The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is one of my all-time favorite half hour situation comedy shows. I have season one through season eight on Blu-ray discs. The clarity is great on blu ray. The Big Bang Theory is about two roommates in their late twenties to thirties, Sheldon (played by the phenomenal Jim Parsons) and Leonard (played the marvelous Johnny Galecki) who are scientists. Sheldon is the sort of standoffish and weird one while Leonard is more neutral but fed up. One day a beautiful blonde bombshell wannabe actress named Penny (played by the stupendous Kaley Cuoco) moves across the hall from them and well, the rest is history. Leonard went on a three hour date with Penny in which they broke up after. They eventually went out again and slept together and things were fine until Leonard said the premature ‘I love you’ (ouch, that’s gotta hurt). Sheldon on the other hand has never dated anyone until the end of season three when friends Howard (played by the magnificent Simon Helberg) and Raj (played by the extraordinary Kunal Nayyar) set him up for online dating. The rest is history. Sheldon and his girlfriend, Amy (played by the wonderful Mayim Bialik) haven’t slept together until an episode for Amy’s birthday in the last season of the show, which was season 9. She still wanted more, but he wanted to take things uber slow. Nevertheless, things are happening. Currently, they’ve been going out for seven years and Shamy is finally living together?! Now, back to Leonard and Penny, currently they’ve been going out a while again and the major proposal happened at the end of season 7 episode twenty-three (my favorite episode). They’ve been engaged for a year with no plans of setting a date for their wedding until Sheldon pries them to when finally they pick that same day to drive to Vegas from California (where they live) and elope. The season ends without a wedding, though. Will they or won’t they? The answer is yes, they did (beginning of season 9). Back to Howard and Raj. They work at the same university as Leonard and Sheldon (Cal Tech). Howard is the only one without a PhD, he is an engineer and Raj is an astrophysicist who couldn’t even talk to women unless drunk until an episode from season 6 or by a placebo effect in season 2 episode 17. Bernadette (played by the fabulous Melissa Rauch) came onto the show around the time Amy did and got married to Howard in season five. Bernadette is a friend of Penny’s whom she set Howard up with.  As of season 10, Bernadette is pregnant with Howard’s baby! In addition, how could I not mention Debbie Wolowitz aka Howard’s mom. The actress, Carol Ann Susi died in 2014 during season 7. Although never physically seen on the show, only heard…she brought delight to a lighthearted sitcom. Well, that’s a basic summary, what do you think?! Let’s now go over my favorite episodes, actors, how much I would be honored to be on the show as an actress, and more!

Season Episode    Why I love it/Importance:

1 Pilot: It is interesting how different the plot of the pilot is than the rest of the series as it progresses. It starts out with Sheldon and Leonard going into a sperm place to donate which is so unlike them especially Sheldon. I find it funny that Sheldon even knew what masturbating was especially when Leonard said Sheldon was a “semi pro.” Regardless, the guys did not go through with it. Later the guys go home and bump into their beautiful new lady neighbor, Penny (whatever her last name is, if she has one, lol!) Of course the guys, especially Leonard get all tongue tied and say hi too much and later do a favor for her even though they end up in the deep end on that one with their pants down literally! It is funny how Sheldon says that there’s no way Penny would sleep with Leonard and how Sheldon says to Leonard “well you got me out of my pants!” The episode also introduces Howard and Raj. Raj at this time of course cannot speak to hot chicks without being drunk and Howard of course speaks too much and is pervy! I find it funny how the guys let Penny use their shower and she isn’t scared of being in some strange guys’ apartment showering alone, then again it is this bunch of stupidly brilliant guys, so nothing would happen period. It is also funny how Howard says ‘coitus’ instead of sex, because I think later on in the series he just says sex ! It also introduces Sheldon’s spot on the couch. So, I guess a good chunk of the episode is consistent with the rest of the series, but some isn’t lol! Well, just watch the series, you’ll find it uproariously hilarious!

1                7          It’s funny when Penny says that her friend Kristie “was engaged to my cousin while she was sleeping with my brother so she’s kind of family.” Also funny is when Sheldon tells Penny to sleep on the other side of the couch to protect against marauders and later she does switch sides after hearing the door when Raj is left in the apartment still without anyone knowing because he wasn’t talking. The end of the episode is funny where Penny says that she and her friends came over to have sex with the guys, but they are so tuned into Halo night to notice! Also when the guys are in the Mandarin restaurant and the waiter resolves the dumpling issue by saying something like ok if I bump into something the dumpling can fall, no one has to know and then he speaks another language to himself!

1               13        Raj accidentally says something to Penny without being drunk. I love when Sheldon does his twitchy facial expressions when he doesn’t know something! In addition, it is interesting how Raj says something that foreshadows Amy coming on the show because he says something about “that girl from Blossom” and Mayim Bialik (Amy) was an actress in Blossom. He also foreshadows actress Danika McKellar from Wonder Years to guest star later on in the series. Leslie Winkle played by Sara Gilbert is also on the episode and teams up with the guys against Sheldon in a Physics bowl on their team, PMS! It’s also great when Sheldon said to Leonard, “It’s on bitch.”

