The L Word-recaps

I love how each episode after the Pilot episodes start with an L word:

7/27/17 – 9/23/17

sn 1 ep 1 Pilot: Part 1-Bette Porter and Tina Kinnard live next door to Jenny  Schecter and her boyfriend,Tim Haspel.  Bette and Tina go over to random men asking for sperm basically to no avail, why don’t they just go to a sperm bank? Jenny, a writer who just moved to LA gets utterly seduced and kissed by Marina which takes Jenny aback and Tim, a swim coach,  has no idea. Marina owns The Planet where the gang hangs out at all the time to get coffee and such. Jenny is somewhat discouraged by lesbian life for herself. She is introduced to the L Word gang. Dana Fairbanks is closeted tennis payer. Alice is the bisexual journalist for LA magazine and tries to seduce Jenny. Shane is the womanizer hairdresser. Bette is an art museum director for the California Arts Center (CAC) and Tina quit her job to try to get pregnant. Bette’s slightly estranged half sister, Kit also comes along.

sn 1 ep 2 Pilot: Part 2- Bette finds a black sperm donor and didn’t tell her beforehand that he is black. They also almost have a threesome with a man who they apparently didn’t tell beforehand that they wanted his sperm for a baby, so he got mad. Jenny has sex with Marina and of course Tim doesn’t know. Alice tells Dana about her with people whom they’ve slept with before connects them to other people they slept with. The chart also shows that Bette and Alice used to be together.  They also make a pact to never sleep with each other Tim proposes to Jenny at the end of the episode.

sn 1 ep 3 “Let’s Do It”- Bette and Tina use the black donor’s sperm together and try to get pregnant. The gang helps Dana find out if the soup chef, Lara Perkins is gay. There is a dinner party that includes Jenny and Marina that goes to shit. Dana gets Subaru to sponsor her and Lara kisses her out of the blue! Kit tries to make amends with Bette. Alice still falls for her awful ex, Gabby. Jenny denies her feelings for Marina. Shane’s crazy ex is crazy.

sn 1 ep 4 “Longing” – Jenny tells Marina she doesn’t want to see her. Dana asks out Lara. The board denies Bette’s ‘Provocations’ art exhibit for the CAC where she works. Jenny sees Tim and Marina together and passes out. Shane talks to her crazy ex. Best Shane line, “I hate when girls cry.” Peggy Peabody is introduced and she and Bette bond over art. Bette is hoping that Peggy would let Provocations go in the CAC, but to no avail. Tina tries to tell Jenny that she can talk to her about Marina if she’d like. Alice breaks it off with Gabby.  Shane breaks it off with crazy ex after sleeping with her again. Jenny sees Marina again, says  “every time I look at you I feel completely dismantled” and other stuff and they have sex again. Also the art that Peggy and Bette were bonding over was a photograph of a naked woman and at the very beginning of the episode it shows when the photo was taken in 1986. But no one spoke about what that very first scene was where the female photographer I think had sex with the woman photographed, I don’t know, but it didn’t seem consensual.

sn 1 ep 5  “Lies, Lies, Lies” – Jenny comes to The Planet looking hot in a skirt and top with green eye shadow etc and of course Tim comes along. Bisexual Alice wants to go back to men. Jenny and Marina have bathroom sex until Tim comes in (it’s a unisex bathroom). Tina’s pregnant and tells Bette and others. Dana had sex with Lara and she is embarrassed because she female ejaculated.  Alice meets the ‘male lesbian’, Lisa.  Shane says Alice doesn’t want to be a lesbian anymore, (but she’s bi). Alice’s ‘actress’ mother visits.  Jenny’s former writing professor/lover, Nick is back and she goes to dinner with him and Tim gets mad. Peggy comes in and saves Bette from getting fired. She also lets Bette do Provocations. Jenny comes out to Nick about Marina. Jenny comes into The Planet again and has sex with Marina.  Alice walks in on them and tells her that Tim is coming. Kit’s estranged son, David sends her a post-it note and such. Jenny is furiously writing about liars and demons when Tim finally finds her. It never got back to the very beginning of the episode with three New York lesbians.

sn 1 ep 6 “Lawfully”- Tim walks in on Jenny and Marina having sex. Tim is enraged. Jenny and Tim elope. Bette and Tina tell Bette’s homophobic father that Tina is pregnant. Shane slept with Alice’s mom. Shane lets an old friend stay at her place. Dana has to take her doubles partner and cover boyfriend to a dinner instead of Lara. Best Lara line to Dana, “…you are really, really gay.” Tim takes off his marriage band, leaves a note and leaves Jenny from their marital bed. The sheriff is so homophobic and funny.

sn1 ep 7 “Losing It” – Bette goes to the MOMA in NY for Provocations and Tina stays at home in LA because of morning sickness. Tina freaks out because the sperm donor’s girlfriend flips out on her finding out her boyfriend is spreading his seed. Jenny hitches a ride. Tim goes crazy looking for her. Lol everyone sleeps over to keep Tina company. Lara and Dana have sex which wakes them up. Bette comes home early from NY to make sure Tina is okay.

sn 1 ep 8 “L’Ennui”- Tim kicks Jenny out of their house. The intervention from Alice, Dana, and Shane to Bette and Tina that they’re boring is so funny. Dana’s agent needs her to stay in the closet for Subaru’s ad campaign and stuff. Lara wants her to be out and so Dana brakes up with her. Shane is invited to a girl party on a yacht and everyone comes including Jenny and Marina. Alice and Lisa have sex, but not quite how he wanted it…I think that he is a trans woman character, but the show kind of tossed that away. Jenny and Marina had sex again and she is over the moon until Marina says that her girlfriend, Francesca is coming over tomorrow. We are introduced to Francesca in the first scene nonconsensually with a model she is fitting. David calls Kit about meeting when he comes to meet her. He thinks she is drinking so he leaves when she was actually only drinking Seltzer. Subaru wants Dana to be out and she agrees and fires her agent. Jenny leaves Marina’s place and asks Tim if she could stay and he grants her one night.

sn 1 ep 9 “Listen Up”- Bette and Tina go to group therapy for upcoming parents. They had previously gone to couples therapy with the same therapist in general. Jenny’s old friend comes to visit her. Shane’s friend steals money from her. Francesca helps Jenny out after accidentally hurting someone. Dana comes out to her parents and they reject her even though her mother is secretly gay or bi. Shane gives her friend money and some drugs because he needs it and he helped her out a while ago. Jenny and her friend try to get Marina and Francesca jealous.

sn 1 ep 10 “Luck Next Time” – Dana’s mom sets her up on a date with a guy. Shane does Cherie Jaffe’s hair. Kit does a video with Slim Daddy for a song she wrote a long time ago. Jenny comes over to Marina and Francesca’s for dinner. Things go to shit. Jenny and Tim have sex again. She brings up Marina again and then Tim breaks it off with Jenny again. People think that Provocations is pornography and not art. Faye Buckley calls Bette a pervert. Cherie invites Shane over to her place to do her hair or…have sex until her husband comes over.  Dana tells the guy that she’s gay. Alice flirts with the guy Dana was set up with. Alice breaks up with Lisa. Tina has a miscarriage.

sn 1 ep 11 “Lberally” –  Marina is angry with Francesca for taking another job elsewhere. Cherie buys Shane her own hair salon and they have sex. Bette comes to see Kit perform and sees Yolanda from therapy with her girlfriend Candace, the carpenter who Bette meets. Tina takes Oscar’s offer up from therapy to volunteer at the place he works at.  They even find a DVD of porn that Faye Buckley was in. Cherie’s husband makes Shane hang out with their daughter, Clea. They flirt. Clea tries to kiss Shane but Shane pulls away. Jenny bumps into Dana at a gay bar. The two of them almost have sex  and then realize it’s not  working out. It’s so funny! Tim hangs out with Trish who he coaches and Jenny doesn’t like it. Bette goes on tv with Faye Buckley to argue about Provocations and her private life.  Bette uses Faye’s porn past against her. Faye uses Bette and Tina’s homosexuality and miscarriage against her.

sn 1 ep 12 “Looking Back” – Tina invited Jenny to come to Dinah Shore which is a lesbian party where Dana is receiving an HRC award. Just like that Jenny is apart of the group along with Alice’s mom still lol! Ah yes the group tells their coming out stories in the car along the way. Bette who is at work and not at Dinah Shore hires Candace to work at the CAC to help construct the space. Alice’s mom is so annoying and  so they leave her somewhere lol! Dana meets Tonya who is her manager. At the white party Jenny tells her coming out story to the women there. She meets Robin. Tonya and Dana have sex. Jenny says she has a date with Robin. Tina tells her coming out story and that Bette was the first and only woman she’s been with. Candace and Bette kiss. Bette feels guilty. Tina comes home and Bette thinks she’s Candace, but she doesn’t know.

sn 1 ep 13 : “Locked Up” – Francesca wants to buy The Planet. Tim is going to get his teaching degree. Jenny is writing a new story with manatees. Drag Kings perform at The Planet which Kit hosts. Ivan comes on. Jenny lets Tim know that she’s going on a date. Marina goes to talk to Robin. Ivan and Kit bond over being sober. Tina goes back to work. Dana gets Tonya to cat sit even though she doesn’t want to. Marina asks Robin out because Jenny is going to go out with her. Everyone links arms to block out protesters outside the CAC. Hence they all go to jail. Jenny goes to the aquarium and meets a guy named Gene. Jenny is Jewish and she works at a grocery store. He asks Jenny out. Bette and Candace are locked in a jail cell. Robin and Jenny go out. Bette and Candace have mental sex. They all get bailed out.

sn 1 ep 14: “Limb From Limb” – Jenny and Robin have sex. Bette and Candace have sex. Cherie’s husband thinks Clea and Shane had sex and is mad. Cherie thinks so too. Clea finds out that it’s her mother who Shane is in love with. Tim tells Jenny they should see a divorce lawyer. Dana’s cat is dead after Tonya took care of him. They have a cat funeral. Bette tells Kit that Ivan likes her. Jenny and Gene have sex and then she cries. Dana and Tonya get engaged. Tina hires Candace to fix up where she works and Bette gets mad. Cherie and her family filed a restraining order against Shane. Kit tells Ivan she’s straight. Tim gets mad that she brought a guy home. Bette tells Tina she wants to try again to start a family. Jenny brings Gene to Provocations and  Marina brings Robin. They all meet. Shane tells Cherie that she broke her heart. Tina sees Bette and Candace together. Ivan performs for Kit. Jenny brings Gene home and Robin is there. Robin says that she had no idea about Marina and her. Marina leaves her an apology message. Jenny lets Robin and Gene both stay and they all play board games. Tina confronts Bette about Candace. They have rough sex. Alice tells Dana she can’t marry Tonya and they kiss.

Now that the plot has been set, I feel like it gets a little sadder and just a little bit happier in season 2:

sn 2 ep 1: “Life, Loss, Leaving”- The main theme song and opener starts. Best Alice line, “This coffee tastes like poopie shit…” Tina is pregnant and will tell Bette soon. Bette is still with Candace.  Dana is still with Tonya.  Gene breaks up with Jenny. Dana and Alice make out some more on the side. Bette sees Tina and tells her she’s no going to see Candace again. Ivan is a mechanic for the stars and shows Kit around. Ivan gives Kit the keys to her/his apartment. Ivan also redid Kit’s car. Kit almost kisses Ivan. Tim moves out to coach at Oberlin. Jenny starts to write a creepy circus story with her as a kid and Tim as her father. Jenny gets another rejection letter from a publishing company. I love Jenny’s silver sequin cardigan btw. Shane does Ariana Huffington’s hair. Shane meets Carmen there! They of course have sex. Jenny is a waitress now and Robin shows up and lets her know that Marina tried to kill herself. Robin offers to have Jenny move in with her. Kit walks into Ivan’s apartment and sees her/him half naked and Ivan kicks her out. Shane ignores Carmen at a club. Tim has sex with Jenny not exactly consensually. However she doesn’t want Tim to leave.

sn 2 ep 2: “Lap Dance” -Tina sees a divorce lawyer, Joyce Wischnia. The Planet is closed. Robin’s ex wife cheated on her on their wedding day. Jenny takes a writing class and submits her story about Sara Schuster. The teacher is harsh. Kit goes to see Ivan at her/his cabin without being invited. Shane and Carmen have sex. Kit asks Ivan for money for The Planet. The gang goes to a different coffee shop. Bette yells at Alice for helping Tina out. Tonya and Dana win over Dana’s parents. Jenny is discouraged after meeting Robin’s friends talking about marriage and kids. Jenny breaks up with Robin. Jenny comes into her own. I feel really bad for Robin. The gang takes Tina to get a lap dance. Ivan gives Kit the money for the business arrangement. Shane suspects that Alice and Dana are having sex. Kit and Bette meet with who they think is Marina’s dad about The Planet. He says that Marina is his wife, not his daughter. Jenny has a beer with Bette and Shane. Shane is going to be Jenny’s new roommate.

