About Kre

Hey Kre addicts, my name is Kara Eigen, but you can call me Kre! I am a born and bred New Yorker. I am twenty-one years old, in college and ever since I was little I’ve always loved fashion. I always wanted to call my future fashion empire, The Red Carpet on Kre Street. Now that dream is coming true by devoting my life’s passions to this very blog of mine. Hence when you visit my blog, you are cat-walking on my red carpet of fashion, entertainment and more! This blog is all for you, Kre addicts! This blog is undoubtedly my baby, my pride and joy. I am an avid lover of all things style and Kre8ive things! I draw, I paint, I’ve majored in theater for a while, I’ve fashion designed and now I’m majoring in media. I am also all for animal equality. LGBT pride is also what I’m all about. I self identify as a femme lesbian and I wear it fashionably! Come join me for my red carpet closeup…! Feel free to contact me at birdykara@theredcarpetonkrestreet.com anytime with any questions, concerns, or even some fun tips!

-See you all on the red carpet…XOXOKre

updated on 9/24/17