Blue Yummy Today/Yesterday


Hey Kre addicts, today I had off from classes and went shopping and yogurt eating! I wore sparkly patched jeans (and I repaired one of the patches!) with blue velvet boots and a fun blue sweater top! I had vanilla yogurt and pistachio although I don’t think it was pistachio, but it was yummy. I loved the cookie dough and sprinkles as well.

top Loft/jeans Kohl’s by JC/boots Aldo/jacket Ex/purse CC/sweatshirt Kohl’s


These sunset pix and selfies galore are from yesterday btw! Enjoy!


A Tie Dye Day Off

Hey Kre addicts, today I chilled on one of the president’s  birthdays with a day off in a tie dye top and blue jeans! I also forgot to post the disco balls from Retroclub recently! I threw on some purple lip gloss and yellow gold eye shadow and went shopping!

top & jeans AEO/booties Ex


Lessons Learned of Supershero Feminism

Hey Kre addicts, today I had quite a day. I learned some valuable lessons, chilled at clubs and went to classes. I met some new people and took some American Pride flag pix. I took pix of some golden temporary tattoos I put on and oh yeah! I changed from wearing my Femme Power supershero t-shirt to an NYC heart top just cuz it got sweaty after tap class today lol. I wore a fun Aztec cardigan and was set!

cardigan top Macy’s/t-shirt H&M/pants Ex outlet/boots Ex

Beautiful Day in the Kreborhood

Hello Kre addicts, what a beautiful day in the Kreborhood! Today I had classes and a long chill sesh in between! I talked to/chilled with more than a dozen people! I took skyline pix from the campus along with berry pix and ate Smore’s Wafels and Dinges since there is now a truck on campus!!!!!!!!!

top Zara/leggings Ex

Blurry Outtakes w/ Iskra


Hey Kre addicts, today I took sunset pix, the last drop or so of snow on the ground pic and a skywriting pic. I finished putting the stickers on my dressers and posted blurry outtakes from meeting Iskra yesterday lol!

Sunsets of New Beginnings

Hey Kre addicts, today I am officially 21.5 years of age! Enjoy the sunset and such pix. Oh yeah tomorrow I start the new semester besides it being 2 years since coming out (yay and partial nay (nay about the new classes or…)?!) Lol parenthesis inside parenthesis! I’ve been binge watching Chewing Gum and it is hilarious. It’s good that it is no longer cancelled and season three is happening! Hopefully it will have more episodes than 6 per season!

Chillzy “Doh!” 

Hey Kre addicts, today it was a bit chillzy. I wore a maroon top with Juicy sparkly patched jeans! I wore a fun black faux suede jacket with faux fur inside. A couple days ago I took pix of the Empire State Building lit up red and drank a speculoos milkshake from Wafels and Dinges and ate cookie dough from Do! As Homer Simpson says…”doh!” Today I went shopping btw!

top Zara/jeans Juicy Couture from Kohl’s/jacket Ex/hat Nordstrom

The Infinite Sunset

Hey Kre addicts, enjoy the sunset. It’s awesome how the days are getting longer now. It was a whopping 53 degrees today and yet there were still little tiny pockets of icy snow.

Floral Kreisms

Hey Kre addicts, today I wore a floral top with black velvet leggings, no makeup and ate yogurt. Oh and enjoy the sunset pix from some days ago I haven’t posted yet. I also wore a new ombre dip dyed sweatshirt!

top & sweatshirt Kohl’s/leggings Ex



Hey Kre addicts, today I went outside, had a snowball fight and built a little snowperson named Snowzy! I wore leggings under my pants along with a stretchy thumbhole shirt and a fun new cardigan with patterned sweater sleeves! It even started snowing a little to add to the preexisting snow. It was hard to make Snowzy bigger since a lot of the snow was very powdery and flew away. I used part of a leaf for the nose, twigs/branches for a bunch of arms, pine needles for eyes and another branch for a smile, literally!

top Modell’s/pants Topshop/cardigan