sn 2 ep 3: “Loneliest Number” – Alice has a weird/sexy dream with Tonya and Dana. Tina and Bette talk with their lawyers altogether. Joyce invites Tina to stay at her guest house. Kit turns The Planet into a new place. Best Alice line, “Kit believe in the power of the lesbian phone tree.” Jenny asks her nasty teacher why she didn’t get into the writing class. Carmen stays over with Shane at Jenny’s. Carmen and Shane play Too Hot! The sexiness level is off the charts! Jenny writes her creepy carnival story based off her sad childhood further.  Carmen wants to get to know Shane more, but it’s just sex for Shane. Tonya is taking a manger’s fee from Dana’s earnings for their upcoming wedding and advertising for it to be the celebrity lesbian wedding event. Dana is angry. Jenny gets her teacher to read her story. Bette is in a downward spiral. Jenny is apart of  the class again. Kit still calls the cafe The Planet, but it’s a club now with Carmen as the DJ. Alice thinks Tina is fat, but she tells her she’s actually pregnant. Bette takes up smoking again. Bette and Jenny talk about how they both messed up their lives. After Shane makes out with a singer onstage, Carmen kisses Jenny after Jenny asks her out, which Shane sees. Bette tries to drown herself.

sn 2 ep 4: “Lynch Pin” – Helena, Peggy Peabody’s daughter is introduced. She has sex with her therapist. Jenny and Shane interview people for a third roommate. Tina lets Joyce come over and take pictures to see what everything is worth while Bette is in NY. Kit goes to a seminar, TOE to help with making money. Tina works on her child literacy outreach program proposal more. Jenny writes her carnival story more with her being shot at by a kid. Jenny asks Shane if she’s okay if she sees Carmen. Benjamin Bradshaw, the guy running the TOE seminar helps Kit out. Shane does hair for a movie set. Bette meets Helena to get her to support the arts which she isn’t anymore. Helena sees her kids. Bette still thinks she and Tina are together and trying to have kids. The bitchy director, Veronica talks to Shane to get her to be her assistant. Jenny and Shane decide on a roommate, Mark Wayland even though he is not very polite and films them. Tonya sets up Alice with a guy and Tonya and Dana and Alice and the guy double date. Dana gets mad and kisses Alice. Bette talks to Peggy about getting Helena to change her mind. Bette has sex with a a woman she meets at a bar. Joyce tries to have sex with Tina. Mark asks Jenny her orientation. Jenny asks Shane to cut her hair short.

sn 2 ep 5 : “Labyrinth”- Bette goes back to stay with Bette just for a place to stay. Mark’s friend is a perv security guard. Jenny debuts her short hair. Bette doesn’t like Benjamin. Shane tells Carmen to give Jenny a chance and she doesn’t like that. Tina won a Peabody award for social justice and Bette is angry she didn’t get any of that money for art funding. Dana and Alice have sex! Veronica gets Shane to try to do stuff for her. She bonds with a woman about being a prostitute I guess in the past and hairdressing. Helena asks Tina out and assumes Tina is pregnant meanwhile Bette doesn’t know still until Helena kind of says so. Jenny writes her creepy carnival story with pig faced people. Mark’s friend gets him to place hidden cameras in the house. Dana and Tonya have a bachelorette party. Carmen and Jenny dance.

sn 2 ep 6: “Lagrimas de Oro” – Kit and Benjamin have sex. Bette tells Tina that Tina’s baby is also hers. Bette’s boss, Franklin hired Leo Herrera to raise money for the CAC and Bette is mad because he went behind her back. Carmen and Jenny go on a date. Mark hires a woman to have sex with Shane without her knowing. Jenny writes a creepy ringmaster story. Alice tells Dana to break up with Tonya and right after Dana does so, Tonya breaks up with her and says she is dating Melissa Rivers. Tina and Helena have pool sex.

sn 2 ep 7: “Luminous” – Helena’s ex, Winnie comes by and there’s a whole custody battle. Bette meets a new artist. Shane helps out Veronica at home and stuff. She wants Shane to be her friend or else. Carmen tells everyone at The Planet that Alice and Dana are dating before they tell anyone else. Whenever Shane is nearby Carmen and Jenny getting cozy, Carmen looks sad and longingly at Shane and they stop. Later they talk about that. Helena helps Tina rethink Bette’s participation in her upcoming child’s life which makes Bette smile. Carmen tells Shane her feelings. Jenny deconstructs a classmate’s story. Her teacher tells her to go see Burr Connor. Mark comes to help Shane out in a physical fight.

sn 2 ep 8: “Loyal” – The episode starts with Burr filming scenes on location since he’s an actor. He then breaks up two men having sex in real life. Alice and Dana have been having sex all weekend and then go crazy because it’s Monday and they have to work! Bette says she may see their therapist by herself. Mark and his friend talk to a porn guy about his lesbian documentary. Mark thinks it’s more than sex and the others just want the opposite. Helena and Tina go house hunting. and have sex in the house until the real estate guy sees. Helena joins the board of directors at the CAC. Winnie and the kids come over to Bette’s. Alice prepares for a radio audition job. Carmen looks at Shane’s black eye. Shane tells Carmen they should just be friends. Bette and Winnie talk about how bad Helena is. Jenny is going to ghost write Burr Connor’s memoir. Jenny and Carmen are still going out. Shane goes to confession at church. She used to live at a church shelter. As a kid she ran away from her foster family. Her mother was a drug addict. Mark tells Shane that he has to be her servant because he saved her the other day according to samurai code. Jenny speaks to Burr at his mansion. He tells her to leave. She asks if it’s because she’s gay. Lara is dating Gabby and talks about it during her audition. A new artist comes in during the CAC board meeting. Bette takes her down opposite Helena. The artist appreciates Bette’s admiration/criticism. Alice avoids telling Dana about Lara.  No one comes to Helena and Tina’s house party. The gang goes over to Bette’s instead.

sn 2 ep 9: “Late, Later, Latent”- Carmen and Jenny have toilet sex. Lol! The porn guy says Mark is in violation of his contract for not putting in sex in his documentary. I find it weird that Dana didn’t know that lesbians use dildos. She asked if it’s a bisexual thing. Veronica hired Shane again. Jenny and her teacher have coffee and invites Burr. Apparently people have accused him of being gay in the past and got lawyers. Jenny actually insinuated it when they first met and her teacher did too. Tina lets Bette go to her ultrasound. Burr hires Jenny to write his book. Bette and Tina have sex but it doesn’t mean Tina wants to get back together with Bette. Shane does Mark’s hair and they are like friends talking and…Carmen comes in and then he leaves and of course watches from the camera. Carmen basically confesses her love for Shane. She says that Jenny is basically just a placeholder for Shane. Tina goes crazy because she thinks Helena doesn’t like her apartment and other reasons. Bette sees the therapist again. Jenny finds Mark’s tapes of them all including the Shane/Carmen love confession. Jenny talks to Burr at his home. She cries and he comforts her. Benjamin who btw is married, cancels on dinner with Kit. Helena cooks for Tina. Kit comes to an AA meeting and Ivan is running it. Ivan has a girlfriend and has been seeing her for the past five years even when Ivan tried to go out with Kit. Burr tells Jenny he fell in love with a man, but he ruined it. He fires her. He tells her not to tell anyone he’s gay. Helena makes room for her and the baby.

sn 2 ep 10: “Land Ahoy” – Jenny undresses and writes on herself “Is this what you want.” She took Mark’s camera and tells him that he violated them. She tells him that all women have been intruded upon. He says he’ll move out and will take down the cameras and he’ll tell Shane and Carmen. She says not yet, she doesn’t want to ruin their vacation, she’ll decide when he can. Alice got the radio job and speaks with Dana and talks about the Olivia cruise that the gang is going on where Phoebe Sparkle, a sex writer will be on. Jenny looks into her family history history and plays Hebrew music. She asks about Aushwitz to the camera. Jenny says she won’t go on the trip. Carmen says she wants to go with her girlfriend and Jenny asks who that is. Mark tells Shane she’ll hear stuff about him, but that he’s her friend.  Bette takes her dad to the CAC. He doesn’t think she has had that bond of marriage with Tina to understand his dissolved marriage. He mentions Kit and her boyfriend, but nothing about Tina. Bette later tells him they split up. Jenny mentions threeways. Dana is on the panel on the cruise ship. Tina is being honored at a gala for all her work. Tina tells Bette she’ll still see Helena, but she wants to date Bette again. On the dance floor, Shane and Carmen kiss and Jenny sees that. Pheobe and Shane almost have sex. Just when Tina is about to get her award, Bette leaves to go to the hospital to see her father. After the cruise, Mark tells Shane and Carmen about the tapes. Oh God!

sn 2 ep 11:”Loud and Proud” – Pride 2005! Bette and Kit’s father has advanced prostate cancer and refuses treatment. Tina comes for support. He still calls Tina Ms. Kinnard as opposed to Tina. He still thinks her having a baby is inappropriate as well.  Jenny recites a prayer with her sad family history. She is trying to work out her nightmares. Shane apologizes to Jenny and says she doesn’t want to lose their friendship. Alice says she loves Dana. Dana’s brother, Howie comes to visit. They think he is straight. Mark says he’ll move now. Shane says he can stay for the night. Dana is going to be on the Gay and Lesbian Center float. Lol Shane’s shirt,” Looking is free, but touching will cost you.” Mark apologizes again. He strips like Jenny did and Jenny gets angrier. Tina brings Helena to Pride. Howie is gay. Mark drops off his keys. Jenny cries with the Hebrew music and tells him that he opened up a Pandora’s Box. She dares him to stay and deal with it. He takes his keys back. Dana says she loves Alice back. Jenny goes to a dominatrix and cries which helps her remember when she was raped at a carnival as a child in an Orthodox Jewish setting, so she gets up. Shane finally tells Carmen about herself.

sn 2 ep 12: “L’Chaim”-  Bette lets her father stay at her home in a bed with a nurse which Kit doesn’t think is a good idea. Jenny refuses to let Mark help with rent. Dana sees Lara who is currently the chef at The Planet. Lara isn’t with Gabby anymore. Helena goes out with different women and Tina is mad although she told her she can. Tina helps Bette with her dying father. Bette’s father sees Tina holding Bette and accepts them maybe and he then goes into a hallucination of his ex wife. Bette and Tina kiss later. He finally calls her Tina. Shane and Mark hang out.  Dana has dinner with Lara as friends. Alice says it’s okay. Jenny goes back to the dominatrix and later strips for men onstage. She calls herself Ms. Yeshiva Girl. Shane asks Carmen out. Alice thought she lost Dana. Bette and Kit’s father dies.

sn 2 ep 13: “Lacuna” – Shane asks why Jenny stripped last night. She says that it makes her feel good because she gets to decide. She says that Shane is lucky that she can remember bad stuff that happened to her as a child because she can’t. Shane says she should be careful. While Bette and Tina go to an appointment, Helena bombards them and asks Tina to a lunch, but she says no. Alice gets needy with Dana. Tina plans to have the baby at home. Tina tells Bette she wants to move back into Bette’s place-their home. Bette is happy. Helena’s mother and Winnie and the kids have lunch with Helena even if she doesn’t want to. Peggy is buying Winnie a home in NYC and the kids will get to see her often. Helena is mad. There is a funeral for Bette and Kit’s father. Gloria Steinem is at the funeral. Dana and Lara flirt a little. Alice asks Dana to move in. Alice asks if she wants to see other people. Dana says no. Bette is fired. Gloria talks about feminism. Tina’s water breaks. Alice and Dana have a little argument. Shane and Carmen have sex. Tina gets a C-section at the hospital. Tina names the baby girl, Angelica. Jenny tries to kill herself in the bathtub with a razor blade. Shane comforts her and says she’ll get help. Everyone takes turns holding Angelica while Tina is in recovery.

Now that all of that has been established, the third season expands horizons and the plot thickens too.

sn 3 ep 1: “Labia Majora”- Alice has longer hair and she talks on her radio show. It’s six months later and Dana is no longer with her, she’s with Lara now. Alice takes anti depressants. Bette and Tina go with Angelica to a baby class. Angus is running it. Bette asks him to pay at Angelica’s birthday party. Bette is stressed out because a social worker is coming later for Bette to legally be Angelica’s mother too. Helena bought a movie studio. A psychic predicts a bisexual lover for her. Helena later thinks it’s Alice. Bette and Tina see a sex therapist. Bette and Tina are doing attachment parenting. The social worker is a rude woman in a wheelchair. Jenny (who has long hair again)  is with her religious Jewish mom at home and she thinks being gay is part of her sickness. Jenny says her therapist doesn’t have a problem with her being gay. Shane meets Carmen’s Mexican family as her ‘friend.’ The social worker thinks there should be a significant man in Angelica’s life. Alice crashes her car into the social worker’s car after being in a car chase with Dana. The social worker is not impressed but says they’ll get a second chance. Moira is introduced as Jenny’s girlfriend. Carmen’s mom says she is part of the family and invites Shane to come to a Quincinera. She wants her to wear a dress and asks if she has a boyfriend. Carmen puts the dress on her. Alice spies on Dana and Lara in their home. Lara feels a lump on Dana’s breast.  Jenny and Moira have sex in Jenny’s parents’ home until her mom and step father catch them. Jenny tells them off. Her mother asks if what happened to her in her childhood made her how she is. Jenny asks why she didn’t protect her. Jenny thanks her for acknowledging what happened to her finally. Alice has a shrine of Dana pictures including a cardboard cutout of her in her home. Kit has menopause.