1                17       Leonard asks Penny out after she breaks up with her ex and Sheldon is so funny with learning Mandarin, he doesn’t say the right things at the restaurant etc! Schrodinger’s Cat is also funny here and I love how Leonard kissed Penny at the end!

2              1            Sheldon is hilarious how he can’t keep a secret. Also funny is when Penny says that she and Sheldon are friends and he asks when they became friends. It is funny how Leonard inadvertently says that Penny isn’t smart to her at the end of the episode.

2              7          When Sheldon and Penny fight and he throws her lingerie out the window and Howard and Raj seek out the Next Top Models’ house.

2             11          David Underhill seduces Penny, gets Leonard jealous, and makes Howard and Raj swoon. Raj says, “He’s a very handsome man.” Howard says something like, “if I was gonna go that way, I’d go for Zac Efron.” Dave turns out to be married, it’s Christmas or rather Saturnalia and Penny gets Sheldon a signed Leonard Nimoy napkin where he wiped his mouth. Sheldon gets Penny a bunch of gifts in return and wants to get an ovum and grow his very own Leonard Nimoy. Also Sheldon hugs Penny!

2            15        Leonard’s mom played by Christine Baranski (whom I’ve seen passing by in Manhattan on my way to Hunter one day!)  acts like Sheldon and she visits and gets along remarkably with Sheldon and how unpleasant she is for Leonard! It is so funny when she says that Howard and Raj are in an “ersatz homosexual relationship.” Also, Penny and Leonard almost have sex until he talks and ruins it!

3                 5             The first episode with Bernadette! Also, Will Wheaton and Sheldon face off in a card game hilariously!

3                 6            Kite flying day! Also Raj told Howard, “Don’t put yourself down, you’re a very attractive man.”

3                7              “I should have asked for much more than a comic books and a robot.” This episode chronicles the relationship of Penny and Leonard fighting and Sheldon as their faux child.

3                8              Sheldon helps Penny in a time of need and he beds her. Leonard, Raj, and Howard inadvertently get stoned.

4                1              Shamy (Sheldon and Amy) goes on their first “date” with Penny as their chaperone. Also, Howard gets in a pickle with a robot hand.

4                2              Sheldon lets out a ‘toxic’ gas and becomes a robot all in one episode!

4                3              Sheldon gets cats with one being named Zazzles. Sheldon’s mom saves Shamy’s relationship.

4                9             Howard and Raj take not such an unexpected turn surprisingly (with Bernadette in the middle). See for yourself! Best Leonard line to Penny’s dad,”I’ll friend you on Facebook.” Also best Leonard to Howard line,”Did you play with Raj’s big telescope last night?”

4                10          Best line, “Follow your endocrine system.”

4                20         “You’re a vixen, Amy Farrah Fowler.” Watch as Shamy’s lies about their love life unfolds in very amusing ways.

4                 21          Amy kisses Penny after Sheldon wouldn’t kiss her during a drunk girls’ night and then she later sings Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl.” Shamy’s first kiss also takes place later when Amy kisses Sheldon in her apartment. She then of course throws up lol!

4                22          “Come in, you look positively orange with loneliness.”

4                 24          Watch as Sheldon massages himself.

5                  2             Howard and Raj use a certain device with each other. Also Amy has a leopard spotted secret that she keeps with Victoria.

5                   3            “When you’re done copping a feel, that goes on my wrist.” Also, “Does your mother always cut your meat for you?”

5                 10           “…I’m a fan of anything that attempts to replace actual human contact.” Also, Penny drank red wine and snored during twister. Amy also should have gotten a lawyer.

5                 13          (The 100th episode) Leonard envisions asking Penny out again until he actually does…in which viewers should also watch episode 14 after as a continuation.

5                  14           oh, the beta test! Penny and Leonard trading lists with each other about their faults and what they want to change about the other. Also, Shamy dresses up in funny costumes at the end. The way Howard peels the plastic off Raj’s phone is great!

5                 20            “Yeah, yeah my Mom gave me the same lecture about my virginity, I gotta tell ya that it was a lot more fun taking it out and playing with it.” I love that line Penny said after she bought Leonard and Sheldon mint in boxes of Star Trek dolls and how they said that they don’t want to open them. “Like dude on dude, but with women?” That’s what Raj says when his date tells him she’s gay? Lol, does he really know about dude on dude stuff?! Earlier he even said when his parents thought he was gay, “if anything I’m metrosexual…I like women as well as their skincare products.” His lesbian date even thought he’s gay, “…there’s a rumor back in New Delhi that you’re…comfortable in a sari.”

