Quite Entertaining

I recently watched

Alias Grace– sad…and lightly uplifting in the end? I like female driven dramas

The Shape of Water– weird/cool romantic and sweet

When We First Met– subverted expectations of who the guy ended up with

and they were all really good.

Simple Sleepy Gay Fun!

Hey Kre addicts, today was a long and sleepy interesting day of classes and people mingling lol! I wore a simple outfit and chilled. Oh yeah and check out the trailer for this new lesbian movie with Rachel McAdams. I’ve always loved her! Happy February 2018!

top Target/pants Topshop

An Early Day

Hey Kre addicts, today I woke up early, went to my sound and film media class, went home, took a nap, started watching the new One Day At A Time episodes and more! I wore new blue velvet booties today with Juicy jeans and a polka-dotted shirt! I didn’t do hair/makeup because I was sleepy, but I don’t always do it anyway lol! I later watched the new Dynasty and Grown-ish episodes that aired today!

top H&M/jeans Juicy from Kohl’s/booties Aldo

Kreisticly Inclined Outfits of Kreability

Hey Kre addicts, today I had classes and chilled in two different Kreisticly inclined outfits of Kreability. I am watching Black Lightning right now and ahhh Anissa’s gf caught her with another woman!

outfit 1: purple sweater Target/jeans Kensie

outfit 2: top Aero/leggings Ex

Sunsets of New Beginnings

Hey Kre addicts, today I am officially 21.5 years of age! Enjoy the sunset and such pix. Oh yeah tomorrow I start the new semester besides it being 2 years since coming out (yay and partial nay (nay about the new classes or…)?!) Lol parenthesis inside parenthesis! I’ve been binge watching Chewing Gum and it is hilarious. It’s good that it is no longer cancelled and season three is happening! Hopefully it will have more episodes than 6 per season!

Kreisitical Kreisms

Hey Kre addicts, today I wore a shiny velvet yellow color mock neck shirt with pearl jeans and Kreisitical Kreisms! I am binge watching Dear White People on Netflix and it’s good!

top Madewell/jeans Rampage 


An All Around Chill Sesh

Hey Kre addicts, today and yesterday I chilled in fun clothes. From jogger jeans and a black lace shoulders top to a new faux suede and faux fur jacket and velvet sweatshirt both from Express, it was just an all around chill sesh! I also finished watching all of Mad Men. Lol Peggy and Stan are in love. Lol Don finding peace? Betty dying…Joan starting a production company…Well, on to the next show!

top Zara/jogger jeans AEO/pattern pants Aero/jacket & sweatshirt Express

Celebrity Sighting (besides me, because I’m a celeb, aren’t I?)

Hey Kre addicts, today I did a bunch of stuff, one of which was running into an actor, Wallace Shawn in the village by West 4th! I was like, are you an actor? He said yes and then I was like what’s your name again. Then I was like oh yeah! Well, enjoy the selfie! Lol people were passing him by mostly, but I recognized him. He’s been in a bunch of stuff like Gossip Girl, The L Word, She’s Gotta Have It and more! Lol today was a good day!

top Target/jeans AEO

Rainbows of Varying Degrees

Hey Kre addicts, here is a recent Kre original of a light rainbow and a dark rainbow overlapping. I also added a sad crying face, two happy faces, clouds, a fashionable woman and a face looking at her. I also splattered the paint. The piece is intended to be looked at upside down and regular. I can’t wait for the new BBT, Young Sheldon, Mom and HTGAWM tonight!

Many Topics to Ponder

I’m almost done with Mad Men. I’m on season 6. I hate the show because Don Draper (and others) is a bad man. He is romanticized in a good light, but who cares? Just because a woman sexually assaulted him and his mother beat him senselessly as a child does not mean he has to do the same to women and others as an adult. I like the show because the main female characters are cool. I like other characters as well and not all the men are bad in the show but a lot of them are. It’s also a period piece, which is interesting. I also learn about advertising. Speaking of advertising and Don Draper, here is an interesting linked up 7 minute or so video about advertising, sex appeal and gender/sexuality as well as misogynist ideals.

I watched Call Me By Your Name about two gay men (a boy and man actually). Like most lesbian movies, it was the same. One person is older and has a relationship with the younger main character. They fall in love. One moves away and they can’t be together because being queer is wrong. While I am glad that lgbt movies are more widely recognized these days, I cherish the happier movies and there are happier ones which is good and promising.

I’ve been going on the lgbt site, It’s actually by Conde Nast, btw. And if I haven’t mentioned before is a good one (for news) as well. Although, I don’t always look at the news for sad news reasons. I try to go on those almost as much as and (everyday) which you already know.

Awards shows should go out of business.

I used to think awards were the epitome of greatness. When I wanted to seriously pursue acting I watched almost all of the movies that won Academy Awards. Seriously, almost all of them. It wasn’t even like I really wanted to watch them. I just felt that I needed to binge the Oscar movies to be the best actress out there. I also read a lot of acting books from Uta Hagen or Constantin Stanislavski and more. I wanted it all. Then things changed. Now, the culture of Netflix and chill (a sexual term-since everything is sexual. I am writing and drawing about that lately which you’ll see in the future probably) is all the rage and everyone binges shows all the time regardless of awards. When I watch things, it’s because I want to or for something to do, not for acting purposes. However, a lot of the actors are really good, great even and none of them win awards or actually I think some of them do. Also, I’ve taken so many acting classes, but really how can you judge someone’s performance? Well, I mean I guess if it’s believable, but what does that truly mean? Getting a part is kind of an award in itself right? So, the Globes are tonight and um…who cares? Also awards are/were typically skewed toward straight white Christian males (and females). Things are getting better, but whatever. In addition, the shows and such that win awards, most people haven’t even seen anyway.

So yeah I’m basically not an awards watcher anymore.