sn 3 ep 2: “Lost Weekend” – I don’t understand how a lot of the intro scenes in various episodes go with the rest of the episodes from this one or the last one or future ones. I won’t always talk about them.  Jenny is with Moira on the road and finds out Moira has a tazer gun as well as a razor blade. Kit gets someone, Billie Blaikie to help out with The Planet. Alice goes to a support group for love addicts. Helena hires someone to clean Alice’s apartment. Jenny tells Moira she’s not her girlfriend and they have sex. Helena tries to get the shrine dismantled, but Alice keeps the cutout. Moira is able to easily pee standing up. Moira and Jenny run out of gas and people help them out and think Moira is a guy, she agrees and calls herself Max. Alice thinks the gang is talking about her birthday, but they are talking about Angelica’s birthday party. People think Moira was in the wrong bathroom so she gets called a faggot. Jenny tazers the guy who beat Moira up. Billie hosts The Planet’s casino night. David calls the people freaks. Moira dances with another woman at a bar and Jenny gets jealous. Moira asks if she wants her to be her girlfriend or not. Jenny asks why she can’t ever be dominant when having sex with her. Bette and Tina ask David if he can say he is the man in Angelica’s life that the social worker wants. Once the social worker comes right after asking, he leaves and says he doesn’t believe in gay adoption. Helena tells Bette and Tina that Alice thought they were throwing her a party, so they add her name to Angelica’s cake. Carmen’s mother sets Carmen up for a dance with a guy who is in love with Carmen. Bette and Tina hire Angus as a nanny. Carmen does a sexy dance for Shane. Jenny wants Moira to be her girlfriend now, but Moira doesn’t know. Tina sexts a random man online.

sn 3 ep 3: “Lobsters” – Wax, a skate shop invites Shane to check it out and take it over. The NEA pulled their funding on Bette’s art exhibit. Jenny and Moira are home and see Shane and Carmen.  Helena shows Tina around the movie studio  and offers her a job there. Kit  likes Angus. Carmen doesn’t like Moira. Alice still talks about her messed up life on the radio. Dana sees Bette and Tina’s gynecologist. Alice’s producer is fumed that she keeps mentioning Dana’s name. She gives her another chance though. Dana gets a mammogram. Tina questions Bette’s desire to get a job. Jenny talks about her time in the hospital and about her new editor. Angus tells Kit to put out a record. The gang eats seafood which Moira doesn’t eat. She tells a story of how it’s unethical. They ignore her and she leaves. They badmouth Moira behind her back when Jenny runs after her. Alice tells Dana how she’s trying to get over her.  Bette’s credit card is declined. Bette thinks about selling a painting. Dana tells Lara not to seduce her. Tina accepts Helena’s job offer.

sn 3 ep 4: “Light My Fire”- Jenny is going to be a waitress at The Planet and burns her story, Some of Her Parts. Moira shows up. Tina goes to her first staff meeting at the movie studio with Helena. Russell Simmons wants Carmen to DJ the same day of Shane’s Wax opening which most of the gang goes to later. Billie Blaikie has a crush on Moira thinking she’s a guy. Billie Jean King has a cameo interviewing Dana. Billie B. finds out that Moira is a woman and invites her to a party. Helena and Tina see a screening and invest in the filmmaker, Dylan Moreland’s film. Helena likes her. Angus kisses Kit. She says she’s too old for him. Jenny and Moira go to the party and transgender people are there. Jenny says she doesn’t ever want to write a screenplay. Billie asks basically if Moira is trans and she says she’s thought about it. Bette fills in for Julia Lorde in a case about art. A man starts to burn art calling it pornographic in the court. Bette tells him off. Dana beats her opponent in a tennis match and wins a Mercedes car. Alice talks about blowing Bush out of the office on the radio. The Senator of Connecticut who has a husband tries to seduce Bette. Bette says she can’t sleep with her and that she’s with Tina. Bette calls Tina and asks what she thinks and they have a little argument.  Bette leaves the Senator’s home. Carmen later brings Russell to Wax and plays a mix there.

sn 3 ep 5: “Lifeline” – Dana has cancer and needs surgery. Bette discovers Tina’s sext conversation on her laptop.  A man at Tina’s work sees a picture of she and her baby and asks about her husband and all she says is that she doesn’t have a husband. Billie hosts bisexual speed dating at The Planet. Alice brings Helena even though Helena isn’t bisexual. Angus writes Kit a song. Carmen yells at Moira making a mess. At speed dating, Alice meets a vampirologist, Uta Refson. Bette asks about the sexting. Tina says it’s not what it is. Helena comes to Dylan’s home. Dylan kisses her. They almost have sex until Dylan’s boyfriend gets home. Lara tries to make Dana feel better, but Dana stops her. Dana tells the gang about her upcoming operation and says it’s fine. She doesn’t tell them how bad it is. Moira interviews at a computer/IT place and the guy interviewer is rude about her gender. The guy who likes Tina at work gets her a poster. Lara tells Dana that she doesn’t think she should be the only one who knows about the badness of her cancer. Cherie comes to Wax to get her hair cut by Shane. Cherie got divorced. Carmen meets Cherie. She gets mad. When did Shane tell Carmen about Cherie though? Did I miss something? Well anyway, Carmen tells tells Shane to act like she has a girlfriend.  Bette meditates. Jenny gets Moira to bind her breasts, put a dildo on under jeans and to put on a muscle tank top. She says she looks hot. Carmen DJs at Wax again. Alice goes out with Uta. She bites Alice with her fangs and tricks her with her reflection in Alice’s mirror. Bette says she may be offered a job at The Whitney and assumes they’d move to NY. Tina says she would have to think about it. Uta and Alice have sex. Alice thinks she may be a real vampire. Dana and Lara have sex and it’s sad because it’s before her surgery to remove her breast. Tina tells Bette she has feelings about men. Shane goes over to Cherie’s house and they have sex.

sn 3 ep 6: “Lifesize” – Oh I see…the opening scene here is with one of the gay men from another one of the opener scenes which includes Bette with a man as college students having sex and coming out to one another. Shane comes home and Carmen is angry that she had sex with Cherie. Tina tells Bette that she likes Josh, a producer at her work. Apparently she heard them flirting on the phone before. Kit and Angus had sex and he tells her he loves her. She doesn’t say it back. Alice lets her cleaning lady throw the Dana cutout out.  A publisher from Simon and Schuster comes to The Planet while Jenny is working and Billie gets angry. She wants to publish her book.  She wants her to make the book more autobiographical than it is and for Jenny to talk about her story. She gives her an editor and an advance. Jenny is happy. Dana brings Lara to the hospital. Shane says she isn’t in love with Carmen. Bette kind of lets Tina have sex with a man if she wants to. Tina and Helena meet with Dylan and her boyfriend at the studio. Billie calls Moira a cute boy. He says he could get her hormones if she wants. Shane apologizes and Carmen accepts. Dylan tells Helena that nothing’s going to happen between them again. The surgeon tells Lara he is only legally allowed to give info to family. Lara tells Alice everything about how sick she is. She also gets Dana’s parents to come in. The cancer spread past her breast. Helena asks Tina about falling in love with a straight woman. Tina was straight until she met Bette. Dylan comes back and she and Helena have sex. Dana’s parents tell Alice and Lara to leave. They stay and talk to Dana. Bette is mad that Kit and Angus are sleeping together. Moira/Max takes Billie up on his offer to call Tom to get hormones. Jenny finds Moira and Billie having sex. She says that he made her feel like a real guy. The rest of the gang finds out about Dana and leaves the band they were seeing to visit her.

sn 3 ep 7: “Lone Star” – The scene opener is of Alice and Bette on a date at the Opera back when they used to date having sex in the audience. Jenny injects Max with hormones. Max corrects Jenny that just because she is helping Max become a man it doesn’t mean they’re doing it together. Dana pushes Lara away. Carmen and Shane get matching tattoos. Lol Alice’s pigtails! Uta tells Alice to properly let Dana go. Uta leaves. Kit yells at Billie for not taking The Planet seriously. Helena says she and Dylan should just be friends because Dylan is with someone.  Jenny is going to NY to meet with her book editor. Dana is at home with the gang. They give her a cake, but she pushes it away. The gang talks about gold stars, lone stars, Jewish stars lol. Dana pushes the gang away. Billie’s lover of 12 years was sick and died a while ago. Max kisses Billie. They have sex. Tina and Josh flirt. The aria from the opera comes on and it turns out that their date from the beginning of the episode was Bette and Alice’s third date before they broke up and Bette met a straight girl she liked, maybe Tina? Lara tells Alice Dana needs Alice. Bette helps Dana relax. Tina and Josh almost have sex until he says she is so not a lesbian and blah blah blah. But how did he find out that she likes women? I guess he knew all along. And anyway she could be bi… Tina calls him an ignorant ass and that she’s still his boss. Kit catches Billie snorting coke. She tells him off. I love his shirt saying bad people wear fur. Shane is distracted. Lara and Dana kind of break up because Dana pushes her away so much. Alice goes to try to retrieve the Dana cutout from the garbage mines. Carmen and Shane see a needle and think Jenny is hurting herself again. Max tells them he’s transitioning. Jenny’s editor doesn’t like her book. The editor thinks the book views cutting and being a victim not good for people who would read the book. The editor wants to see her strength. They argue and Jenny leaves. Alice tells Dana she needs to stop self pitying and shouldn’t have let Lara leave. Alice will take care of Dana. The publisher tries to get the editor and Jenny to work it out, but to no avail. Alice gets Dana to go to The Planet to see a band until they talk about Max transitioning and Alice’s article about sex changes and getting breasts removed. The irony or whatever the word is, is sad.

sn 3 ep 8: “Late Comer”- The episode starts with a flashback seven and a half months ago with Dana breaking up with Alice and Alice saying she doesn’t know if she can live without her. Kit is getting her new record produced by the band, Betty which is a band who performs the theme song to the show and have performed other times on the show besides some of them having small parts. Bette tells Tina to move out. Tina takes Angelica from her. Carmen had a dream that Shane gave Cherie a matching tattoo and gets mad at Shane for it. She’s mad at Shane about her dream. Dana’s hair starts falling out. Max sends an email about going by Max with male pronouns. Bette goes on a silent meditation retreat for ten days. Bette says that Tina can’t see Kit. The social worker is in the area and says it’s obvious that Tina isn’t happy with Bette and may want to rethink the adoption. Tina says she wouldn’t even be saying it if they were a heterosexual couple. Angus butts into Kit’s recording session. Dana has Shane cut all her hair off because she doesn’t want to see it all fall out. Tina, Helena and Dylan visit Kit in the recording studio. Bette calls Kit and tells her to tell Tina it’s okay to visit her until Kit tells Bette that Tina went anyway.  Gender reassignment surgery isn’t covered under insurance so Jenny offers to pay. Instead they will hold a fundraiser. Dylan holds Helena’s hand. They have sex. Jenny writes a story about what she and Max are going through. They fight. He apologized and said it’s the testosterone. Dylan says she’s going to tell her boyfriend about Helena. The gang takes Dana to a basketball game. Max says he understands why Dana wouldn’t want to be around him and that it is life and death for him too though. She doesn’t agree. Angus says he wants to marry Kit. They fight and make up. Betty cheers them on. Max uses the men’s room. Max says how he tried to kill himself when he was ten. Dana understands further. The basketball arena cheers Dana on. She doesn’t like it, but Max tells her it’s not for her, it’s for them.

sn 3 ep 9: “Lead, Follow or get Out of the Way” – The scene opener continues again seven months ago, Dana walks out having just broken up with Alice, crying and she tells Lara she broke up with her. Dana says she didn’t break up with her for Lara, but that it wasn’t working. Dylan says Helena shouldn’t touch her arm in public.  Alice and Dana are friends and hang out. Kit doesn’t understand Max’s transition. The fundraiser is prom themed. Shane never finished high school.  Shane hangs out with Carmen’s family. Tina meets a new guy, Henry who has a son. He asks her out. Carmen’s mom sees that Shane and Carmen have matching tattoos. Max doesn’t want Jenny dancing with another guy. Carmen is angry Shane gets distracted during sex. Kit loves Angus, but she doesn’t want to get married until gay people can get married as well which makes him love her more. Max is mad that not enough money was raised. Jenny tells him off. Tina tells Henry about Bette and such. Dylan films Helena saying she has to have sex with her to get anything (funding for her documentary) from her. Carmen’s mom sets Shane up with a guy. Carmen tells her she is dating Shane. She tells them to leave. After Helena leaves, Dylan’s boyfriend comes and she tells him she thinks she got it. He is happy. Alice is going on a date, but it seems Dana doesn’t want her to. Tina and Henry kiss. Dylan is suing Helena for sexual harassment. Dana calls Alice while on her date and wants her to come over. Alice comes over and Dana is freezing hot. Shane is angry Carmen told her mother about them right then and there. She says she doesn’t want to lose Carmen’s family. Dana goes to the hospital. She has an infection. Tina and Henry have sex. Bette is about to leave the silent retreat.

sn 3 ep 10: “Losing the Light” – The scene opener is with Lara in Paris at a spa. She sees a woman with one breast and gets up and calls Dana. The episode shows the exact time that things happen. Alice says that Dana is right that bisexuality is gross after she sees Tina leave for a date with Henry. Bette leaves the silent retreat. Carmen says she cheated on Shane after she cheated on her. Tim is back. He has a pregnant wife. They talk to Jenny and Max. Peggy helps Helena out with the lawsuit. Jenny tells Tim that Max is a pre-op transsexual and he doesn’t take it well. Max didn’t want Jenny to tell Tim. Dana says she loves Alice on the hospital bed. She says it back friend wise I think. A guy at a bus stop asks if Bette is breaking up with a husband or boyfriend. She doesn’t correct him. Alice went out of the hospital to get snacks and a gift. Dylan’s lawyer shows the tape of Helena saying she has to have sex with her… Tonya comes by the hospital. She and Alice talk, but Alice never tells her that Dana is in the hospital. Tonya is trying to have a baby on her own I think. Jenny sees herself as Tim’s wife for a moment. Max and Jenny tell Tim that she’s being published. They kind of fight. Why are they having lunch together? Tina and Henry eat out with his friends and his son and people at the restaurant think Angelica is adopted. Kit worries about Angus who comes back late. Helena’s lawyer says they will not settle. Helena says to Dylan to tell her she never wants to see her again. Dylan says just that and so Helena signs the paper I think to settle. Max says Tim is not that bad. Jenny thinks the opposite. She says she would have killed herself if that was her life. Shane and Carmen have makeup sex. Alice gets back to the hospital, but Dana is already dead at 2:35 pm.

