New Girl

Can I just say that I love New Girl?! The show is a half hour sitcom about a woman, Jessica Day or Jess played by Zooey Deschanel who moves in with three men, Nick, played by Jake Johnson, Schmidt, played by Max Greenfield, and Winston, played by Lamorne Morris. In the pilot of the show (the first episode of the first season), a character named Coach was played by Damon Wayans Jr. Winston started the show on the second episode after his absence from the pilot. Coach was absent after the pilot episode until season 3 and he departed after completing season four. The show also chronicles Jess’s best friend, Cece played by Hannah Simone. Cece went out with Schimdt on and off until the couple gets married at the end of season 5.  Jess is primarily a  school teacher. When Jess moved in with three men, she thought they were going to be women, but what the hell, right?! Later on, Jess and Nick go out…and also break up.  As of season 5 though it really seems as though Jess wants to get back together with Nick, but too bad that he is seeing Reagan, played by Megan Fox (on the channel Fox as well, lol) who took Jess’s place when in real life she was out because she was having a baby and on the show she had jury duty! Nick is a bartender and he dropped out of law school. Schimdt works in marketing. Winston used to be a pro basketball player until he got hurt in Latvia, then more recently he worked at a radio station, and now he’s a cop. Cece actually quit modeling in season 3 and is a bartender with Nick. She is also taking college classes like me. Lol! Jess got Coach a job at the school she was working at as a gym teacher/coach and got him fired and hired again. Coach is such a coach! Nonetheless, he recently is off the show except for the end of season 5 because he moved in with his girlfriend, May, played by Meaghan Rath, in another state (my state), New York. The show takes place in L.A. Winston has been going out with his partner in crime, literally, named Aly, played by Nasim Pedrad (who used to be on SNL and Scream Queens). They are both police officers who are finally dating and couldn’t be happier. I love this show because it is so diverse in comedy, race, openly showing and talking about sexuality, religion, and more. Examples of differing sexualities is Jess’s friend, a lesbian gynecologist used to be on the show, Schimdt’s mother is going to marry a woman, Reagan is bisexual and even slept with Cece way back when, and more. All of that is unlike The Big Bang Theory along with the races of the cast members, although yes, Big Bang does have some of the above characteristics as well, I feel that it is more prevalent on this show. I love how Schimdt and Nick are always going back and forth about different things with gibber jabber, it’s so funny. It is also so funny how Winston loves his bird shirts and is more sensitive to certain things, although all of the guys are kind of like that especially Schimdt. Oh, and as of the end of season 4 into season 5, Schimdt and Nick are part owners of the bar that the gang always hangs out at and that Nick and Cece work at. I also like how actually both shows, Big Bang and New Girl both include other religions, for example on New Girl Schimdt is Jewish and on Big Bang Howard is also Jewish. I like how Schimdt and Cece’s wedding on the last episode of season 5 included Cece’s Indian culture as well as Schimdt’s religion. In addition, I love how Jess is always girly, strong, and stands her ground when need be. I also think actually, that New Girl somehow has slightly more complex storylines somehow than Big Bang, but of course I love both tv shows!

Season Episode    Why I love it:

1              11:  Jess & Julia- Julia, Nick’s girlfriend (played by Master of Sex’Lizzy Caplan) is mean to Jess. Also Sadie, the lesbian gynecologist (played by June Raphael) makes her debut on the show as Jess’s friend. It was funny when Sadie mentioned the lesbian community, Schmidt came int the room asking if the community has people looking more like Cece or Nick! Also when Schmidt’s towel came off, Sadie said that he’s making her gayer. Julia gets nicer later.

1             12: The Landlord- An almost threesome occurs between Nick, Jess,and the landlord.

1            22:   Tomatoes-  Nick attempts to grow tomatoes. Schmidt breaks his penis. Nadia, a sarcastically funny fellow model friend of Cece’s is always so hilarious! Jess and Nick kind of have a fiery flirt off, or rather a butt dance after some yelling.

1             23: Backslide- Jess backslides after her breakup with Russell and sleeps with Paul. She later helps him propose to his girlfriend. Nick talks to his past self in a video he made after breaking up with Caroline. Winston wears an earring.

2             2: Katie- This episode is so funny with three guys after Jess (or Katie), Bearclaw, Sam, and Andy.

2            5: Menzies- Winston thinks he’s getting his period and Jess is so funny crying about the puppy on the job interview.

2            9: Eggs- Sadie and her wife are on the show. Sadie is pregnant. Schmidt asks Sadie for lady help. Jess says she used her face as a butter knife and she yells to the city to give her nipples a purpose. Sadie says that the baby hormones are not as gay as her after Schmidt describes how he makes love.

2           10: Cabin- Jess and her boyfriend at the time, Sam , and Nick and his girlfriend at the time, Angie, stay in a cabin…

2           12: Pepperwood– Nick thinks that Jess’s adult student, Edgar, wants to kill her…

2            13: Cooler– A scratching at the door, a drinking game with Winston’s future girlfriend, Daisy, Holly, Jess’s boyfriend, Sam, and passion between Nick and Jess. He tells her when he’s supposed to kiss her in the drinking game that he doesn’t want to kiss her like that (because of the game) and so he climbs out the window. But…later that night he grabs her and he kisses her and she passionately kisses him back. Then it gets awkward.

