New YouTube Postings and Yumminess!

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Hey fans, I have finally posted the Bob Fosse inspired dance I choreographed to All That Jazz in May at Hunter on my new YouTube page under Kre E. I have also posted a front and center view of my comedy routine at Caroline’s! Today I also ate a yummy white chocolate raspberry mousse from Financier!!!!!!!!

top Bisou Bisou from JCPenney/shorts AEO/sneakers New Balance/rings Accessorize, AEO, Express

Happy Birthday Blog!

Happy birthday, blog…you are officially one year old! Wow, I can’t believe that I’ve been blogging almost every day since July 8,2015! It has been quite a journey and a fun one at that! Tune in for more coming shortly, fans…

Fashion Bloggers Hangout

Hey fellow fashion bloggers…everyone has their own take on fashion and I just love that one outfit can be worn in so many different ways. With so many fashion bloggers out there in the blogosphere, sometimes it’s hard to be heard. Nonetheless, I’d love to meet fellow fashion bloggers in NYC in person and discuss the latest trends and more! If you are interested, feel free to email me at anytime! Can’t wait to see what I’ll wear to meet you all in! XOXO…Kre