sn 3 ep 11: “Last Dance” – Everyone is at Dana’s funeral. The gang is seated at the back against their wishes. The preacher or whatever says Dana would have found a husband. Alice stands up and says she was gay and leaves. Max is interviewed at the same place he interviewed before as Moira but for a different position. Alice steals Dana’s ashes. Dylan leaves a package at Helena’s doorstep. It’s footage of Dylan telling Helena that she’s sorry. Max gets the job at In Tech Mode that he wants. Shane asks Carmen to marry her. Bette comes to see Joyce Wishnia, and says she doesn’t want 50/50 custody, she’s wants sole custody. She plays the race card. Jenny is mad that Max won’t tell off the people at the new job for paying a man more than a woman. The gang goes to scatter Dana’s ashes at Camp Imalahkaha like she would have wanted. Dana says how she first met Dana interviewing her  for a sports article. The flashback ensues. It didn’t go well at first. Alice got Dana to come out to her eventually years later though. Shane talks about a flashback where she seduces a nude performance artist and Dana was watching (still while in the closet). Jenny says that she and Dana fooled around once and stopped. They danced after (which they did not show that part of the scene before this episode). Shane flashes back to taking Dana to a Tegan and Sara concert while on drugs. Carmen still hasn’t said yes to marrying Shane until later when she says yes. Alice scatters her ashes in the river first and most of the gang follows. Lara is at Alice’s doorstep. Lara comes in. They kiss.

sn 3 ep 12: “Left Hand of  the Goddess” – Lara and Alice have sex and it’s sad and it’s six weeks later. Shane is meeting her dad. Carmen tries on wedding dresses. Shane’s dad said that his wife made him meet her. It turns out that Shane has a brother and she later meets him and her dad’s wife. Bette is going to take a dean position. Kit is pregnant even though she has menopause. Jenny goes to dinner with Max and his boss and friends. She is inappropriate. Shane tells her family she’s getting married. She invites them. The gang goes to Canada where gay marriage is legal. Carmen’s family comes and accepts her. While Max goes skiing, Jenny meets a woman, Claude who assumes Max is a transsexual. She is writing an article for a magazine about it. They have sex. Angus is happy about Kit being pregnant, but she doesn’t know if she’ll keep it. He supports her. At Shane’s bachelor party, Jenny and Alice and the gang give their toasts and such. Shane says she wants kids. Alice is Shane’s best man. There is a dirty rap performance for Shane. Bette calls Joyce to tell her she may not want to do sole custody and to not send the letter about her wanting sole custody after she Tina had a nice day together. Lara wants to talk, but Alice doesn’t want to. Carmen meets Shane’s dad and his wife. Helena paid for the whole wedding. Alice meets the woman marrying Shane and Carmen, Marilyn later. Henry tells Tina to think about giving Bette custody with Tina. Tina sees the letter. Shane sees her dad with another woman. Marilyn sees Peggy-they used to be lovers. Tina tells Bette she doesn’t want Bette to be Angelica’s mother at all. Shane leaves Carmen at the altar. Jenny dances with Claude and tells Max he’s always going to be one of the others. Shane’s dad found $10,000 which Helena gave to him for a gift for Shane and went off with the new woman. Peggy cuts Helena off financially. Peggy and Marilyn run off together. Bette took off with Angelica without Tina’s permission.

Now that the plot has thickened, Jenny will get increasingly more full of herself and new characters will be introduced of course including Alice who gets a new love interest.

sn 4 ep 1: “Legend in the Making”- Lara left and took a new job in San Francisco. Bette still has Angelica somewhere. Bette has a new boss named, Phyllis. Shane walks out of the ocean to Cherie’s house. Shane does coke and Cherie insults Carmen. Helena has to adjust to living without her mother’s money. Jenny is angry with Shane and Max says to have some compassion. Jenny says she is gay and that Max identifies as a straight man and they don’t go together. Helena talks to her lawyer. Kit wants to get an abortion. Alice offers to have Helena live with her. Jenny’s book, Some of Her Parts is coming out. Jenny and Alice tell Helena about Our Chart and it shows that Shane has slept with 963 women. There is a woman who has more hits than Shane-Papi, who has slept with 1151 women. Max’s boss sets him up with his daughter. Tina gets Angelica back from Bette with Joyce present. Max goes to a trans male meeting. Tina and Bette will battle it out in court. They do still have a custody schedule though. Alice talks about finding Papi on her radio show. Jenny and Claude have sex. Angus takes Kit to get an abortion. The abortion clinic bombards her with pictures of what her baby could look like and more. It is not an abortion clinic. Shane goes to see Carmen, but her cousin pushes her out. Shane gets in  a car accident.  One review isn’t that good for Jenny’s book. Helena and Tina will get a new boss. At Jenny’s book premiere party book signing at The Planet, Marina comes back which takes the attention away from Jenny. Marina has been touring with dancers. Claude wants Marina to have sex with she and Jenny. They almost have a threeesome until Jenny lets Claude and Marina have sex without her  Shane’s dad’s now ex wife leaves Shane’s little brother, Shay at Shane’s home.

sn 4 ep 2: “Livin’ La Vida Loca” – Alice goes to a Latinx club looking for Papi. Shane can’t find her father to take Shay back. Jenny starts getting a bit more full of herself around now kind of ever since she met Claude btw. Bette talks to Phyllis Kroll who is Executive Vice Chancellor of California University where Bette now works as a dean. Tina talks to her new boss. He asks her to fire Helena. Bette is teaching a class. Alice says how she came to her senses with bisexuality and Tina hasn’t. Bette and Tina still have Angelica each 50 per cent of the time. Kit got the abortion. Apparently Tina got abortions many years ago as well. Bette’s student, Nadia has a major crush on Bette. Nadia has seen Bette’s CAC shows. Nadia flirts with Bette. Nadia got the TA position. Max goes out with his boss’s daughter. They later kiss. Alice meets Papi in a limo. Jenny meets a journalist for Curve magazine, Stacy Merkin who is writing an article on her. They are both Jewish lesbians. Stacy’s partner is also a survivor of sexual abuse. Alice interviews Papi about crashing her Our Chart server for sleeping with so many women. Jenny really opens up to Stacy. Alice and Papi have sex-Alice is so funny! Kit feels sad about the abortion for Angus. Helena sees Alice come out of the sex limo with Papi. Helena meets Papi next… Jenny sees Stacy’s review, and it’s not good actually. Jenny curses in front of Shay about Stacy and gets mad that Shay got milk on her designer bag. Phyllis tells Bette that she has two kids and a husband. She says she’s a lesbian. She says she needs to talk to her about it. Jenny goes to the office of Curve to try to see Stacy. She yells at the receptionist. Lol she even says that her last name means vagina wig! Shay ran away from Shane at Wax. Shane fires her assistant. The gang helps look for Shay. A trucker has Shay. Shay is almost ten btw. The trucker returns Shay to Shane. Helena and Papi have sex in the bushes. Helena is Alice’s roommate.

sn 4 ep 3: “Lassoed” – Nadia is more direct with her flirtations toward Bette. Shane tries to get Shay into school. Jenny went to Stacy’s house at four in the morning to see if she was home. Elle magazine gave Jenny’s book a good review. Alice gives Helena roommate boundaries. Phyllis overhears Bette talking about a hot women’s party at The Planet and asks to join. She later goes to it. Tina didn’t know if she should invite Bette to her mixer with Henry. Bette declines the invite though. She later comes after all. Angus got a big record deal. Max wasn’t invited to Tina and Henry’s. Helena is going to be Shane’s new receptionist at Wax. At the mixer an argument occurs with the straight homophobes. Papi and Shane meet. The band tells Angus he is not in the band really. He pushes Kit away. Jenny tells Max to look up online to try and find a woman, Lindsey. She says she is her friend and that she’s doing an article for Salon magazine. She needs Max to hack and find her. Shay goes to school. Phyllis likes Alice. Bette tells Alice. Helena is a bad receptionist. Max’s girlfriend wants him to take his shirt off and swim with her. He says he can’t. Shane gets an offer from the director of Hugo Boss to model. She turns him down. Alice goes out with Phyllis even though Bette thought she’d turn her down. Helena isn’t going to be a receptionist anymore. Bette gives Nadia a ride home. They have sex.

sn 4 ep 4: “Layup” – Alice and Phyllis have sex. Alice teaches her how lol! Jenny calls herself Debby and adopts a dog named Sounder. The woman who gave her the dog thinks she takes in dogs in their final days a lot. Papi invites Alice and her friends to play basketball with her. Kit wants to do a duet with Angus on her new record since he is still down in the dumps. Jodi Lerner, a deaf artist at California University meets Bette. Tom is her interpreter. Jodi’s name has been mentioned in other recent episodes, but this is the first one she’s actually on. Jenny has dog allergies, but it’s fine. Max tells his girlfriend he’s trans. She calls him a freak and leaves. An art collector comes to see some art at the college. Jodi didn’t do what Bette asked her to do and showed the collector a student’s political art piece. Jenny sees a vet and lies about Sounder and their relationship. The vet shows Jenny a photo of she and her girlfriend, Stacy! She has to put the dog down. A new babysitter, Hazel flirts with Angus. Bette tells Nadia that they can’t have sex again or else. Shane went to a PTA meeting and meets a parent, Paige Sobel. They set up a playdate with the boys. Bette is mad Alice slept with Phyllis because she is her boss and married with kids and is considerably older than her. Jenny doesn’t want Tina to join the basketball team because she’s with a guy. Papi lets her play.  The game is interrupted and postponed because Shay fell of his skateboard. Shane doesn’t have insurance to pay for the hospital bills for Shay’s arm, so Shane takes up modeling for Hugo Boss underwear.

sn 4 ep 5: “Lez Girls” – The vet puts Sounder to sleep. The vet asks Jenny (still as Debby) to dinner. Angus and Hazel have sex. Alice tries to distance herself from Phyllis a little. Phyllis gets Alice a lesbian sex book. Jenny and the vet flirt during dinner. Jenny pries into hers and Stacy’s life. She says she can’t kiss Jenny and that Stacy is coming by tomorrow. One of Jenny’s many lies is that she is in school studying manatees. Tina and Henry see Hazel and Angus kissing. Tina tells Bette. Lez Girls is a new story by Jenny in The New Yorker. Max’s boss knows that his daughter broke up with Max. He doesn’t know he’s trans though. Shane drops off Shay for the playdate. Bette doesn’t want Tina to tell Kit about Angus. They argue a little. Apparently Jenny wrote the whole gang into Lez Girls under different similar sounding names and wrote about their lives in nasty ways. Helena is working on catering for Phyllis and her husband, Leonard. Paige is a bartender and telemarketer. She has her son from a man and is done with men. She even thinks Shane is flirting, but she wasn’t. She told Shane she hoped she was flirting. Phyllis accidentally says she loves Alice on a voicemail. Alice and Jenny argue about Lez Girls. Jenny says that it’s fiction. Bette and Jodi joke about trying to get money from creepy men at the party they’re at. Papi introduces her friend, Tasha to Alice, Shane and Jenny at a party. Jodi, Bette and Tom smoke pot. Papi cuts in while Shane checks out a woman. Stacy and the vet, Lindsey are on the same dancefloor as Jenny, Alice and Shane. Jenny tells Alice to kiss her so Lindsey and Stacy don’t go over and say hi. They all see each other at different times, but no one says anything. Helena’s catering goes down the drain. It works out in the end though. Alice tries talking to an angry Tasha. Tasha has known Papi for five years. Tasha offers to take Alice for a motorcycle ride sometime. Alice meets Leonard with Phyllis. Jodi and Bette nearly kiss until they hear Phyllis and Alice arguing. Alice breaks up with her. Phyllis told her she loves her though.

