Blue Yummy Today/Yesterday


Hey Kre addicts, today I had off from classes and went shopping and yogurt eating! I wore sparkly patched jeans (and I repaired one of the patches!) with blue velvet boots and a fun blue sweater top! I had vanilla yogurt and pistachio although I don’t think it was pistachio, but it was yummy. I loved the cookie dough and sprinkles as well.

top Loft/jeans Kohl’s by JC/boots Aldo/jacket Ex/purse CC/sweatshirt Kohl’s


These sunset pix and selfies galore are from yesterday btw! Enjoy!


The Reblondening…


Hey Kre addicts, today I got my hair reblondened at Alice Hair! Afterward, it started to snow a lot and then I got a butterscotch frappe from Starbucks and cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery! I loved my faux suede top btw!

top CR/jeans AEO

Blue & Hearts & more…!

Hey Kre addicts, today I am posting my blue shirted outfit from today and yesterday’s gray shirt and Aztec pants look. I am also loving my heart eyes and polka dot eyes with yellow eye shadow and pink lips! The other day I did two hearts and today just one on each eye also with a differing arrangement of polka dots. Did I forget to mention…I love my blue velvet booties! Lol I just realized I wore my blue shirt with non blue boots and my blue booties I wore with a non blue shirt! Btw, since yesterday was V Day I ate fun yummy white chocolate (my fave chocolate) with strawberry flavor truffles inside a heart shaped box!

blue top Target/leggings Ex/gray top CR/jeans Kensie from L&T/blue booties Aldo

Sleety Sleepy Cocoa

Hey Kre addicts, today I went to class and chilled on this sleety/snowy day. I even got cookie dough hot chocolate from Do!

top Ex/pants Topshop

Beautiful Day in the Kreborhood

Hello Kre addicts, what a beautiful day in the Kreborhood! Today I had classes and a long chill sesh in between! I talked to/chilled with more than a dozen people! I took skyline pix from the campus along with berry pix and ate Smore’s Wafels and Dinges since there is now a truck on campus!!!!!!!!!

top Zara/leggings Ex

Heart Eyes and Sparkles of Kreisms

Hey Kre addicts, today I had media classes and put hearts on my eyes from Kiko Milano Cosmetics! I wore my sparkly patched jeans and ugh one of the patches came off which you may be able to see. I added a black satin button down and blue velvet booties and went out on the town. Lol I put ranch dressing on my grilled cheese in the shape of a heart which I did not plan at all.

top H&M/jeans JC from Kohl’s/booties Aldo

Fringy #fotd & Iskra!!!!!!!

Hey Kre addicts, today I put my #fotd on face of the day or fringes of the day for a Kreism and went to AE/Aerie in Times Square and met model/YouTuber etc…..Iskra Lawrence! I always watch her vids and see her pix on IG and model pix for Aerie galore and I finally got to meet her! She was uber nice and I told her I’m majoring in media and she said she liked my energy and we hugged! Her friend, Natalie was there too whom I’ve seen in some of her videos. Iskra said that she’s going to get a studio for her Self Care Sunday vids, I think. Can’t wait! Yippee! Wasn’t her outfit awesome btw?! I love her new fragrance for Aerie btw. Spark X Iskra smells so good like yummy fruity flowery stuff lol! It came with stickers which I am putting on my dresser. Iskra even personalized a fun note on some blank stickers to me! I later went shopping further and got the fun peace sign necklace you see in the perfume pic from Urban Outfitters. I even went to the brand new Kiko Milano Cosmetics store and got a fun heart stamp  eye liner in Times Square! I also ate a Throwdown I believe it was called Wafels and Dinges thingy! It was a yummy waffle with speculoos smeared on with whipped cream and crumby yummy stuff on top! The yummy pink cake pop in the pic was from the Iskra event btw! Did you like my fringes of the day (fotd)?!

top L&T/jeans AEO


Chillzy “Doh!” 

Hey Kre addicts, today it was a bit chillzy. I wore a maroon top with Juicy sparkly patched jeans! I wore a fun black faux suede jacket with faux fur inside. A couple days ago I took pix of the Empire State Building lit up red and drank a speculoos milkshake from Wafels and Dinges and ate cookie dough from Do! As Homer Simpson says…”doh!” Today I went shopping btw!

top Zara/jeans Juicy Couture from Kohl’s/jacket Ex/hat Nordstrom

Floral Kreisms

Hey Kre addicts, today I wore a floral top with black velvet leggings, no makeup and ate yogurt. Oh and enjoy the sunset pix from some days ago I haven’t posted yet. I also wore a new ombre dip dyed sweatshirt!

top & sweatshirt Kohl’s/leggings Ex

Art Quickies & a Yummy!

Hey Kre addicts, here are some art quickies along with some yum yums!! I did a watercolor picture about the sexuality of makeup since it seems most cosmetics have some sort of sexual title. I also did a watercolor of a couple of cute sea otters (a parent kissing their baby) or the like. The yummy I made is of a pita bread with ceasar dressing, hummus, chocolate hummus, sliced cheese, shredded cheese, cottage cheese, feta cheese, another pita on top of the first pita and spicy veggie chips!