarchal world of injustice. Lol it’s fun using big words. Navigating the spectrum of sexuality is a vast and expansive one indeed, but how to know who you like and are attracted to is a very specific inquiry that could take years to understand and cultivate. Two years ago, I dipped my toe in the metaphorical water of non mainstream sexuality and here I am still in said water. Whether that said water is bisexual, gay, or whatever is up for debate, but still definitely debatable. It is more towards bi actually for me, but hmmm is it?…. Sexualities of the like are becoming more mainstream, however…


Lol this is becoming a different convo!

The most trivial and convivial happy place is and can be within a spectrum of the spectrum.

Lol how many big words can I say in one sentence? Spatial resistance in spades of icy water holes or gridlock alerts and calisthenics with hygienics and oh whatever!

Stand up to the patriarchy and you know what, possibly the matriarchy as well- lol maybe not! Just stand up to meanies!

Lol this turned into a different article than I slightly planned!

Kreisitical Kreisms

Hey Kre addicts, today I wore a shiny velvet yellow color mock neck shirt with pearl jeans and Kreisitical Kreisms! I am binge watching Dear White People on Netflix and it’s good!

top Madewell/jeans Rampage 


Chillzy “Doh!” 

Hey Kre addicts, today it was a bit chillzy. I wore a maroon top with Juicy sparkly patched jeans! I wore a fun black faux suede jacket with faux fur inside. A couple days ago I took pix of the Empire State Building lit up red and drank a speculoos milkshake from Wafels and Dinges and ate cookie dough from Do! As Homer Simpson says…”doh!” Today I went shopping btw!

top Zara/jeans Juicy Couture from Kohl’s/jacket Ex/hat Nordstrom


Hey Kre addicts, today I wore a fun velvet sleeves lilac shirt with velvet leggings!

top Garage/leggings Ex

Leopards of Leopards

Hey Kre addicts, today I wore a leopards shirt, literally with leopard printed leopards, faux suede pants and rocker booties!

top H&M/pants & boots Ex