sn 4 ep 6: “Luck Be a Lady” – Shane’s billboard is up. “You’re looking very Shane today.” Shane is hating it though. There’s going to be the Roll the Dice premiere. This is the episode with the phone calls and the cool screens. Phyllis keeps calling Alice and Bette. Helena is bummed about work or lack thereof. Alice and everyone is excited (except for Shane) about the premiere. Papi is going to bring Tasha to the premiere who she says thinks Alice is cute. Jodi thinks Bette is ignoring her, but is okay with that. Bette tells Alice to break up with Phyllis again. Bette can’t come to the premiere. Lindsey calls Jenny (still as Debby). Jenny asks her to come pick out a puppy. Lindsey says she is going out with Stacy though. Jenny calls Stacy on a different phone with an accent from a magazine for her to come to the premiere and interview Shane. Tina and Bette argue over Angelica’s preschool education. Papi and her gang comes to Alice and Helena’s to play poker. Bette talks to Angus about Kit about Hazel. He says he’s going to break it off with Hazel. The office Bette is working in looks like the CAC and she has the same assistant-is she still working at the CAC as well? I don’t think so-it’s probably just the same set lol. Lindsey calls Jenny and says that Stacy took a job instead of going on a romantic date with her. She asks Jenny out. A woman at Max’s job says that a guy is going to get a promotion instead of her even though she is more qualified. Bette learns some sign language online (that quickly?) and talks to Jodi. They have sex. Some women fight over Papi. Tasha breaks it up. Alice gets hit in the eye. Tasha takes her to the hospital. Tasha calls her cute. Alice says that it’s like Iraq in the hospital. Tasha says it’s not and that she’s in the national guard. They kind of argue about the war and Bush and then they stop. The woman at Max’s job is thinking of suing like he told her to and guys are badmouthing her. Shane basically tells Paige that she doesn’t want to get involved in a romantic relationship right now. Max tells his boss that he’s backing up his female coworker and that the guy discriminated against him as well. I love Lindsey’s PETA shirt. She and Jenny are on their date at home. They nearly have sex until Lindsey stops it. Afterward, Jenny feels guilty as well and starts to tell her she’s been lying until Stacy comes. The three of them are in one room at once!  Shit goes down! Bette tells Jodi she has a daughter and she tells her she doesn’t like kids. At the premiere, Tahsa tells Alice that she and Papi had awful sex once and later became best friends. She wasn’t her type anyway, she says she likes girly girls. Helena meets Catharine and they play poker at the premiere. Angus tells Bette he broke up with Hazel. Tasha wants to take things slow with Alice and then Phyllis comes in and says she divorced her husband for Alice. Tasha leaves. Jodi apologizes to Bette. Helena is now in debt $50,000 from poker. Apparently Catherine knows she can’t pay from talking to her mother, so she gives her a key to her hotel.

sn 4 ep 7: “Lesson Number One” – Tasha has a flashback of the war. Bette and Jodi have sex. Bette says she thinks she could fall in love with her, but Jodi doesn’t know she said that. Jenny buries Sounder’s ashes. Max critiques Lez Girls saying everybody knows who it’s about. Jenny gets angry. Phyllis cries to Bette on the phone.  Jenny, kit, Alice and Shane tell Helena if she whores herself out it’s okay. Papi tells Tasha she had sex with Alice. She gets mad. A coworker has respect for what Max did for his female coworker. Paige’s son and Shay fought another boy for accusing them and Paige and Shane for being gay. They tell the principal to do something about not using gay as an insult. Paige and Shane will do it themselves. Bette and Jodi try to help Phyllis with the breakup. Alice could make a lot of money from selling Our Chart, which has become a vast lesbian social networking site. Max will help her. Jodi says she can’t be monogamous. Bette is taken aback. Kit didn’t know that Angus cheated until Tina thought she knew and said so basically. Papi says to Alice that she and the others shouldn’t judge Tina “going straight.” Papi tells Alice she should forget Tasha if she can’t deal with her in the army. Tina goes to Jenny about making Lez Girls into a movie. Alice goes to the army base to surprise Tasha with a visit. Tasha takes her on a helicopter ride and holds her hand. Helena goes to Catherine’s mansion. Catherine wants to play strip gin rummy. Tasha and Alice kiss. Tasha wants to wait to have sex though.  Helena wins and she’s free. However, she stays and has sex with Catherine anyway. Paige and Shane talk to Shay’s class about tolerance and being gay. Jenny meets with other movie companies for the Lez Girls bidding war. Later we learn that Jodi did know that Bette told her she thinks she could fall in love with her. Shane and Paige start to have sex.

sn 4 ep 8: “Lexington and Concord” – Tina and Bette have a nice conversation about when they were together. Tina says sometimes she thinks she made a mistake…until Jodi comes in. Angelica is even learning sign language. Papi flirts with Kit and since she is mad at Angus, Kit doesn’t mind. Bette is jealous that Jodi is seeing other people. Max hires an intern, Grace to help with Alice’s Chart. Catherine and Helena are going strong with gambling/betting and dating. Lol when she calls Helena’s kids brats! Paige and Shane have car sex. Tina thinks Bette and Jodi are in love. Jenny says that it’s looking good that she’d choose Tina for the movie rights ‘s company over the other buyers and Bette says that she should automatically hire Tina because they’re friends. Catherine takes Helena to play poker and sway their opponent by making out in front of him. Grace wears a shirt saying war is terrorism with a bigger budget. The gang talks about it. Tasha gets angry. Kit and Angus perform at The Planet which the gang goes to. However, Kit curses Angus out onstage and leaves. She starts drinking. She gets angry at Bette. Papi comes to Kit’s rescue. Tasha and Alice argue over war and Bush. Catherine and Helena have money sex. Tasha and Alice have angry sex. OMG I love Tasha and Alice!!!!!!!!!!! Kit and Papi kiss and almost have sex. Shane’s father comes back.

sn 4 ep 9: “Lacy Lilting Lyrics” –  Jenny goes with Tina’s company. Now they are on the search for a director.They meet with bad directors. Bette sees Jodi with another woman. Angus helps out with The Planet. Kit gets angry. Papi brings Kit flowers and hits on her further. Kit says Papi should bring her emotional side out further. Helena comes into Tasha and Alice in their bed while they’re naked to talk about Catherine. Papi comes in after lol. Alice tells Helena to think about it with Catherine. Tasha is dressed, but Alice just has a blanket on and answers the door to Leonard! Shane argues with her father. He wants to take Shay back to Oregon and that she can’t sue. Leonard asks Alice and the others what she did to his wife.   They all try to talk to Leonard and help him out all in Alice’s bed lol. He cries! Next Phyllis comes and Alice apologizes. She accepts. Jodi broke it off with the other woman. Max comes late to work. His boss is an asshole. Shane gives Shay a gift for his birthday because she won’t be able to give it to him on his actual birthday. She says her goodbyes and cries. Grace tells Max to quit. Max’s sister, Maggie calls and tells him their mom died, but doesn’t want him to go to the funeral. Grace says she’ll go with him. Angus apologizes to Kit. Kit is drinking again. Bette and Jodi make up. She invites Jodi to meet her friends over for a dinner party. A director proposes a musical version of Lez Girls with Marina and other dancers performing a scene for  Jenny and Tina. Alice and Shane spray paint Shane’s billboard so Shane doesn’t have to get mad every time Shane passes by it.

sn 4 ep 10: “Little Boy Blue” – Catherine and Helena are going horse betting…sexy style. Grace comes with Max to see his family. Jodi’s ex comes by and they argue. Maggie says it’s not that she didn’t want him to come, it’s just that their father is ignorant. Paige’s son misses Shay, so they come over to hang out with Shane.  Apparently Max’s mom always thought he should have been born a boy. Max’s father and his wife tell Max to leave. Shane invites Paige to Bette’s upcoming dinner party. Jenny and Tina meet a female director, Kate Arden. She and Tina hit it off. They hire her. Max’s father gives Max a gift. Papi asks if Kit is still in love with Angus, she says no. Bette invites Tina and Henry to the dinner party, she says she already has plans with Kate. In fact, she’ll bring her to the party. At the horse race Tasha doesn’t want PDA in public. Kit is going to Bette’s party tomorrow night. Jenny, Papi and Kit are also at the horse race. Max’s father calls him son. Catherine and Helena bet $100,000. A soldier sees Tasha with Alice and the others. He suspects they are gay. Tasha says they’re friends. Is that the same guy from previous opener scenes? Max’s father introduces Max as someone else’s son with no word from Moira. The horses start and Catherine and Helena have sex assuming their horse will win. They lose. Jenny’s horse wins. Max says he’s not going to the funeral. Jodi wants Bette to meet her friends eventually. She says she loves her. Max watches the funeral from afar. Kate talks to Jodi differently because she’s deaf. Bette interprets for Jodi during the party even though Jodi tells her a few times that she doesn’t need to. Jodi gets left out a bit. Jenny and the others talk about gay theories. Bette gets jealous with Tina and Kate. Bette tells Papi not to let Kit drink. The party goes to shit. Jodi tells Bette that if she would have wanted an interpreter at the party she would have brought Tom. They argue.

sn 4 ep 11: “Literary License to Kill” – Papi and Kit start to have sex, but she eventually tells Papi to stop and that she’s not a lesbian. Alice wants to take Tasha to Mexico for a trip. Tasha pushes Alice out of the way from a car almost going into her. Tasha saw a flashback of the war as she pushed her out of the way. Everyone is reading the book version of Lez Girls.  Phyllis doesn’t want Bette and Jodi to break up. Max is replaced by the very female coworker he tried to help on a specific project at work. Tasha’s boss, Private Brown at the army tells her to be more careful about her ‘lifestyle.’ Max asks Alice if he could work for her full time. Alice and Shane don’t trust Catherine. Max quits his job. Leonard wants Phyllis back still. She’s not having it. Jenny tried writing the Lez Girls script, but Kate and someone else tell Tina they want a different screenwriter. Shane got Paige’s son a gift. Apparently Tina is still with Henry technically. Henry hears Tina talking to Kate on the phone. Max and Grace have sex. Henry and Tina break up. He also says “once a lesbian always a lesbian.” Alice gets Tasha a watch, but once she sees it she has a war flashback of a woman who got killed who was in a custody battle with her husband. Tasha leaves without saying anything. Alice goes to the base again and Tasha tells her to leave. Brown saw them together. Phyllis’s daughter, Molly is angry her mom’s breaking up the family. It’s Paige’s birthday.  Bette asks why everyone runs from her. Tina tells her she’s a control freak. They have a moment slightly as well. They commiserate over not liking Jenny as well. It turns out Shane and everyone did remember Paige’s birthday. Jodi is going to leave CU and she has other things lined up. Shane and Paige celebrate at The Planet watching a performance. Jenny likes Kate. Kit does coke. She asks Angus to drive her to a meeting. Jodi is on her way to NY when Bette tries to see her. Tasha apologizes and says she can’t accept the watch. Tasha says that she is going back to Iraq and she wasn’t supposed to fall for anyone.

sn 4 ep 12: “Long Time Coming” – Jenny can’t talk to Tina. She’s too busy because she’s going to get a puppy. Tina tells her never-mind the meeting has been cancelled. Paige wants more alone time with Shane.  Alice is mad that Tasha is going back to Iraq. Eva Torres is Papi btw. Tasha needs to see a doctor to get a clean health bill. Tasha isn’t trying to get out of it, but Alice doesn’t want that. Helena moves in with Catherine. Papi tells her Catherine is an asshole basically. Tina tries to help Bette get Jodi back. Paige’s son doesn’t want Paige to be gay. Shane tells him that if she and his mom date then Shay can be like a brother. The company wants Jenny’s contract bought out. Joyce and Phyllis meet and she can help her out with the divorce. Jenny storms into the meeting after all with her puppy. Jenny knows that Tina lied to her. They argue at the meeting. The dog even pees on the table. Jodi is still mad at Bette. Max doesn’t know if he’s going to go through with the surgery to fully transition. Alice doesn’t want to go to Tasha’s going away party. Shane and Alice help Bette take down a metal sign for Jodi. They climb a fence, use metal cutters, a dolly and more. Dogs even chase them. Alice says that she thinks Tina wants to get back with Bette though. Catherine wants to go to a poker game with Helena instead of Helena going to Tasha’s party. Helena gets mad. Jenny’s puppy is so cute, a little Pomeranian named once again, Sounder! Jenny apologizes to Kate until Stacy Merkin shows up! Kate now turns against Jenny further. Joyce and Phyllis are dating instead of being her lawyer. Bette and Tina accidentally kiss. Lol Shane and the toothbrush in her mouth! Shane tells Paige that maybe they should buy  a house together. Lol the 50s montage! Dana pops up in Alice’s imagination telling her to go to Tasha’s party. Jenny tells Shane that she got fired from the movie. At the going away party, Catherine gets Helena to bet money on whether Shane and Paige are going to stay together after the next six months. Catherine afterward goes off to the poker game. Over the phone, Tina tells Bette what to tell Jodi what to say when Bette gives her the metal sign. Kate overhears. Helena gets so mad at Catherine that she steals her money. Alice shows up to the party and Tasha is happy. Jenny leaves Sounder on the beach and Jenny goes on a boat/raft out into nowhere. Bette surprises Jodi in NY, gives her the sign and they kiss. Alice and Tasha hold each other on the beach until morning.