6                 17              This episode shows Raj  basically naked eating lobster torn up about Lucy leaving their date and it shows Penny acting in A Streetcar Named Desire!

6                 19               I love that the audience is never told which version of Howard’s father’s card was true even though Howard didn’t want to know. Which version do you think is true? Remember…we will forever be in a state of epistemic ambivalence. I also love when Amy says that if Raj lets her pierce his brain in the right place that he would be happy all the time! I also love Penny’s purple sweater/cardigan…if you look closely, you’ll see when she walks up the stairs that there are buttons on the back down the middle!

6                21             When Sheldon watches the domino effect his way the way he likes it is just so funny!

6                23            Shamy has a love spell cast on them (need I say more?)!

6               24        Leonard gets set to go on an expedition. Penny and Leonard express their love for each other. Raj talks to Penny for the second time without being drunk (the first time was season 2 episode 4 when he told her, “Sorry”).

7              1          Sheldon and Penny bond to great depths.

7             2          Leonard surprises Penny when he’s back from his expedition early. Howard is on estrogen and Raj helps him!

7              9           Thanksgiving at the Wolowitz household means Bernadette’s dad and Sheldon bond over beer, Penny gets an annulment of her marriage to Zack, and choas runs amok! A favorite line was when Zack told Leonard, “I’m starting to think you’re not the kind of guy I want dating my wife.”

7             15             This episode is where Shamy have their first (or well, not really first) really romantic kiss!

7             23             This episode shows the official proposal between Penny and Leonard!

8              4            A favorite line that Amy says after Sheldon asks if Raj’s dermatologist girlfriend, Emily (the lovely, Laura Spencer) can look at some moles or freckles on his butt, “I’m with him three years, nothing. She’s with him two minutes, he’s taking his pants off.”

8              8             This episode is where Shamy declares their love for each other in such a sweet way!

8             12            Funny things:  Leonard and Sheldon crying while holding Penny and Amy’s purses, basket weaving, and Raj getting religious until his car gets dinged. Also when Amy smiles and goes, “Heh” or something about if there is any part of her body that’s normal, it’s just hilarious!

8            15             I need to mention this episode because this is the first one that mentions Howard’s mom dead…

8           16              Sheldon and Penny continue to bond greatly especially with an intimacy acceleration experiment meanwhile things get spooky or not with the rest of the gang.

8           17              Shamy takes a leap of faith in their unconsumated relationship of the moment and they try to adopt a turtle. Sheldon sent an application to be the first one to go to Mars without telling his girlfriend, Amy first…burn! It’s funny watching Sheldon’s video for why he should go to Mars when he throws pie in Leonard’s face, needless to say he got mad and really wanted him to go to Mars! Also, Raj accidentally breaks Emily’s drawer after snooping. I love Emily when she was joking about murdering her roommate. Also Leonard and Penny try to make sexy art, but are they getting too old? In addition, isn’t Emily’s bedding so pretty decked out in purple and green?! Also, I love when Emily makes Raj think there’s something in her closet to snoop. Lol!

9         1               This episode is cool because Penny and Leonard elope in Vegas. In season 10, they have a real wedding so I like that more, but this is a turning point however. It was funny how Leonard tried lifting Penny over the threshold into the hotel room. Also funny was how most of the gang missed their getting married onscreen because Shamy was arguing over breaking up.

9        2          I love when the episode started with Leonard’s dream of Sheldon and Penny kissing and getting physical. I also love when Sheldon said that he doesn’t need Amy anymore because everything can be accomplished with his right hand! Mandy Chow was also funny…just watch it!

9       5          It was hilarious when the guys tried fencing and Kripke said that it wasn’t stabbing, but that it was touching and Sheldon said that if he said he wanted to touch one of his friends that he’d be in trouble with human resources. Later he kept saying they’d be touched etc…

9        8         This is so funny when Penny and Bernadette spy on Amy and her Sheldon loving date, Dave. Her date kept gushing about Sheldon, her ex and that he kissed her and she kissed Sheldon so…

9        9         When Leonard dresses up in Penny’s lingerie, it is funny! Also, Amy asks Sheldon about getting back together and he turns her down because it was hard getting over her.

9         10       Shamy gets back together! Dave told Sheldon to kiss Amy, lol!

9         11        Shamy has sex!!!!! Penny broke a cup when Sheldon told her and Bernadette that he wanted to. It was funny when Sheldon said that Amy’s birthday present would be his genitals! I like how the episode added in consent in a funny way with Sheldon asking if Amy could give verbal consent to sleeping together, he even was going to write up a contract. It was so funny and good for this culture to see.

9        19        I just want to point out that I think Amy did sign a contract before sleeping with Sheldon because in this episode she says about signing a non disclosure agreement, ” Well, I signed one before we slept together, so why not now?” And it is so funny with Raj “coming out of the closet.” Lol, I’ll probably do a separate page or post just of all the inside gay jokes from this show!


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