Kre’s Artwork/Designs

Makeup Artistry

Hey Kre addicts, here is my most recent makeup artistry. Lol not literal makeup artistry, but a Kre original painting I did of makeup! Lol I did use a little bit of mascara though as paint since it’s that teal one that’s hard to get off my eyes so I only wore it once!



Hey Kre addicts, enjoy this Kre original of a big sad, crying face with tons of smiley faces surrounding and more!

Rainbows of Varying Degrees

Hey Kre addicts, here is a recent Kre original of a light rainbow and a dark rainbow overlapping. I also added a sad crying face, two happy faces, clouds, a fashionable woman and a face looking at her. I also splattered the paint. The piece is intended to be looked at upside down and regular. I can’t wait for the new BBT, Young Sheldon, Mom and HTGAWM tonight!

Art Quickies & a Yummy!

Hey Kre addicts, here are some art quickies along with some yum yums!! I did a watercolor picture about the sexuality of makeup since it seems most cosmetics have some sort of sexual title. I also did a watercolor of a couple of cute sea otters (a parent kissing their baby) or the like. The yummy I made is of a pita bread with ceasar dressing, hummus, chocolate hummus, sliced cheese, shredded cheese, cottage cheese, feta cheese, another pita on top of the first pita and spicy veggie chips!

My Art Speaks for Itself


Hey Kre addicts, although I think I sometimes put different works of art of mine I do in separate posts, I am choosing to combine them in one post. These are Kre originals that I’ve done lately! No more words needed…I’ll let my art speak for itself!

Wall Music

Hey Kre addicts, today I ran an errand in such cold weather. I actually wore leggings under my pants today which I never do! Check out my  walls! I have bras, beanie babies and art oh my! I am loving Walk The Moon‘s new album, What If Nothing! The lead singer, Nick is bi btw. I heard one of their singles while shopping in Express  recently and was like, hmm is that Walk The Moon?  Turns out, I was right!


Velvet Walls

Hey Kre addicts, today I chilled and wore a fun black velvet shrug with a green top and brown leggings with makeup to match! As you can see on my fun, Kreistically inclined wall there are four bras, three beanie babies, one monokini and one patriotic fedora! The dark blue bra I wore a lot during Dog Sees God as Marcy and more. That’s just a fun fact! I love the ruffled gray one and the sparkly pink one along with the shiny blue one! The giraffe baby on top is named Molly after a giraffe I remember visiting as a kid at a zoo in another state. The colorful poodle’s name is Pudding! The baby bear’s name is umm…how about Goldilocks lol cuz she’s a bear! I posted my pink/black artwork as well.

shrug F21/top Target/pants Ex/boots Marshall’s


Hey Kre addicts, here are a couple Kre original fashion illustrations I completed a couple days ago!

Art Class 2017 & Beyond


Hey Kre addicts, here are Kre originals that I did for my art class that I am now done with for the fall 2017 semester. The last two Kre originals of a peppermint lollipop tree and a balloon heart were not for my art class and I finished them yesterday. Enjoy!