Now that all of that is set, things will get a bit more complicated and emotional in this great season.

sn 5 ep 1: “LGB Tease” – The episode starts with Jenny writing the script for Lez Girls, essentially a reenactment of the pilot…kind of. Bette and Tina interview for preschool. Helena goes to jail. Paige, her son and Shane are supposed to sign a lease today. Max films Alice’s podcast with guest, Phyllis. Interesting Alice still considers herself bisexual, I guess she was just kidding when she said she wasn’t the other times. Helena’s mom is supposed to get her out of jail eventually. Alice seems slightly jealous of Phyllis and Joyce lol! Helena has a scary looking cellmate. Shane and Paige’s real estate agent reminds Shane of past lovers in front of Paige. Max decided not to go through with top surgery. He still feels like a guy equally. Tasha is ready to ship out to Iraq and calls and says bye to Alice. Kate got fired. Jodi comes back tomorrow night. Paige walks in on Shane having sex with the real estate agent. Jenny is elated talking to William whom she met in Tulum. Jenny is going to direct! Jenny has an assistant, a puppy, gorgeous dark long hair with bangs, a great wardrobe and an attitude so incredibly rude and full of herself! Shane and Jenny are such great friends! Bette is angry with Jenny. Jenny doesn’t eat sugar ahh! William loves her script. Tina and Jenny argue. Jenny will never take any of Tina’s suggestions on her script. Bette asks if Tina is getting laid. Alice, Shane and Tina visit Helena in jail. The bail is so much money so they need her mother to pay. The three of them also tell her not to ‘drop the soap.’ Helena thinks she was entitled to Catherine’s money. Helena doesn’t want to tell anyone where she hid the money. Jenny’s assistant quits. Paige asks why Shane asked to move in together. Paige still wants to be with her, but Shane doesn’t. Tina watches Bette and Jodi kissing. Phyllis doesn’t want to UHaul with Joyce even though she wants to. Bette tries to do something nice for Jodi and Jodi calls her a control freak. They have sex. Wax is on fire. It was arsen. Tasha shows up at Alice’s door! They have sex.

sn 5 ep 2: “Look out, Here They Come” – Shane goes to do hair for a bride and her two bridesmaids’ hair. She has sex with the bridesmaids. The bride tries to kiss Shane. Tina talks to a preschool director or whatever and it doesn’t work out. Tom and Max meet. Tom likes him. Paige was probably the one who burnt Wax down. Tasha is under investigation for homosexual conduct probably so she asks Captain Beech to be her lawyer. He asks her if she really wants to still be in the army. Of course she still does.  Bette, Alice, Tina and Jodi tell Tom Max is trans. At The Planet, a woman, Adele reads Some of Her Parts and is obsessed with Jenny. Kit introduces her to Jenny even though Jenny doesn’t care. Phyllis tries to break up with Joyce. Adele tells Jenny about her family and college. Jenny starts to not mind as much talking to Adele. Adele asks if she can do things for her since Jenny’s assistant quit. Helena drops the soap in the shower in jail so an inmate threatens her with a knife until her cellmate, Dusty says to stop and that Helena is with her. Tasha says she won’t get a civilian attorney because it would look like she wants an honorable discharge. The bride reminds Shane of Carmen. The bridesmaids fight over Shane. Shane will do hair for Lez Girls. Jodi and Bette go on a double date with Tasha and Alice. Tasha gets mad when Alice tells them Tasha is being investigated. Alice doesn’t understand why she wants to be apart of an institution that doesn’t allow her to be herself. Joyce tells Phyllis it’s okay if they see other people, even though she doesn’t want that. Bette tells Phyllis she may have to break up with Joyce again. Helena and Dusty have sex. Dusty is in jail for tax fraud, not for killing anyone like Helena thought. Jenny hires Adele as her assistant. Shane has sex with the bridesmaids’ mother and they all run after her!

sn 5 ep 3: ” Lady of the Lake” – Alice has a Charlie’s Angels Lez Girls dream with gaydar guns. Shane is swearing off sex. Grace suggests that Max could be a gay man since transitioning. Adele is assisting Jenny with everything and Tina and Alice aren’t having it. The gang is going to do the Pink ride soon as Team Dana for breast cancer awareness. Helena does business in jail with Dusty. Bette is going to Big Bear to meet Jodi’s friends. Alice and Shane try to get Tina to online date. Tasha still tries to get Beech to represent her. Jodi is going to be on Alice’s podcast. Beech is nasty. Tasha tells him off by saying she didn’t decide to become a lesbian, but she did decide to be in the service. He then tells her what she’d need to say for the case. Dusty and Helena talk about going to islands. Helena has a visitor. Peggy comes to bail her out.  A guy is coming with the money. She wants her record expunged. Helena doesn’t want that. They argue. Shane has a bunch of goals. One of Jodi’s friends throws Bette in the water for not playing football with them. Max made a podcast and wants someone’s opinion. Tina went on a date with a woman named, Brenda and they have sex. Kit gets robbed at gunpoint. Helena is out of jail and is leaving the country. Peggy is rude. Helena tells Shane in confidence that she is not leaving with her mom like she said she would and that she hid the money, is going to get Dusty out of jail and they’re leaving. Shane kisses Helena, she tells her she didn’t mean that. Helena leaves.

sn 5 ep 4: “Let’s Get This Party Started” – Actresses audition for Lez Girls. Jenny and Tina are there. The gang takes a self defense class.  The gang is going to SheBar, the new lesbian club owned by Dawn Denbo and her lover Cindy.  Tina wants Niki Stevens, an actress who auditioned and Jenny doesn’t. Max blogs on Alice’s site. There are some nasty comments. Two army guys come into Alice’s home and ask her about Tasha and they look around. Alice tells them to leave. They eventually leave. An artist held  a fake gun to their head in the name of art. A student comes to Bette about it. Jodi was teaching that class and Bette talks to her later. Jodi doesn’t think it’s that bad. Jenny thinks Niki can’t act and looks like she walked out of a Maxim magazine. Everyone else loves Niki. Adele says Jenny will come around to it. Alice tells Tasha about the military coming over. Tasha comes over to Beech’s home at night to yell at him about it. Alice gets Tasha to go to a closeted celebrities party. Beech comes over to Alice’s home with Tasha there. They talk about the case and bond. Shane looks at Jenny with the sexy eyes in her bra (she’s still celibate). Kit buys a gun.  Dawn/Cindy tell Kit they’re not trying to compete with her business. Tina brings Brenda to SheBar. Darryl Brewer is a football player at the closet case party Alice and Tasha go to. Niki is at SheBar and talks to Jenny. Adele set it up that Niki and Jenny would talk there. Niki isn’t out. Alice films Darryl and his boyfriend. Niki tells Jenny how much she wants the role. Niki relates to Lez Girls so much. Niki said that the studio is going to make her hire her no matter what, but she wants Jenny to want her. Dawn brings Shane to the VIP lounge. She and Cindy want to have a threesome with Shane. Yup, she breaks her celibacy after all! Tom and Max dance at SheBar. Tina is hiding from Brenda. Bette and Tina kiss.

sn 5 ep 5: “Lookin’ At You Kid” – The table read ensues with the cast of Lez Girls. Tina and Bette have an awkward conversation. Daryl Brewer insults gay people on tv and Alice and Tasha watch it. Tasha says she wishes she could out him. Shane and Cindy flirt. She invites Shane to come over later.  Niki tells Jenny about her ex girlfriends. Max thinks Adele is lying about who she is. Alice outs Daryl on her podcast and Max helps her upload it. Shane comes to Cindy’s place. She wants to have sex with Shane, but Dawn isn’t there. Cindy says they have an open relationship. They have sex. SheBar takes Kit’s idea about the drive through window and they even have bagels and such. Jenny and Niki bond. Tina tells Adele it would be great if she gives her a heads up on stuff since Jenny is a first time director etc. Many news organizations want to talk to Alice about Daryl Brewer. Max tells Jenny he did a search on Adele online. On NTB a news anchor says what Alice did was wrong. Jenny has a  party at her house with the cast of Lez Girls. The actresses meet their counterparts. One of the actresses tells Shane she’s not gay in real life. Bette argues with the actress playing her counterpart. Bette gets angry, accuses Jodi of flirting with Helena’s counterpart and leaves. Tina tells Bette what happened the other night isn’t going to happen again. Dawn and Cindy crash the party and Dawn is very angry Shane and Cindy had sex without her and says she’ll ruin The Planet and everyone else there. Jenny takes Niki through the beginning of Lez Girls and blocks it out: circa Jenny and Marina kissing in that very bathroom (Jenny and Niki kiss). Jenny and Niki have sex in a closet. Adele sees them for a couple seconds. Tasha yells at Alice for outing Daryl. Tasha also thinks that it’s not so good for her case as well.  Jodi drops a drunk Tina off at Bette’s.

sn 5 ep 6: “Lights, Camera, Action” – The first scene of Lez Girls ensues (a recreation of the first scene or so of The L Word- so essentially Jenny is the writer of The L Word maybe). Lol Jenny is so funny trying to get the actresses to learn how to have lesbian sex! She’s going to get a lesbian sex coach to teach them since they aren’t learning. Shane apologizes to Dawn and Cindy. Dawn says she wants SheBar in Jenny’s movie or else. Cindy tells Shane to call her behind Dawn’s back. Tasha and Alice break up. A talk show, The Look wants Alice to audition. Bette and Tina have sex. Jenny doesn’t want Lez Girls shot in Vancouver. William says of course they’re shooting in LA. Adele texted him for her without asking. Jenny takes Adele shopping. Joyce wants to be Phyllis’s lawyer. Adele tells Jenny to get Niki a necklace. She tells Adele she can’t tell anyone she’s dating Niki. Bette pushes Jodi away. There are rats in The Planet. The health inspector comes. Kit goes to the shooting range. Phyllis and other older women take their tops off until Molly comes. Bette and Tina talk about their relationship vs. with Jodi. They have sex again. They need to figure stuff out though relationship wise. Adele tells Jenny a bunch about the set. Jenny wonders how she knows. Phyllis wants Bette and Jodi to show Molly what a stable, honest lesbian relationship looks like. Jodi resigns due to the fake gun issues. Niki is mad at Jenny. Lez Girls begins shooting. Niki goes against her script and leaves. Niki tells Jenny that she’s treating her like a random actress even though they slept together. They have sex and make up with the mike still on. Everyone is furious. William comes by and Adele tells him Jenny and Niki are dating. Adele even tells him that Niki was going to drop out until Jenny made her her lover. He’s fine with it. It’s like a father daughter relationship with he and Jenny and he tells the others to back off of Jenny. Dawn and her posse try to get the police to shut down the movie. William offers to pay them off. It works. Kit tells Bette she may want to get a gun to protect herself. Adele gets Shane to cut her hair like Jenny’s. Max notices it looks like Jenny’s hair as well and says Shane insisted on doing Adele’s hair like that. Shane says she told her Adele insisted on her hair like that.

sn 5 ep 7: “Lesbians Gone Wild” – Tension goes on between actors on the set of Lez Girls. Lesbian Turkish Oil Wresting will be going on at SheBar. Adele is supposed to keep the postcards from Niki. Colonel Jillian Davis will be the opposing council Tasha’s case. Alice auditions for The Look. The Planet is still closed. Tasha meets Davis even though she’s not supposed to. The Look wants Alice to out people. Alice insinuates Niki is gay on The Look. The press won’t get near her though. Niki’s managers/agents get angry. Tina flirts with the Lez Girls’ dp, Sam. Molly sees the set. Alice is banned from set. Jenny and Niki spend their lunch break naked in bed talking about having kids and traveling. Niki tells Jenny she loves her. Niki sees the wrestling postcards and wants to go to SheBar. Niki is apparently supposed to be 20 btw. Adele tells Niki that she should go to SheBar basically. Later on, they need Niki on set and Adele says that she left and can’t find her, but she thinks she went to SheBar. Jodi talks to her ex as friends. Bette has kind of forceful sex with Jodi. Molly tells Shane she’s not bored enough to sleep with her. Niki oil wrestles Cindy. Dawn called the paparazzi. Tina is angry that Niki is costing her production company money because Niki is in there. Kit calls the police that SheBar is serving alcohol to minors (although Niki wasn’t actually drinking I don’t think). Niki and Jenny oil wrestle. Molly gets into it watching them. Shane gets her a drink. Alice meets Davis. She is nasty to Alice. Alice has to testify although she doesn’t want to. She runs into Tasha. Dawn gets Molly to wrestle her so Shane tries to break it up and then Cindy comes in too. The police shut down SheBar and Tina thanks them for not arresting Niki and keeping it out of the press. Jenny tells Niki she loves her back. Adele practices being the director to herself.

sn 5 ep 8: “Laydown the Law” – Nikki and her managers/agents watch a scene with Nikki as a secret agent (was that part of Lez Girls or not?). Shane tells Jodi (I guess Shane is learning sign language) about Molly and her straightness. Niki’s manager/agent is angry that Niki was photographed wrestling at SheBar. He and Tina are going to have an actor guy from the movie be photographed with Niki as ‘dating.’ Lol when Jenny avoids talking to Tina during wardrobe. Tina tells her that Niki has to go out with actor boy, Greg from the movie to the premiere tomorrow. Niki cries about it. Davis looks at a naked woman who walks into a locker room. An actress who said she’s just gay for pay wants to have sex with Shane now. Jodi is going to have a dinner party with her ex and her new girlfriend and maybe Shane and Molly. She also invited Tina and Sam. Bette gets angry Jodi didn’t ask if she can  invite Tina. Today is the day of Tasha’s trial. Molly thinks her life is boring with her boyfriend and future law career. Her mom doesn’t want her to end up like Shane. Someone who worked under Tasha testifies for Tasha favorably with Beech. Davis tricks her though and it doesn’t go well. Bette tells Tina she doesn’t want her at the dinner party. Bette doesn’t want to break up with Jodi, but it seems she wants to be with Tina. Alice needs to come back tomorrow to testify. Niki’s agent bans Jenny from the premiere. Adele says she’ll go in and tell Niki. She says it’s just a mistake. Molly tells Shane at Jodi’s dinner party she and her boyfriend don’t have a spark. Tina thinks Bette and Jodi are excluding them. Shane and Molly flirt and smoke outside. Molly kisses Shane and then says it’s a bad idea. Adele tells them that nobody who shouldn’t be on the set will be on the set. She then texts Jenny that she can’t get near Niki. Bette tells Tina maybe they should see a therapist again. Adele tells Niki to kiss Greg. Jenny watches and cries. Adele tells her they probably made her do that. Davis analyzes Alice’s website and Chart. Beech points out that Tasha’s name isn’t on it. Davis asks Alice about Tasha on the stand. It doesn’t go very well. Alice even insinuates Davis is a lesbian. They take a recess and Davis yells at Alice and she says Tasha just has to tell what happened and that she believes in their code of honor and they’ll be good. Alice tells Tasha. Tasha is on the stand and she does so until Tasha changes her mind. She tells them she loves Alice. She then runs out, tells Alice and they kiss for all the military to see!