2             15: Parking Spot– Nick, Jess, Schimdt, a parking spot…and all that can happen. Winston and Daisy. Who ends up with the spot? Also apparently when she moved in with the guys, there was a no nail oath for Jess and he tells her that it was for him, not the other guys. ooooooooo, ahhhhhh! Also Schimdt kisses Jess…ick!

2            19: Quick Hardening Caulk- Nick and Jess so funny and…sexual?

2            23: Virgins- How the gang lost their virginity, Jess and Nick’s first time in bed, and guest star Dylan O’Brien is so funny.

3            3: Double Date- Oh yes, the Schmidt and Cece breakup. What I love about this episode is how funny Winston is at trying to get and keep a table at Picca. I also love when Jess put her finger in the cigarette lighter and then Nick did the same to be in the same pain she was etc. It was funny…

3          13: Birthday- It is so sweet how the Nick and the gang put together a video for Jess’s birthday after Jess thought that Nick didn’t plan anything. I love her pink dress! It is funny when the super gay bartender guy calls Cece a 3 out of 6.

3          14: Prince- R.I.P. the legendary Prince. He is great in the episode and even does a song with Jess. Also in the beginning of the episode it is so funny when Nick tells Schmidt and Coach not to touch his shins and then the panty conversation with all the guys (including Winston) is funny!

3           23: Cruise- I love how Schmidt hated nautical puns and thought they were the “lowest form of humor.” Also when Schmidt said to Jess and Nick to “open your cellar doors and let us taste your jams.” And when Schmidt pronounced room as rum. I love how Jess was wearing her Zooey Deschanel Tommy Hilfiger collection dresses on the episode! Oh and when she thought that the female captain was flirting with Nick and Jess said that she was a handsome woman. It was so funny that Coach was so scared of boats.

4            1:  The Last Wedding- Great line said by Winston: “I can’t close my ass.”

4            2: Dice- Winston’s new nickname: Toilet from Cece, Coach, and Nick being high on pot brownies at the cop party. Schimdt tries to help Jess find dates on Dice.

4            4:  Micro- Great Jess lines: “Shut your gross beautiful face, no I love it.” “My eyes are bigger than my stomach. I don’t know what that means, but I’m free tomorrow night.” I love how Schmidt pronounces various words all silly in episodes. The guys are so funny when talking about how grateful they are not to have micro penises and when Coach compliments Schimdt and they even take modeling pictures later. I love when Jess told her micro penis date that she didn’t like him not because of that, but because of his personality and everything about him! Oh, and when asks Jess later if she wants to “hatch the bird.”

4            5: Landline- The gang gets a landline and are dumbfounded by how to use it. Nick becomes a “secretary.” It was so funny when Nick got up and answered the phone and then sat down and then he had to get up again like an awful chore. About giving herself CPR, Jess said, “I give it to myself at least once a month.” Lol, it sounded like something else and Ryan  already came onto her crush list at her school where she was vice principal.

4           6: Background Check- This was so funny because Jess thought she had and was on meth through her boob skin and when the one who was doing a background check for Winston said that her dead bird “was going straight to hell.” Duquan was also extremely funny playing Winston’s fake “kid” brother.

4            12: Shark- I love when Schimdt went crazy in front of everyone about his jacket sleeves being “too short.” Councilwoman Fawn Moscato is so rude and enthralling and Schimdt loves that. Also, it is so funny when the construction worker and Jess have a morning conversation through the window and when a construction worker checks out Schimdt putting lotion on his leg.

5            6:   Reagan- The gorgeous and bisexual, Reagan (Meagan Fox)  comes onto the show! And she hooked up with Cece years ago!

5             7: Wig- Winston helps Reagan break up with her girlfriend, Camilla (Clea Duvall) and then she tears up Reagan’s room! Also funny is when Schmidt and Cece keep getting interrupted from sexy time by Nick being afraid to eat in front of Reagan etc…

5          14: 300 Feet- Sam files a restraining order against Jess and then they get back together. A bar rivalry also breaks out! Need I say more?

5          16: Helmet- Jess meets Sam’s parents who are his two dads and although they were only shown for like a second, it is still LGBT progress.

5          17: Road Trip- The guys try to be butch and fight the dive bar gang! It is hilarious when Nick tells Schmidt that he’ll be a great husband to Cece because he’s been a great husband to him.

5          18: A Chill Day In- Jess and Cece get so high! They are so funny! Also Winston and Aly kiss!

5          20: Return To Sender- Masters of Sex‘s Caitlin Fitzgerald guest starred with her future costar in Masters of Sex  played by Sam in this New Girl  episode. She played Sam’s best friend here who apparently was in love with him and sent him a letter saying so so many years ago-lol also like a recent Masters of Sex episode (if you watched the most recent season, you’ll know what I mean).

5          21: Wedding Eve- So Sam breaks up with Jess to get together with Caitlin Fitzgerald’s character, whom Jess helped conjure last episode because she is a good person. Lol, Jess thought though that he was going to prose to her because she found an a ring, however the ring was intended for Schmidt’s mom and her girlfriend or now fiance! Yay for LGBT! Anyway, as Sam was leaving, he told Jess that when she resisted marrying him earlier when she thought the ring was for her that it was because of Nick.

5          22: Landing Gear- Cece and Schmidt’s wedding craziness and sweetness and Jess telling Nick he’s incredible.

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