sn 5 ep 9: “Liquid Heat” – There is a heat wave throughout the episode. Greg has an elmo tattoo on his ass they have to cover. The power goes out when trying to film Nikki and Greg’s love scene. When they resume, Jenny has to tell them that Niki doesn’t want to have sex with him. Niki says just because she had sex with a woman doesn’t mean she can’t have sex with men. Jenny explains she just had sex with Karina the night before and…Jenny asks Niki if she had sex with Greg in real life. She says it meant nothing. She fires Greg for having sex with his costar. Joyce did well with Phyllis’s divorce case. Phyllis says she was foolish to break up with her. SheBar is going to sell lunch. Kit is going to negotiate with SheBar. Tina tells Jenny she can’t fire Greg. Adele gets William on the phone who gets Jenny to rehire Greg. Lol “dumbshit actor boy.” Bette and Tina are going to see a therapist later. Tina asks Sam out and she declines and says she thinks she and Bette should resolve their ‘stuff.’ Bette doesn’t want to have sex with Jodi. She says she is in love with Tina, but Jodi doesn’t know that she said that. Instead Bette says she is unhappy. Adele tells Jenny she can go home. Jenny gives her a love letter to give to Niki and to meet her there tonight. Shane tries to comfort Jenny on set. At SheBar’s Mafia sitdown, Shane tells Dawn to let Cindy talk, Kit is there too along with Bette, Jenny, Alice and Tasha. Dawn wants turf. They negotiate. Dawn wants Jenny to give Cindy a part in her movie.  She gets one. She also wants SheBar mentioned on The Look. She’ll mention it in addition to The Planet on her podcast. Alice somewhat apologizes for saying Max isn’t part of the community on her podcast. Lol Shane gets distracted while filming. Kit tells Bette to be careful and not to hurt Jodi. Shane meets Molly’s boyfriend. The elevator breaks down when Bette and Tina are on their way to see the therapist. Tom asks Max out. Bette and Tina talk about their problems in the elevator. They make up. Molly invites Shane over during the blackout. Nikki accidentally kisses Adele in the blackout. Adele didn’t stop it. Molly and Shane have sex. Niki and Jenny make up and have sex. Alice and Tasha have sex. Bette and Tina have elevator sex.  Tom and Max have sex. Molly’s mom walks in on her having sex with Shane. They say Shane’s uneducated and that she’s easy.

sn 5 ep 10: “Lifecycle” – Alice meets Tasha’s friends. Tina is mad Niki is doing the Pink Ride with Jenny. Molly came to it and Shane is angry because she called her uneducated. The gang and everyone rides their bikes for the Subaru Pink Ride. Niki asks if Shane and Jenny ever hooked up. She also kind of flirts with Shane. Molly apologizes and Shane kisses her. Since the gang is Team Dana, they put a picture of her up on the wall of women who died of breast cancer. The gang sets up a campsite. Adele sets up a grand luxury tent for Niki and Jenny. Bette and Jodi argue over setting up their tent. Jodi knows something is up with Bette. Nikki looks at Shane in the locker room naked. Tasha asks what Alice wants in the future with kids, her career, etc.  Tasha asks her to move in. Alice happily agrees. Molly and Shane have sex. Jenny gets Niki a strap on dildo. They have sex and film it. Adele watches their shadow from the outside of the tent. The gang plays never have I ever. Shane says she’s never been in love. Bette says kissing isn’t cheating. A conversation ensues. Jodi asks playfully if Bette cheated on her. Tina leaves the campfire. Jodi figures it out. Kit doesn’t think Bette is doing the right thing. Shane and Alice talk to Tina about Bette. Bette and Tina both separately say they’ve always been in love with each other. Jenny and Niki have a tender moment and Niki says that they’re going to make it and she’ll love her forever. Adele steals Jenny and Niki’s sex tape behind their backs. The gang bikes back silently.

sn 5 ep 11: “Lunar Cycle” – Jenny works on one of her scenes that was shot. Everyone is angry. Dawn with Cindy says that Ivan sold her 51% share of The Planet to them. Bette tells Jodi their relationship means the most to her. Adele went in one of Jenny’s meetings instead of Jenny. Bette tells Jodi she loves Tina. Jodi asks if she loves her as well. Bette says yes. Tasha and Alice go house hunting and argue about money a little. Jodi cries about how much she loves Bette. Jodi wants to have sex. They start having sex and Bette tells her to stop. Bette tells her she’s going to fight for their relationship. Sam and Tina are surprised that Jenny has talent. Adele shows Jenny and Niki’s sex tape in a meeting. Adele threatens to send it to all the big talk shows and magazines. Adele says she spoke to William and he agrees with her to take over being the director. Jenny tells Niki what’s happening and says they have to go. Jenny tells everyone who’s with her to come with her. Shane is the only one to join her. Tina says she’s on her side though. Niki’s agent tells her she’s under contract and can’t come with Jenny. Tasha is going to hang out with her friends instead of going to Alice’s taping of The Look. Jenny tells Tina Niki is dead to her. Tina tells her to give her some time to fix it and there’s no way she’ll let Adele do the movie. Fashion designer Clea Mason comes onto The Look. The co hosts on The Look are very rude. They interview her. Kit takes out her gun, puts the bullets in and goes to SheBar. Bette’s assistant tells her that W magazine wants to do an article on she and Jodi. Bette says no, Jodi says yes. Clea invites Alice to a fashion show. She flirts with her a little. It turns out, Tasha came to Alice’s taping after all. Bette tells Jodi they’re not a couple. Before when Bette said she’d fight for their relationship, she meant their friendship. Bette asks Kit to pick up Angie. Cindy sees Kit inside SheBar spying, no one says anything and Kit leaves. Shane and Jenny smoke bongs and she tries to make Jenny feel better. Shane says Jenny is a real survivor. Jenny tells Max she should have listened to him. Angie holds Kit’s gun and Kit quickly takes it from her and throws it in the garbage just in time for Tina and Bette to pick her up.

sn 5 ep 12: “Loyal and True” – Marketing says that the ending of Lez Girls needs the female character to end up with a man. Tina says no. Bette and Tina drive Angie to preschool. Bette is practicing her speech for Jodi’s art piece. There are bus ads for The Look with Alice. Peggy is in the hospital for a jellyfish bite or something. Helena is back and free spirited.  Peggy doesn’t like her living on that island in Tahiti or whatever. Shane takes photos of Molly in bed. Shane wants  to learn photography techniques and go to school. Tasha is now a security guard for Cal Mart and later quits.  Molly doesn’t like that Joyce is with Phyllis since the divorce case. Shane and Molly eat with Phyllis and Joyce. Molly wants to give up a supreme court internship to go surfing with Shane. Helena doesn’t know if she’ll stay on the island forever. Cindy tells Kit she’s sorry and that Dawn’s crazy. Alice meets some other friends of Tasha’s. Tina tells Jenny the movie got distribution. Tina tells Jenny Niki was crying and asked about Jenny. Jenny’s agents drop her. Adele bans Tina from set because she thinks she’s doing Jenny’s bidding. Peggy tells Helena to buy The Planet/SheBar back which she later does. She needs to leave her money with someone so why not Helena. Clea takes Alice for a motorcycle ride. Clea says it’s disappointing that Alice has a girlfriend. Alice agrees. Clea goes in to kiss her and Alice says she can’t. Alice takes her hand. Tina says how Jenny wrote such a great ending for young gay women at the end of the movie. Bette wants another baby. Tasha signed up for the LAPD. Jenny tells everyone to go to the wrap party for the movie. Bette and everyone goes to Jodi’s art show. Jodi walks away when she sees Bette. Phyllis tells Shane she’s not worthy of Molly. Bette does her introductory speech for Jodi before her piece is shown. It turns out, her art piece is an angry one about Bette. It’s a mashed up video of her all around the room. Cindy is happy Helena bought SheBar/The Planet. Cindy stands up to Dawn. Shane talks to another woman while Molly gets a drink. Shane breaks up with her. Adele is going out with an actress from the movie. Tasha talks to an actress from the movie. Alice tells Shane she likes someone else other than Tasha. Shane says it’s ok. Bette and Tina dance. Everyone agrees they belong together. Niki tells Shane she’s hiding  at the party and is tired of everyone. William introduces Adele and says she signed a three picture deal. Adele even thanks Jenny. Jenny says from the crowd that she stole it. Jenny comes up and thanks everyone. She even says she’s in love with Niki basically I think. Meanwhile…Shane and Niki kiss and have sex until Jenny walks in on them. Tina is angry that they went with the straight ending to the movie after all. Adele doesn’t care. Jenny is really angry at Shane even more than at Niki.

Oh Gosh…season 6 time….

sn 6 ep 1: “Long Night’s Journey into Day” – The episode starts with the gang finding out Jenny is dead at Bette and Tina’s home. You see her lying on a stretcher. She apparently washed up into their pool. The gang has to go in for questioning with the police. Then 3 months earlier… Jenny was giving her speech while Shane was going down on Niki and it was where Adele agreed to change the movie’s ending. Jenny told Shane she broke her heart. Tasha thinks Alice wants to break up with her and Alice says that she changed her mind and they should try to work it out. Jenny locks Shane out of the home. Niki gets in and lets Shane in. Shane apologizes. She doesn’t accept and throws a lamp across the room and throws Shane’s clothes on the lawn to her. Bette and Tina start to argue about Shane and Jenny. They let Shane sleep over. Shane leaves. Tina calls William at 2:15 am to try to talk him out of the movie ending and he hangs up. Shane tells Bette she loves Molly.  Kit and Helena call the former SheBar Hit. Alice says she should get credit for not cheating on Tasha. Shane comes over, Tasha leaves and Alice runs after her. Bette and Tina tend to Angie who has a fever. Molly comes to Jenny’s house because she wants to tell Shane she knows what her mother told her and that she loves her. Jenny tells her she’s at the Chateau Marmot having sex with Niki. Molly gives Jenny Shane’s sweatshirt with a note in it. Jenny reads it, puts it back in the sweatshirt and then puts them up in the attic. Bette and Tina get Angie to a hospital. Shane runs into Niki and her friends at a diner even though she doesn’t want to. Niki sees a text from Jenny saying if she still wants to see her she can. It turns out that Angie was okay. Tasha drives to Papi’s house and Alice follows. Papi has Gabby Deveaux over. Jenny and Niki have sex. Niki tries to apologize, but Jenny doesn’t let her.  Alice and Tasha talk at Papi’s house. Shane leaves the diner and goes to Hit. Bette apologizes for siding with Shane. She promises her that she shares her values and will never cheat on her again. Alice gets Tasha to come home. Kit gets Shane home and tells her Jenny will get over it. Kit tells her she needs to fight for Jenny. Morning hits and Niki is happy with Jenny in bed with her and says she loves her. Niki says it was so romantic when Jenny told her that she broke her heart. Jenny says she didn’t break her heart and calls her a brat and that their affair was a showmance. She says she wasn’t talking about her about who broke her heart and kicks her out. At The Planet, Shane tries to sit with Jenny and she leaves. Helena and Kit realize the tension of having to serve them at different tables.

sn 6 ep 2: “Least Likely” – Niki tells her friends how she hates Jenny. She also takes one or more of her friends out of the friend group. Kit and Helena hire a drag queen, Sunset Boulevard. Shane makes Jenny waffles and she throws them out. Alice is writing a treatment for a screenplay. Tasha is going to have her first day at the police academy.  Bette and Tina are trying to adopt a baby. Jenny gets mad that they are going to work on their house and there will be noise. The movie poster changes the name of the movie, “The Girls” with a heterosexual boy meets girl love story. They had a test screening without Tina. Max can’t get the chest he wants right now because he is pregnant even though he takes testosterone. Joyce proposes to Phyllis naked in her office. She says yes. Alice and Tasha go to therapy. The woman at the abortion clinic Max later goes to doesn’t believe he’s pregnant. He tells her he’s transsexual. The therapist gets Alice and Tasha happy and then he tells them to break up. Alice and Tasha have car sex. Max is too far along to get an abortion. Max kicks Tom. Tom says he’s not ready. Alice and Tasha make a pro and con list for being together. Bette and Tina go to an art show and Bette runs into an old college roommate whom she kissed once, Kelly Wentworth. She almost forgets to introduce Tina. Jodi is there too with a new girlfriend and tells her that she hasn’t reported to her about a meeting with someone. Dylan is dancing with women at Hit. Helena sees. Tom comes back and says he is thinking about having the baby. Tina thinks Bette was flirting with Kelly. Bette and Tina have sex. Helena talks to Dylan. She apparently didn’t know it was her club. She apologizes. Helena runs after Dylan and yells at her and pushes her against the car. She says thanks because now she knows she cares. Shane picks up the rest of her stuff. Jenny tells her that it was her who broke her heart. She says she is in love with Shane. Shane hugs her. She then kisses Jenny. They kiss.

sn 6 ep 3: “LMFAO” – At work, Aaron tells Tina that someone stole the negative to the movie. He thinks Jenny did it. He holds Tina responsible. Tina then says she’s going to kill her. Jenny and Shane had sex. Jenny is happy. Shane is happy too. They start to have sex again until Alice comes over for notes on her treatment. Alice sees Shane and Jenny all lovey dovey and goes crazy so she goes in the bathroom and texts everyone that they’re together. Jenny tells Alice not to mention she and Shane to the others. Bette tells Jodi it would be best for her to resign or else she’ll fire her. Jenny tells Alice to pitch her her treatment. It’s about a romance and murder mystery. Jenny says it’s boring. She says she should do cartoon voices instead. Tina comes over and tells Jenny the negative was stolen. Jenny is distraught about it. Tina asks if she stole it. Jenny says she didn’t steal it. Shane tells Alice she thinks the sex with Jenny was a one time thing, but she doesn’t mind if it happens again. Phyllis talks to Bette and Jodi about telling Jodi to resign. She said it would be sexual harassment. Jenny is so excited she finished her treatment. She and Shane have sex. Alice reads a letter on The Look about death and hurting gay people. She says that she shouldn’t have justified outing. They didn’t like Alice saying that. Aaron finds a letter with Tina’s signature about the negative, but she says she didn’t sign it. Apparently Nadia filed a complaint against Bette and Phyllis tells her that she already gave her a second chance. Phyllis tells Bette that she should resign. Phyllis tells her she has always had a crush on her since she is now no longer her employee. Bette leaves and says she’ll write her letter of resignation. Alice got fired from The Look and wants to try to get it back. Someone sent Kit/Helena flowers. Someone from the LA Gay and Lesbian Center called Alice. Alice and Tasha go there and it turns out that the woman who called, Jamie gets Alice to talk to the girl whom Alice read her letter that day on The Look. Alice helps the girl not want to die. Sunset Boulevard talks to Kit and asks her about men or women. He thinks she and Helena are a couple I think. Everyone laughs about Jenny and Shane as a couple.

sn 6 ep 4: “Leaving Los Angeles” – Jenny calls Max a mother. He doesn’t like that. She says he’s becoming womanly. She even refers to him as she. He says he hates her. Alice calls him she as well. Shane corrects her. Jenny thinks William stole the negative because she overheard him talking about burning down the building for insurance reasons. Bette and Tina are going to Vegas to see a potential birth mother. Bette hangs out with Kelly. Tasha is gossiping and Alice is happy. Kit says that Bette almost killed herself over Kelly. Dylan comes to The Planet. Dylan has a meeting with Tina apparently about a film. Dylan set her up. She tells her that Helena is the love of her life and she wants Tina to help her. She says she can’t. Max and Tom go to a birthing class. Kelly wants Bette to help her with her art gallery. She offers to be Kelly’s partner. Tina and the gang tell Helena about what Dylan said. Alice and Tasha want to set Helena up with Jamie. Alice and Tasha are becoming really good friends with Jamie. Helena secretly takes Dylan’s card Tina got from her. Jenny and Shane clean out their closets. Tina wanted Bette to tell her about being a partner with Kelly sooner. Shane doesn’t want to get rid of a shirt that she wore when she was dating Carmen. Alice talks about Jamie a lot. Alice doesn’t like Jenny. Bette and Tina meet the pregnant 22 year old woman, Marcy who they want to adopt her baby. She already has two kids. Her stepdad and her mom come over as well and they are a little homophobic and kick them out. Jamie tells Alice she should work at the Center too. It’s guys night at Hit and Max thinks Tom flirts with a new guy. Max apologizes. Alice and Tasha talk to Jamie more than Helena does. Helena leaves and goes to Dylan’s house and tells her to have dinner with her. Jenny turns Shane’s room into an office and Shane gets mad. She asks Shane if she loves her and she says yes. Alice is going to be the event chair or the Center and will help get a dance fundraiser going. Jamie hugs Alice and then Tasha. Kit tells Sunset Boulevard about how a man told her once that he’d love to wake up with his arms and legs wrapped around her. Tom is mad that Max puts himself down a lot. Bette is having second thoughts about adopting. Marcy comes to Bette and Tina’s hotel room and apologizes for her parents and says that they’re the family she wants her baby to go to. Max wakes up to an empty bed.

sn 6 ep 5: “Litmus Test” – Jenny sold her script. It sold for half a million bucks. The script resembles Alice’s pitch to her. Alice gets mad. She promptly tells Jenny that she stole it. She of course denies it basically. Bette and Tina say Alice is having a third wheel crush on Jamie. The gang doesn’t think Helena should go out with Dylan. The gang is going to conduct a test to see if Dylan is going to fuck her over again. Shane goes to talk to Niki and gets her to go seduce Dylan. Jenny impersonates her manager to Dylan over the phone and she falls for it for Niki to talk to Dylan about a possible directing job. Dylan calls Helena. Jenny forbids Shane from seeing Niki. Shane doesn’t like that and Jenny eventually says that she needs to learn to trust her and she can see Niki. Bette and Tina go to dinner with Kelly and an artist guy. Kelly says Bette is the one that got away and she asks if it’s ok that she’s flirting with Bette.  Tina knows she’s been fired by seeing Aaron and William and others in a meeting without her at the same restaurant. Alice says she’ll kill Jenny. The gang watches the cameras as Niki and Dylan are at Hit completing the gang’s test. Jenny wonders why Shane has Niki’s number. Bette goes over and starts yelling at Aaron until Tina pulls her away and then he says he’s glad to be done with dykes and then Tina yells at them too. Niki tries to seduce Dylan and Dylan says there is someone she is in love with so she can’t have sex with Niki. Helena may feel bad for having put Dylan through that. Dylan tells Helena she’s madly in love with her. Jamie, Alice and Tasha all dance together at Hit. Shane tells Alice that Jenny is driving her crazy (about Niki) and she leaves for a couple minutes. Jenny asks her not to leave which reminds me of season one or so when Tim left and she said not to leave. Helena goes to Dylan’s house. Helena is nervous, but they have sex, she even cries and says she’s scared. Dylan says she is too. Shane tells Niki she can’t talk to her because she’s with Jenny. Jenny and Alice and Shane argue.

sn 6 ep 6: “Lactose Intolerant” – The gang throws Max a baby shower. Alice wants Shane to dump Jenny. She says it’s not that easy. Jenny tells Dylan that she passed the test with Niki. Dylan didn’t know and so everyone gets mad that Jenny tells her. Helena says she’ll kill Jenny. Jenny doesn’t like that Jamie came to the shower. Tina, Bette and Alice say that Jenny is evil and malicious. Tom changed his numbers and Max can’t get in touch with him. Shane and Jamie smoke pot until Jenny stops it and she thinks Shane was flirting with her. Jenny says she has a present for Shane and almost cries. The shower goes to shit even further and Max says he wants Bette and Tina to adopt his baby. He has a panic attack or something. Jenny still calls him a lady. Bette and Tina talk to Joyce about their pending adoption. She says that Nevada won’t allow same sex couples to adopt. There are a couple loopholes though. Alice, Tasha and Jamie worked out together. They let Jamie shower at their place. Tasha sees her naked. Immediately after, Tasha and Alice have sex. Jamie overhears them. Bette and Tina talk to their weird contractor, Weezy. Jenny’s present for Shane is her own photography studio. She likes it. Bette and Tina are going to have Marcy come to LA to give birth there as a loophole. Sunset Boulevard thought that Kit and Helena were dating. Kit tells him they’re not. Bette and Kelly get ready for their art gallery opening. Tina goes to NY about a movie. Kelly thought that Tina isn’t being supportive with her not being there for the art opening. Bette says each of their own work is just as important. Alice and Tasha go over to Jamie’s house. She has Alice help her zip her dress. At the art opening a man tries to talk to Kit. Niki comes to the opening and greets Shane. She asks if she wants to get out of there. Shane says yes. Helena is drinking a lot because Dylan isn’t talking to her. The man tells Kit she’s beautiful and repeats the line about waking up with her arms and legs wrapped around her. She splashes her drink in his face. He tells someone that they work together, but she only sees him as a girlfriend. Jenny looks for Shane. Tasha and Jamie bond further in conversation about their parents and such with Alice there. Tasha tells her about her dad more than she’s ever told Alice. Shane takes Niki to her photography studio.  Shane develops a photo of Molly. Shane and Niki kiss. Shane then throws up. Niki leaves and hopes she’s not contagious. Kelly invites herself over to Bette’s. Jenny gets really worried where Shane went and she finally calls back and gets her. Jenny takes Shane’s sick self home. Jenny takes care of Shane. Kelly tries to have sex with Bette, but she tells her to back off. She even pushes her away and breaks a glass. When Bette goes to pick up the glass with Kelly sitting on the table above Jenny sees them through the window and thinks they’re having sex, so she takes a picture.

sn 6 ep 7: “Last Couple Standing” -The Center is having the dance marathon/fundraiser. Jenny tells Bette she saw she and Kelly through the window. Bette says nothing happened. Tina has been offered a job at Focus Features in NY. Bette and Tina are going to pick up Marcy tomorrow. Sunset Boulevard and Jamie and Alice host the marathon at Hit. It’s a 12 hour marathon. Alice wonders if Jamie and Tasha have a vibe. Helena tells her to be worried. Jenny even told Jodi about what she thought Bette and Kelly did. Niki talks to Shane. The dance competitions ensue. Shane is unhappy. Jenny and Shane perform a salsa or whatever even though Shane doesn’t want to. Bette and Alice are very competitive. Alice tells Tasha and Jamie to perform without her. Tasha talks her back into it. Shane and Niki have bathroom sex. Bette and Tina perform as well. Dylan apologizes and comes back to Helena. Jodi and her partner perform as well.  Jenny tells Niki to auction off a date with herself and later does so.  Dylan and Helena are going to start fresh. Jenny auctions 25000 dollars. She says onstage that she bought Niki for Shane. Jenny tells Shane it is okay if she has has sex with Niki. Alice asks Jaime if she has feelings for Tasha. She thinks about it and says she’d never do anything. Alice leaves. Bette wants she and Tina to move to NY. Kit finally puts it together that Sunset Boulevard is dressed as a man and tells Kit onstage. Kit thinks he lied to her. He asks her to dinner and she leaves. Bette and Tina wait for Marcy at the bus stop, but she never comes. Tasha says she’s not ready to let Alice go. They are one of the last couples standing, holding each other.

sn 6 ep 8: “Last Word” – The gang is questioned by the police. Shane says Jenny made a tribute video for Bette and Tina. Jenny says that she and Shane are taking their place and they’re going to make it. Alice tells Jamie with Tasha present how much she loves Tasha. Jamie says she thinks she has fallen in love with Tasha. Tasha doesn’t want to break up. Alice says they should try it and she leaves. Alice tells the police that the only other person she loved as much as Tasha was Dana. Helena thinks Dylan wanted an invitation to move in. She didn’t. Jenny films Helena and Dylan even though they don’t really want to. Max is questioned by the police and says that the gang is his family. Bette is registered with more adoption agencies. Kit thinks maybe she and Tina should adopt Max’s baby. Kit wonders why Bette wants to move to NY.  Bette tells Kit about what Jenny thought. Kit tells the police that the gang loves each other. Shane tells Alice she feels responsible for Jenny. Shane says it’s her word against hers about stealing the treatment. Shane won’t break up with Jenny because it’s her happiness against hers she feels. Helena wonders who Dylan was on the phone with and they argue further. They have sex. Dylan used a knife on her shirt as foreplay. Helena tells the police she doesn’t know how to trust people. Bette and Tina have sex and Bette says she’d like to marry her when they get to NY. Bette tells the police Tina is the love of her life. Lol Bette and Tina having sex the night or morning before and sitting on the stoop with Shane just getting home is like from the pilot or whatever. Jenny works in the studio she gave Shane. Tina tells the police about Kelly. Jenny and Sounder come home and she goes crazy about making the video. Kit and Sunset Boulevard go to the zoo with Angie. Bette may not want to work anymore. Angie calls Sunset Boulevard daddy. Alice goes crazy waiting for Tasha to call. Dylan goes to Jenny to keep a secret from Helena- Dylan knew the whole time that Niki was a setup. Helena comes and overhears. Helena curses out Jenny. Helena can’t trust Dylan. Shane goes to get a bowl at a store for Bette and Tina when she runs into Molly. She talks about the night she came to drop off her sweatshirt with the note and Shane has no idea what she’s talking about. Kit tells Jenny to let go of the Bette and Kelly thing. Jenny shows her the photo/video of them. Shane finds Molly’s note and the negative to the movie all in the attic. The railing to the stairs in Bette and Tina’s house needs to be fixed. Kit tells Bette about what Jenny showed her. They argue. The gang is at Bette and Tina’s house. Niki is the only one who asks for a lawyer with the police. Jenny tries to get the gang to watch the video. Shane shows Tina the negative. Jenny walks out on the stairs and Bette tells her that her family means everything in the world to her. Bette kind of threatens her. Tina says she’ll put Jenny out of her misery over the negative. Alice says she’s decided to forgive Jenny. Shane says she’s going to break up with Jenny. Alice asked what it all had to do with who killed Jenny to the police and the officer asks if she thinks someone indeed killed her. Everyone watches the video and wonders where Jenny went. The video has everyone from Carmen to Angus to Ivan to Jodi to Marina and all. Alice goes to look for Jenny. Alice cries and says Jenny’s name and everyone comes out to see what’s going on. The police come and Jenny is dead on a stretcher. The police say come out with your hands over your head and Niki pops out. Niki tells Shane she just wanted to say hi and to free Shane from Jenny. Tasha comes back to Alice and the rest of the gang. It ends with Jenny telling Bette and Tina thank you on the video and then the gang goes down to the station.

Personally I think Niki killed her.